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Hey everyone, welcome to Chapter 1.2 of The Four Legacies, or at least one of my attempts at it. The Four legacies is, is just like the name suggests – a group of four legacies running simultaneously I say this is 1 of my attempts at this chapter for a very good reason. So far I've written up each chapter separately save for the prologue. Each chapter there's been at least 1 of the families where I've struggled to write the chapter. So rather than struggle through right to the end of this chapter with 4 different families, I've decided that for now I will take a different approach. I'm gonna be writing up all four families as one. It means the chapter one cover nearly as much time as it would have otherwise, but I prefer it – at least for the time being. So, anyway, if you want to know what's been happening so far to the four families I'd advise you to go back and read the earlier chapters. It'll probably make more sense if you haven't read them already.

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Charlie grinned to herself as she reached the top of the climbing frame. It felt great to be there. Around her she could hear the laughter of countless children running all over the new park that had sprung up overnight. Countless may have been an overstatement. There were only a handful of children in Quaver Kanyon or any of its suburbs. Most of them were townies, and only a couple of other kids were playables. She took one deep breath, taking in the fresh air of the desert and enjoying the warmth of the spring sun. She loved it here.

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"Hey, Charlie! Mind if I join you up there?" Alice called up from the bottom of the climbing frame. "Carmen's hogging the monkey bars!“ "I am not!" protested a girl in pigtails as she clambered onto them. "Sure, come on up!" Charlie called back down, ignoring Carmen's protests. "It's amazing up here!“ Alice laughed and began to climb up one of the ladders. She, like Charlie had moments before, reached the top in no time at all.

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"Wow, you're right, it's brilliant up here," Alice said, peering out the side. "You can see the whole park from here!“ Alice looked over the side at all the kids and the few teens running around out there, and at everything the park had to offer. In one corner, by the pond, a few adults were fishing. Over by the gate the two human statues were terrifying some passersby. Opposite them a couple of kids were watching the fire dancer in awe, and only a couple of yards away from the climbing frame the break dancer was getting laughed at by some teens. Everyone else was playing with the slide, the monkey bars, the swings, roundabouts or anything else they came across. "That's not all," Charlie laughed pointing out over the horizon. "I can see my house from here!“ Alice moved over to the other side where Charlie had stood, while Charlie slid down the pole in the centre. Alice looked out in the direction Charlie had been staring and sure enough four houses could be seen, though they were too small for her to work out which one was hers.

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Charlie laughed to herself as she slid down. Her feet touched the ground and she looked around, looking to see what she wanted to do next. The human statues were in the same pose again, but she didn't think tormenting them was as much fun as some people in the park did. There was the slide – there was plenty of them and none of them were getting used right then. But no, that didn't seem fun enough. She looked around again, searching for it, and then spotted one of the empty monkey bars. "Hey, Alice!" Charlie called up to Alice who was looking out into the distance still with a vacant expression on her face. "I'm gonna go play on the monkey bars, you coming with?“ Alice snapped out of it and all but jumped onto the pole, sliding down fast. She landed on the ground next to Charlie with a thud and laughed. "Let's go!" she said, and the two girls took off.

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"Come on, Charlie!" Alice whined as Charlie got on the orange monkey bars. "I want a go!“ "There's plenty of others," said Charlie, dangling from the first bar. "But I want to play on that one!“ "Alice!“ "Fine," Alice sighed. She kicked the ground, then ran over to the green monkey bars instead.

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Over at the green monkey Alice made it over them a few times without any trouble. One the sixth time through she came across an obstacle in her bath. "Move, Carmen!" she demanded, staring the other girl right in the eyes. "Make me," Carmen said, staring straight back at Alice. The two of them hung there for a while, glaring at one another. Neither would move first, and neither would look away – that would mean they lost! And they couldn't have that.

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"Hey guys, what's up?" Charlie asked as she swung onto the green monkey bars. "Staring contest," Carmen grunted. "Hanging contest too," Alice added, shifting her hands to get a better grip after her sweat made them slippery. "Sounds fun. Mind if I join?"

