Troubleshooting and strategies for success, 101, S13

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Please make sure your sound is turned on for these powerpoint slide shows. You can also access the transcript for this slideshow in the “contents” section of D2L under today’s date & powerpoint title.

Troubleshooting, and strategies for success:

Troubleshooting, and strategies for success

Potential issues . . .:

Potential issues . . .

Scheduling Conflicts? :

Scheduling Conflicts? In some cases you’ll have the opportunity to work ahead , but don’t let yourself get behind! If you plan to take a trip or have some other reason why you can’t participate during the 48hrs of a class, you will want to contact me about doing the work beforehand. Many of the activities cannot be made up (points lost) if you miss class! And, missing the material counts as an “absence.”

Tech issues? :

Tech issues? This happens to all of us. Please have a back-up plan for accessing the internet and completing your course work in the event that you should have internet connection issues or a computer failure. Keep all of your files backed up in a secure place, as well.

D2L Issues?:

D2L Issues? If you have any difficulties with D2L, please contact the UWM Help Desk. Three ways: Report the problem via online web form at Call the UWM Help Desk at 414.229.4040 if you are in the Metro Milwaukee area (or just dial 4040 on a campus phone). If you’re near UWM campus, go to Bolton 225 (call 414.220.4040 for specific hours).

Access to course materials?:

Access to course materials? If you have trouble accessing anything I’ve put on the website, or problems participating or uploading into our forums, let me know at

Strategies for success!:

Strategies for success!


Strict “attendance” policy. In the UWM writing program, students cannot receive a passing grade if they miss more than 2 weeks of class. If you do not complete the equivalent of 2 weeks’ worth of work on-time (or if work is completed on time but is not completed according to the assignment guidelines) you will not receive a passing grade for the course. I n our course, this means that not completing the work for a given due date (or not completing work per the instructions) will result in an “absence.”

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Dive in!:

Dive in!

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