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KU Intramural Dodge Ball presentation.


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Intramural Dodge Ball:

Intramural Dodge Ball

PowerPoint Presentation: All players must be registered on athleague and on the team roster on athleague by playoffs. You may only add two new participants a game The IM staff will not add the people who sign up at the fields onto athleague , it will remain the individuals responsibility to sign up and get on the roster Questions regarding athleague at this time????


SIGNING IN GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME Must be a KU student to play Intramurals Must have a KU ID present at the fields to play All teams need to be signed in and ready to play at game time Absolutely no jewelry can be worn at any time


LOST ID FORM Located at the SRFC. Must have facility manager sign off on it Must present form to Supervisor at Shenk YOU CAN USE 1 (one) lost ID form per semester KU Card Center 1301 Jayhawk Boulevard Lawrence, KS 66045 Monday thru Friday: 8AM – 4PM Cost = $15.00 for a replacement card


Forfeits If for some reason your team forfeits a match then you must pay a $10 forfeit fee before your next match. You will not be allowed to play until the forfeit fee is paid for. Two forfeits will result in your team being kicked out of the league. Failure to pay the forfeit fee will result in the entire team being under suspension. This means you will not be allowed to sign up for another intramural activity or enter the rec center until this fee is paid. (If you forfeit the last game of the year, you still need to pay the forfeit fee or else these consequences will apply.)


Defaults If you know you aren’t going to have enough players, you can call the office (785-864-0788) and default. Before noon on weekdays or 3 pm Friday for weekend games. Won’t be charged a forfeit, and won’t affect your sportsmanship rating.


THE GAME A full team has 6 players 4 players are required to start the game Best of 5 games format will be used Games will have a max of 5 minutes Court is in the expansion ( Oread Arena)


BASIC RULES 6 Dodgeballs will be used Ducking Must start from the back wall GAME IS SELF OFFICATED Supervisor’s ruling is final (not up for debate) Live ball vs. dead ball Stalling and 5 second violation


OVERTIME If neither team has been eliminated at the end of regulation, the team with the greatest number of players remaining will be declared the winner. If the same number of people remain a ONE MINUTE sudden death period will take place.


UNIFORM/EQUIPMENT No jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.) will be allowed on the field at anytime. Players will need to remove items immediately or leave the game. No braces, casts, guards, or supports that may cause other players harm will be permitted NO HATS


SPORTMANSHIP RATING Based on a rating system from 0-4 Everyone starts with a 3 Each unsportsmanlike = 1 full pt. deduction (no exceptions) Ejections = 2 full pts. deducted Any team that receives 3 unsportsmanlike penalties with forfeit the game to the opponent Forfeit Sportsmanship ratings Must have an average of a 2.5 to be playoff eligible


EJECTIONS Any player ejected is suspended indefinitely In order to become eligible to participate again the individual must schedule a reinstatement hearing with the Director of Intramural Sports. The individual must bring a petition with him/her to the meeting. The petition (typed or written) must include A description of the incident(s) leading to the ejection A rationale for actions of the participants/coach/ spectator A rationale for why reinstatement should be granted If no meeting is set or completed within 3 working days of the ejection, the individual will be barred from participating in any Recreation Service activities, including entry into the SRFC.


PLAYOFFS Must have a minimum 2.5 sportsmanship rating Playoff Manager Meeting Will be scheduled later in the season Pick when you want to play based off record and S.R. If you do not attend you will be assigned a time slot


RAIN OUT INFORMATION PLEASE contact our rain-out line if you are curious about game cancellations. The rain-out number is: 785-864-3456 Please do not call the office or email us about questions regarding the weather The information will be updated after 3:00 PM during the week, and 10:30 AM on the weekends We will try our best to make-up rainouts, but there are no guarantees



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