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Not waiting for a response, Charlie swung out to the third bar and held on tight as she waited. The three girls hung there in silence for a while until Charlie's grip slipped. "That was boring – I'm gonna go watch the fire dancer!“ And with that she was off. Alice and Carmen looked at one another warily after Charlie ran off. A look of agreement flashed in their eyes and they nodded. As one they dropped down and ran after Charlie over to where she now sat in front of the fire dancers grass mat.

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"You two be good for Mummy and Daddy and play in your bouncers," Melissa said, putting Ruby into the yellow on, Gemma already secure in her pink bouncer. The girls giggled gleefully, overjoyed to be out of their cribs. Gemma was already bouncing happily in hers, hitting the buttons. Ruby looked like she was only moments away from doing that herself. "Mummy and Daddy need some alone time because that haven't had any time alone since you two were born," Melissa continued, somewhat bitterly. The girl's didn't notice. Instead they just bounced happily while Melissa walked to the bedroom where David was waiting for her.

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The twins didn't seem to notice that Melissa had slipped out the room. Both giggled as they bounced up and down until finally both girls drifted off to sleep where they sat.

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Melissa looked out the bedroom window as night fell. David lay cuddled up to her and she didn’t want to wake him. A quickly glance at the clock on the wall told her she had no choice in the matter, however, and she nudged him. "Wake up, sleepyhead," Melissa said. David groaned and tried to snuggle closer to her. That caused her to smile. David was always so cute when he was sleepy. "Come on, David," she tried again. "We've got to get up now.“ David cracked an eye opened just slightly. He looked around, still obviously half asleep. His eye closed after only a second, and he gave another groan. "No, is dark," he mumbled. "Is sleepy time.“ Melissa nudged him again. "I know, but someone wants to girls to have their party tonight instead of waiting for a decent time like the morning, remember?”

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That woke David up. Ten short minutes later both Melissa and David were up and fully dressed. The cakes were ready and the guests were quickly invited over, arriving within a couple of minutes. With everything ready, David grabbed Ruby from her bouncer, Melissa picking a now wide awake Gemma from hers moments later. "Time to get you two mobile," David muttered, carrying the elder of the twins into the kitchen.

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In the kitchen Melissa and David looked one another in the eye as they tried to mentally prepare themselves for raising toddlers – twin toddlers at that. "Are we ready?" David asked over the sounds of their guests cheers. Melissa nodded. "As ready as we'll ever be," she said. The two of them bent over and blew the candles out, hoping that they really were ready for this.

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Behind them Quinn, Ross and Kate all cheered as Waylon watched on a little emotionlessly. "Come on Waylon!" Quinn said over the noise. "Smile! It's not every day sims become toddlers!“ Waylon took one look around him, then shrugged his shoulders. When in Rome...

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As soon as the girls were grown up and made over, their parents deposited them on their bedroom floor. The two girls sat there for a while. Ruby sucked on her fist while Gemma played with her knees. For what would probably be the only time in their lives, they sat still, not getting into any trouble at all, just revelling in their new ability to sit up without support.

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The party wore on slowly but surely. Waylon, Ross and Quinn all entertained themselves with video games as Melissa and David disappeared into their bedroom. Kate watched as what started out as a peaceful game of SSX3 quickly escalated as Quinn's competitive streak came out to play. "Oh come on, you blatantly just cheated!" Quinn snapped, shaking her controlled at Waylon as his player crossed the finished line and hers went careening into tree just about every tree on the course. "I don't know, Quinn," Ross said. "I think you're just bad at this game.“ Quinn harrumphed, and sat back again the sofa, arms crossed over her chest and a sulky expression on her face. "That's a lie and you know it," Quinn muttered, glaring darkly at the TV and throwing her controller down on the floor. Kate smiled and quickly got up to intervene before Quinn decided to show David's daughters how to throw a real temper tantrum.

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The party continued well into the night and at around midnight Kate finally said goodbye on behalf of all the guests. "We've all got to go," she said, waving. "Our nannies'll all be getting restless about now and are probably about to quit any second.“ "Have a good trip home," David said as he finger gunned her. "Will do – and don't forget," Kate added sternly. "It's Bayley and Cole's birthday on Sunday. I want you to come – and Melissa too if she can make it.“ "Gotcha," David said. "We'll be there.”

