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Creating a safe and secure environment in your workplace or providing safety to the Australian community is essential. To do so, ACIC has accredited specific private organizations to carry out police checks. And KONCHECK is one amongst them that helps to get a police check for an individual or an employee looking to get it done for their employers. Getting it done is an easy and user-friendly process. Read the PDF to know more details about it. This PDF will help you make a quick decision. Making a decision is the first step to completion. Take the first step now.


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NATIONAL POLICE CHECK Find out. Are you among those who need a WWW.KONCHECK.COM

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WWW.KONCHECK.COM To protect the safe and secure environment at your place and to provide safety to the Australian Community ACIC Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission with the help of the Australian police agencies conducts National Police Checking Service. This allows employers or individuals to get a Nationally Coordinate Criminal History Check NCCHC result. Often a police check is required for a variety of licensing and registration schemes for employment for a position that needs your criminal backgrounds to be checked. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission ACIC has accredited some private organizations that carry this police checks on behalf of the applicants. KONCHECK is also an accredited body of ACIC which is online fast secure and affordable. Type of Police Checks There are different types of police check as per the requirements which are carried by AFP Australian Federal Police check and Nationally Coordinate Criminal History Check which is carried out by bodies that are ACIC Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission accredited. The AFP police check is different from the National Police check based on the type of applications that can be made under these two categories. In AFP police check applications are made for: • Australian Capital Territory Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories. • Applications looking to work at Commonwealth Government jobs • The purpose of the Australian Immigration • Those who require a check under the Commonwealth legislation • Applicants who reside overseas • Overseas employment and overseas adoption • For applicants who apply for a visa for overseas travel The National Police Check by ACIC accredited bodies for: Applicants who are suitable for paid employment the position of trust or industry accreditation. If you are looking for the positions given below then your check shall be under volunteer nation police check. The positions are: for unpaid work student placement work experience or for any volunteer position. What is a Police check

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WWW.KONCHECK.COM Financial service roles The individuals have a susceptible task to perform if they are related to the financial services and the Australian Banker’s Association has become stringent about the police check. To land a job in the financial service sector you have to get a police check done. Mining and construction workers The profile of mining and construction workers involves a considerable amount of risk so hiring the right candidate is an essential factor. In these two profiles the life of others could easily be affected by the other as people from different sectors are involved therefore getting a police check is highly advisable. Transportation industry The transportation industry generally involves the drivers to carry out a job like a truck and delivery drivers drivers of public vehicles like buses and taxis and this involves risk to their life and life of others. Thus requiring the needs for a Police Check. Government positions or jobs in the legal system The individuals getting employed at the government positions hold importance in securing and preserving the government’s sensitive information and that is why it is must for them to get a police check. When you are in a legal system you might be a part of certain essential things so it is equally crucial for them to have individuals with a police check in their system. Individuals from the following occupations are recommended to undertake a police check:

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WWW.KONCHECK.COM Individuals who are working with the children or the educators themselves The individuals working in childcare or at a school where they have direct interaction with the children are present are to be the one with a police check. Whereas the students or educators who are in direct contact with the other students must be a sincere and decent personality and it’s essential to see if they can be a threat to the others. So getting a police check is an addition to assurance. For Aged care and Health The applicants applying for age group needs to see that the aged people are treated with respects and dignity and this generally comes under the volunteer services. The health industry also needs to be taken care in the process of a police check as these age groups fall under the vulnerable group. Other Volunteer services The volunteers’ volunteers’ service is often a not-for-profit service that serves vulnerable people and there have been many changes in this industry in the past. Thus to avoid any potential risk it is vital to get a nation- al police check.

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WWW.KONCHECK.COM How is the National Police check carried out The police check may vary from one service provider to the other. However generally it works like this: The applicants can submit their application with personal details and upload the identity documents and provide consent for the check. On verifying your identity the accredited body submits it to the National Police Checking Service Support System NSS owned and operated by ACIC. The accredited body will receive the result with an NDCO Non-Disclosable Court Outcomes or DCO Disclosable Court Outcomes The National Police Checking Service Support System NSS checks the personal details of the applicant using an algorithm that matches names in the national database. The accredited body issues the certificate to the applicants on completion of their police check. Result for Police check is released 1 2 3 4 Records searched in the National Database Submit your Application Result is provided to the applicant

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