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The guests left quickly and Melissa and David decided it was time to teach the kids the basics. They each made up a bottle of smart milk for the girls. Melissa handed hers to Gemma and was about to go grab a thinking cap when she stopped. She groaned, a hand on her stomach as if that would help her stop heaving and a hand in front of her mouth in the hopes that if she did throw up she wouldn't cover Gemma. "Something wrong?" David asked, looking over his shoulder as he made smart milk for Ruby. "Remember how you said you'd prefer a son?" Melissa asked, trying her hardest not to panic. Now was really not the time to freak out. "Well there's a fifty-fifty chance we'll be having one now.“ David looked at Melissa, slack jawed for all of a moment before he took the news in and rushed over to embrace her.

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The next morning Ross sat reading a book which speculated on a possible connection between particular moves in chess and alien abduction. It was an interesting theory, to say the least, though it was far from realistic. But then, Ross though as a smile tugged at his lips, you couldn't really expect serious, well researched ideas backed up with lots of evidence from a book called The World's Craziest Conspiracy Theories. Over the other side of the room Kaylynn looked up from where she was double checking a cake recipe. She looked over, down the kitchen but wasn't able to see Ross from her position because of how the kitchen was designed. "You'll be back in time for when we grow Ivan up tonight, right?" she asked as she checked how much flour the cake needed. "I should be," Ross replied. "I finish an hour or two before we're planning to blow out the candles, so I shouldn't have much trouble getting back."

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Ross put the book down and changed into his uniform as he heard his carpool pull up outside. He looked at Kaylynn lovingly for a moment as he passed. "I'll see you this afternoon," he said as he walked out the door. Kaylynn watched him go, and then stood when the door was closed.

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Kaylynn walked into the boys' room where Todd was happily playing his xylophone. Luckily Ivan was wide awake anyway and seemed to like tune. She picked Todd up and looked over to where Ivan lay in his crib. She loved the boys, she really did. But... Kaylynn hefted Todd onto one arm and ran a hand down the swell of her stomach. No matter how much she loved both the boys, she couldn't help but hope that this one would be a girl.

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Kate rubbed her stomach happily, completely content and at peace. The house was silent – Alice was at school, the twins were down for their nap and Waylon was out working. There was no noise and no movement in the house whatsoever, and she loved it. Being the only one awake, and no having to go running after a kid or her husband, and even the kid she was carrying right there and then must have been sleeping because he or she wasn't kicking up a storm like usual. Sadly Kate knew it wasn't to last. Any minute now one of the twins would start screaming to be let out their crib – which would, of course, wake the other and cause them to start screaming to be let out. If that didn't happen then Alice would come home and start running around, or Waylon would come home completely exhausted. She wouldn't get another moment like this for a while, and she ate fully intended to savour it while it lasted.

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Sure enough moments later the school bus turned up and Alice climbed out. She looked over her report card in dismay – that couldn't be right! She couldn't just be getting a C+! She had been working so hard in all of the day she'd been at school. Surely she should have a B by now at the very least!

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Alice shrugged it off quickly. "Ah, who needs good grades anyway?" she said, scrunching her report card into a ball and throwing it on the ground behind her as the school bus drove away.

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Alice wasn't the only person in Quaver Kanyon grumbling over schoolwork. Just over the road Charlie sat in her mother's room on the floor as she tried to work out how to answer the questions on her homework. Charlie looked between her homework and the green carpet for a moment as though that would give her inspiration, but it didn't. It was no good. This homework was just too hard. She didn't know what her teacher was thinking, giving it to them. They were only little kids – there's no way any of her classmates could manage it if she couldn't. She was already top of her class even though she'd only been going to school for a couple of days. Charlie was the first and only kid in her class to get an A+ on anything, let alone everything. No, if Charlie couldn't answer the questions then she wouldn't be the only one. Satisfied with figuring that out, Charlie closed her homework up and headed outside.

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A young boy in Quinn's arms giggled to himself as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. "Ian!" he said, pointing first to his reflection then patting himself on the chest, laughing. "That's right, Ian," Quinn said to Gideon who positively beamed up at her. "That's your reflection.“ Gideon giggled. He babbled something quickly, so quickly that Quinn only managed the catch every other word. Quinn smiled, agreeing whenever he paused. She reached a hand up and brushed some hair out of Gideon’s eyes. It was amazing really. Every time that Quinn looked at either of the kid she was shocked at how different they looked. Charlie was definitely her father’s daughter, in looks if nothing else. If Quinn was honest, all that Charlie had inherited from her was her red hair, her eyes and her ears. Apart from that she might as well have been Gilbert’s clone. It was the same with Gideon. Apart from his hair, ears and maybe his jaw too, when Quinn looked at him she might as well have been looking at a miniature version of herself. "Mama?" Gideon asked, patting Quinn on the shoulder. "What matter?“ "Nothing," she smiled. "Let's go outside. I think Charlie's finished with her homework now – she'll want to play with you.”

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Sure enough, the moment Quinn put Gideon on the ground outside Charlie sat down right in front of him and began to play peek-a-boo with him.

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Meanwhile, over the road, Alice was attempting her homework, with a little help from Waylon. "Okay Alice," Waylon said as Alice opened up her homework. "We need to get this done before the headmaster for that private school comes over.“ "Yes Dad," she said making sure to keep quiet about her Dad's sudden determination to get her into private school. But one glance at the questions on her homework made her change her mind about that. "Err, Dad? Are you sure I really need to get into Private school? I'm fine at my school – and I'll probably be loads better off staying where I am anyway!“ "Alice," Waylon warned. Alice sighed. "Fine," she pouted, picking up her pen. "But don't blame me when I start failing."

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Shortly after Alice finished her homework the headmaster arrived. He was a rather serious sim named Korey Jitmakuso. Waylon gave him a brief tour of the house, praying that Alice would get in. All through it Mr Jitmakuso was stoic, barely reacting to the rooms he was shown. Waylon just got more and more nervous as the evening wore on. Finally, once that was done and Kate had dinner on the table the four of them sat down and ate. "So what are Alice's chances of getting into your school, Mr Jitmakuso?" Waylon asked after they'd been eating for a few minutes. The headmaster swallowed a mouthful of soup, looking thoughtful, though it was hard to tell. He'd worn the almost exact same expression since he'd arrived. "They are looking good so far," Mr Jitmakuso said in a bland, monotone voice. "I won't know for sure until the visit is over."

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"Are you sure? Isn't there anything we can do to guarantee Alice a place?" Waylon asked, gesturing furiously.

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"I'm sure, Mr Brown," the headmaster said, his expression changing ever so slightly but still speaking in the same monotone. "There is nothing you can do at this point to influence my decision one way or the other.“ Waylon flopped back against his chair. Sure, Mr Jitmakuso had said that Alice's chances were good, but he wanted to make sure she had the best chance possible of getting in. He didn't think she had that chance yet.

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Waylon sighed and went back to eating his soup. Beside him the headmaster continued eating his until he stood abruptly. Worried about what was going on, Waylon stood. "What's-“ "Congratulations," he said, his voice still as flat as ever. "Your daughter has been accepted into the school. I look forwards to seeing her start on Monday."

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Over at Ross's, Ross had come back from work with yet another promotion. He was advancing well in his career, and he was looking forwards to getting to skill for his next one. But skilling, for once, wasn't what he was thinking about. "Come on, Ivan!" Ross cheered, twirling a noisemaker above his head and Kaylynn rocked their son in her arms. "Grow up big and strong for Mummy and Daddy!"

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Kaylynn blew the candles out, and threw Ivan up into the air. Sparkles surrounded him and then he grew.

Slide 36: 

One quick makeover later and Ivan sat next to Todd, playing a xylophone. The two boys looked up at where their parents were watching them at the same time, the same expression on their faces. "Listen to tune!" Todd said, hitting his xylophone. Ivan soon mimicked him, though his attempts to speak were hindered slightly by not knowing how just yet.

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And he wouldn't be taught for a little while yet. Kaylynn headed off to bed, her pregnancy making her extremely tired. Ross, on the other hand, headed outside and began to stargaze. He still had hopes of getting abducted again, but he didn't want to push his luck by searching specifically for the aliens. Instead Ross just stared up towards the sky, hoping in vain to see that spaceship again.

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The following day was a Saturday. Like every single day since he became a toddler, Gideon woke the household by screaming at the top of his voice. "LET ME OUT!" he yelled, rattling the side of his crib. "WANT OUT! WANT PLAY!“ Reluctantly Quinn got out of bed to take Gideon out of his crib. Charlie only curled up into a tight ball and pressed her pillow over her ears. She knew it was a futile effort, but she still tried it each and every morning.

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Two very short hours later Quinn was up and dressed, and she'd called up Alice and had her come over. "I love the weekend!" Charlie declared as she hugged Alice. "Me too," Alice replied, her eyes sparkling mischievously. "Just one thing.“ The two girls let go of one another. Charlie frowned. "What is it?" she asked. Alice smirked. She reached forwards and touched Charlie's shoulder lightly.

Slide 40: 

"Tag! You're it!“ Alice took off, running as quickly as she could away from Charlie. "Hey, no fair!" Charlie said, taking off after Alice. "You got a headstart!"

Slide 41: 

Over at the chess table, Gilbert ignored the laughter of the two girls as they ran around the lot. He moved his pawn two places forwards then sat back and looked at Quinn. "So who's the girl playing with Charlie?" he asked.

Slide 42: 

"That's Kate's eldest, Alice," Quinn said, nodding in their direction. Gilbert turned to get a better look at her. Quinn grinned herself and quickly switched a couple of pieces, brining her hands back down onto her lap and managing to look completely innocent every single time Gilbert looked back at her. After a few minutes of looking at Alice as she and Charlie ran around the lot and turned back to the game. "Did Kate look like her as a kid?" he asked as he watched Quinn take her move. "Not a whole lot," Quinn said, taking one of Gilbert's pieces – all by her own ingenuity of course and not as a result of her cheating. "But you can definitely see some of Kate in Alice.“ "Not like our kids," Gilbert smiled, for once not actually grimacing as he remembered he was a father – quite a feat really. "Yeah," Quinn chuckled, staring at the board for a second and wondering why they were playing a game she personally found very boring. A split second later she came up with the perfect pleasure sim response. "Want to go woohoo instead of this?“ "I thought you'd never ask," Gilbert smirked, leading to way to Quinn's bedroom.

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"Your room's so small!" Alice said as they came out of Charlie's bedroom, changing into their outerwear. Charlie grinned and nodded. "Yep," she said happily. "I like it like that too. Means I'll never have to share it with my little brother.“ Alice paused, thinking that over. That made perfect sense. She opened her mouth to say something to that effects, but Charlie cut her off. "Hey, let's go play darts!"

Slide 44: 

Kaylynn looked down at her stomach, hardly able to stop herself from grinning. She hadn't made a big deal out of it so far, but she was overjoyed to be pregnant again. And as great as the boys were, she was hoping that this one would be a girl. She wouldn't be as outnumbered by them then.

Slide 45: 

That night Alice arrived home late, just after the sunset. She opened the door to head inside, well aware that her parents would probably be a little annoyed that she was out so late. "Woof!“ Alice turned at the noise, a deep bark that was just so familiar to her. And sure enough, when she turned around she saw Bailey there, his yellow eyes glowing as brightly as they had back when she was a toddler. The sight of him filled her with joy, and she greeted him warmly. "Haven't seen you around in ages, Bailey," she said, stroking him. Bailey nuzzled her, making her laugh a little. "All right, all right! We'll play fetch, okay?"

Slide 46: 

Alice grabbed a stick from the ground and threw it as hard as she could. Bailey's eyes were fixed on it from the moment he saw Alice picked it up. As it left Alice's hand and went sailing through the air he ran after it, his tongue lolling out the entire time.

Slide 47: 

Inside, in the twins' room, Kate groaned in pain. She was never going to do this ever again! Ever! Four kids was enough! More than enough really! She didn't need any more than that no matter what her family sim instincts told her.

Slide 48: 

"Here, take him," Kate whispered a few minutes later, passing their new son, who looked a lot like Alice and Bayley at his age, over to Waylon. Waylon looked at the new baby in awe, just as he had the first time he'd seen Alice, Bayley and Cole. "He's tiny," he breathed. "I'd forgotten how small babies were.“ Kate smiled at Waylon, then stopped. She frowned. That couldn't be right.

Slide 49: 

She couldn't be having a second set of twins!

Slide 50: 

But she was, and moments later Kate held her third son and fifth child in her arms. Like all his brothers and sisters, this boy had Waylon's dark blue eyes. He was much paler than his twin brother though, inheriting Waylon's skin tone just like Cole had. But one thing stood out on this boy. He was the only one of Kate's children to get her black hair instead of Waylon's brown.

Slide 51: 

"So what do you want to call them?" Kate asked as the two of them put the boys in their new cribs. Waylon glanced down at the boy in his arms, then over at the one in the crib behind Kate. "I don't know," he said with a sigh, "but please don't say you want any more after these two.“ "No," Kate couldn't help but grin at that. "Five's more than enough.“ The two of them looked down at the newest additions to their family. The moment the two boys had been placed in their cribs they'd drifted off to sleep. "So, any ideas?" Waylon asked in a whisper after a couple of minutes of silence. "I was thinking Declan," she nodded towards the elder of the twins, "and maybe Edmund as well.“ Waylon looked down between the two boys, glancing from one crib to the next. After a while he nodded. "Declan and Edmund it is, then."

Slide 52: 

Melissa stopped painting and stepped back from the easel momentarily as her stomach grew and she became obviously pregnant. "David, I'm pretty sure I am pregnant now," she said dryly. David glanced up over his shoulder from his conversation with one of his work mates. He smiled. "That's great," he said. Seconds later they both went back to what they had been doing before.

Slide 53: 

Over on the other side of the room the twins sat, watching their parents. "Told you Mummy sick wif baby," Ruby told Gemma authoritatively. Gemma stared over at something else in the room. After a moment of looking it over, she crawled to it, intent of finding out what it was.

Slide 54: 

Shortly after that the twins crawled back to their room to carry on building a tower from their blocks. Somehow it didn't seem as difficult as it had when they first started.

Slide 55: 

Ross turned the page of his text book, frowning as he read through it. It was the last page of this chapter, and the last page he planned on reading that night. He'd been studying most of the day since it was his day off and he needed a break right about -

Slide 56: 

Now. Ross grinned to himself as he closed the book. That was it. That was one of his seven skills maxed – cleaning specifically. Now he just had to master the other six and he would be permaplat. But not right now though. Mournfully, Ross put the book back on the shelf. He had promised Kaylynn that he would take a break from studying at some point today. He better do that before soon.

Slide 57: 

Ross headed straight over to the pond in the corn of the lot and pulled out his fishing rod. This was the first time that he'd had to fish since moving in. At first he had been too busy with everything, what with getting a new job, getting the hang of living by himself and after a while, dating Kaylynn. Then winter had come, and the pond had frozen over. It had only just thawed out now.

Slide 58: 

Ross felt himself relax as he fished. It was calming. You didn't need to do anything but wait for the fish to come to you. And if it didn't make him too big-headed to say, he was rather good at it. He'd already caught a lot of fish, and as far as he knew when people first started fishing they caught nothing but boots.

Slide 59: 

Just like that one. Oh well. So much for being good at fishing. 'It's not like you can be good at everything,' Ross shrugged, putting the boot in his inventory. He might find a use for it later.

Slide 60: 

Inside Kaylynn painted a picture of Ross as he concentrated hard on fishing. She'd spotted him out the window and she hadn't been able to resist. He just looked so adorable and serious about the whole thing, like catching a few fish would save the world or save the family that much money. Maybe it would save them money. Kaylynn wasn't going to say that there was no way that it would, and even if it didn't then at least it kept Ross happy.

Slide 61: 

The following day was Sunday. Kate quickly prepared a buffet table, setting up a few different meals for everyone to eat. Once that was done she looked around the kitchen, to make sure everything was ready.

Slide 62: 

The brand new stereo was bought and tuned into a station that neither the kids nor the adults at the party should find too repulsive...

Slide 63: 

The guests were invited over, every single one of them, and two cakes, identical save for the candles, one having pink while the other had blue, sat on a pair of identical tables...

Slide 64: 

Oh, and her husband was dancing in the corner, dancing moves designed to completely humiliate their offspring that every single parent knew. Yep, that was everything. The party was about ready, they just needed to wait for the- Ding Dong. - guests to arrive.

Slide 65: 

"What is Waylon doing?" Quinn asked with a smirk as she and the others walked in the door. She was obviously trying to hide her laughter. For that she was thankful, for neither Ross nor David were bothering with the hiding part of that. "Dad dancing," she offered them. In a moment the smirk fell from Quinn's face, and Ross and David fell silent. The three of them looked at one another, then they headed over to join Waylon. "Yeah," Charlie said slowly, helping herself to the food. "I'm gonna have turkey and try and ignore how completely embarrassing you are, Mum."

Slide 66: 

"That's nice, honey," Quinn said as they all began to get into it. Kate even joined them for a little bit. After all, what kind of parent can't resist embarrassing children, just a little bit?

Slide 67: 

The dancing carried on for a while, but soon they had to do what they all gathered here to do. As Kate and Waylon forced Alice to get changed out of her pyjamas and grabbed the twins, Quinn helped herself to a plate of turkey. "Quinn, Kate and Waylon are about to grow the kids up here," David said with a scowl on his face. "Can't you wait five minutes to eat?“ "Nope," Quinn said happily. "I'm eating for two here, and if there's one thing about being pregnant I love it's being able to eat extra food without feeling bad.“ "I know what you mean," Kate replied – that was definitely a good side effect of being pregnant. "Me too," Ross said with the same nostalgic smile that Kate was sure was on her own face. "But can we grow these kids up already?”

Slide 68: 

And grow them up they did. Waylon helped Bayley blow out the candles, only just stopping the boy from touching the flame. "No, fire's hot," Waylon said firmly. Not liking the evil grin on Bayley's face, he blew the candles out quickly and set Bayley on the ground.

Slide 69: 

Kate had no such problems with Cole. Although she got as close to the candles as Kate would let her, she didn't actively reach out and touch them. She happily let Kate blow out the candles for her, and was then placed on the floor with her twin.

Slide 70: 

At first the twins did nothing when they were put on the ground. Then, as everyone began cheering them on, first Bayley stood and grew up, followed very shortly by Cole.

Slide 71: 

"Come on! Let's smustle!" yelled one of the kids moments later after Bayley and Cole had found some clothes to wear that they weren't embarrassed to be seen in. "Yeah!" yelled another, but it was difficult to keep track of who was saying what over the music and the smustling. "Adults' throw boring parties!“ The adults watched the kids, feeling vaguely amused. For a few minutes they all managed to delude themselves that they were too grown up to do something so childish and silly as smustle in the middle of a party.

Slide 72: 

Then the sole pleasure sim among them gave up on maturity and joined in. After that it was a matter of moments before Ross and David joined in. After all, if Quinn could do this, why should they? Who cared if it was immature or something that their parents would never have been caught doing? It was too much fun for them to care.

Slide 73: 

Naturally not quite all of them were dancing with the kids. Some of them were engaging in activities that certainly were not child friendly, even if they did lead to a few children sometimes.

Slide 74: 

The party ended far too quickly in the kids' opinion. They didn't want it to end so quickly and for Charlie to leave before they had the chance to play. Alice quickly begged her parents for Charlie to stay for a while longer, while Charlie tackled her own mother. The two of them, and the twins too once they got behind the idea, meant that in no time their parents had agreed to let her stay for a while longer. Once that was decided the twins milled around inside, unsure of what to do now. There sister obviously knew Charlie really well, better than they did. They were just Alice's kid brother and sister, and ever if Charlie had played with them a little when they were toddlers that didn't mean they wanted them hanging about. Oblivious to this, Alice and Charlie ran outside the moment that Charlie was told she could stay for a while. In minutes they were engaging in a good old fashioned kid tradition of the water balloon fight. "You can't get me!" Charlie laughed as she crouched down a few yards away from Alice. "Oh yeah?" Alice laughed. "Bayley! Cole! Let's get her!"

Slide 75: 

"Not fair!" Charlie yelled as three water balloons hit her in the stomach at once, sending her flying back through the air. Needless to say, Bayley and Cole had soon gotten over some initial misgivings about playing with Alice and Charlie when they saw that they were having a water balloon fight.

Slide 76: 

Bayley laughed as he dodged one of the water balloons, it narrowly avoiding him, but soaking him all the same as it exploded behind him. He dodged a couple more before one hit him firmly in the stomach, sending him backwards where he landed in the ground.

Slide 77: 

Cole couldn't help laughing as her balloon managed to soak Bayley ever as she missed him, then laughing louder as one of Alice's balloons hit him straight in the stomach, and hard. It wasn't every day you got to see your brother get sent flying backwards but it was certainly worth seeing when you did.

Slide 78: 

"What do you suppose the kids are up to?" Kate asked, moaning just a little as Waylon kissed up her arms. "Don't talk about them right now," Waylon muttered into her arm. "Let's head back to the bedroom instead."

Slide 79: 

After playing for a couple of hours, the kids all flopped down in front of the front door, water dripping from their clothes and hair on the sandy ground beneath them. The four of them shifted about for a bit, trying to get comfortable in their sodden clothes while the sun dried them out. After a few moments Alice noticed Charlie looking at her and Bayley like she had never seen them before. "What is it?" she asked, blowing some hair out of her eyes. "It's nothing but-" Charlie glanced between the two of them. "Have you ever noticed that you two look practically identical? I mean, if I had to guess I'd be more like to say that you were Baley's twin sister, Alice, not Cole."

Slide 80: 

Both Bayley and Alice gave Charlie the same look, like she was completely insane. Surely they didn't look any more alike than any other brother and sister did – did they? "Don't be stupid, Charlie" Bayley said after one long, uncomfortable moment. "Yeah, of course I don't look that much like Bayley – that's ridiculous!"

Slide 81: 

Charlie and Cole looked at one another, then back at Alice and Bayley. Now that Charlie had brought it up, Alice and Bayley did look a lot more alike that she and Bayley did. It was almost... freaky. "Um, actually guys," Cole started to say, but stopped at the glare her siblings were giving her. "Never mind.“ "It is true though," Charlie carried on, ignoring the looks she was getting. "But you wore the same clothes and hair the same hair cut then I don't think I could tell you apart – your parents probably couldn't either."

Slide 82: 

"Yeah, right," Bayley said, shifting his weight to get more comfortable. "I don't believe a word of it," Alice said, in the exact same tone of voice.

Slide 83: 

Charlie and Cole shot each other another nervous look, both laughing obviously fake laughs. "Yeah, whatever you say," Charlie said, looking away. After that the conversation quickly diverted into something less serious.

Slide 84: 

Just coming back from the party, Ross walked in the front door to see Kaylynn going into labour. "Honey, remind me to never do this again," Kaylynn said as she prepared for another contraction. "Are you sure?" he asked, concerned.

Slide 85: 

"Yes, because this hurts!"

Slide 86: 

A minute or two later Kaylynn held their new daughter up for Ross to see. She had Kaylynn's blue eyes like Ivan did, but she had Ross's blonde hair instead of Kaylynn's red. "Aww," Ross cooed, waving at the baby. "She knows who her Daddy is.“ "Of course she does," Kaylynn said, shifting the girl a little in her arms. "How could she not?“ Ross looked up at Kaylynn, light dancing in his eyes. "What are we calling her?" he asked as the girl reached out and wrapped a hand around one of Ross' fingers. "I've always liked the name Amelia," Kaylynn said. Ross nodded. "It's a pretty name," Ross agreed, and so Amelia Merton was named.

Slide 87: 

Back over at the Browns, Waylon sat in front of the computer. He began tapping away at the keys. It was brand new, only a matter of hours old, and getting it had reminded him of something rather important. Back when he had been a teen he’d been desperate for money. He would have done just about anything to get it if he was honest. That wasn’t unusual for a fortune sim townie, though. He, like most of them, took the first job he could find and stuck it out, regardless of how miserable he was in it. The money was decent enough for him not to be driven completely insane by it. Waylon had quickly climbed the ranks until that very day. Waylon clicked onto a job search website and began to look through the listings for Quaver Kanyon. Although his pay was good and he was getting promotions still, Waylon was very aware that his heart didn’t lie within the police force. He wasn’t police material and he knew it. He browsed through the jobs, dismissing most of them with a derisive snort. He was no cook, and he certainly wouldn’t be any good in the military. Then it finally came up. ‘Business’, Waylon thought as he spotted it, a grin slowly spreading over his face. ‘Perfect.’

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