Tablet PCs: Best Friend to All

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Multimedia Presentation of Technology Software to Enhance Classroom Use for Students and Educators


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Tablet PCs: Best Friend to All: 

Tablet PCs: Best Friend to All Presented by Keshetta Henderson ECI 511 Dr. Weeks

What Is It???: 

What Is It??? Piece of technology integration software for the classroom and beyond A fully functional evolution of the laptop PC Allows interaction directly with screen using “ink enabled” pen Tool for educators and students to enhance their productivity


Teachers can display material w/o erasing and rewriting Student attention span increases Provides opportunity to mark student work Students able to practice fine motor skills Easy to use; portable; longer battery life Allows collaboration and active learning Ability to take handwritten and/or typed notes Lectures can be recorded as opposed to taking handwritten notes, using overheads, or distributing multiple handouts Classroom materials can be organized and saved by students and teachers Comes equipped with Microsoft XP which contains useful communication and research tools at the students disposal Less powerful than laptops Purchasing cost is more expensive than laptops Screen viewing issues Limited number of manufacturers and choices Microsoft HP/Compaq PaceBook Slatevision Fujitsu Toshiba Advantages Disadvantages

Still Need Some Convincing: 

Commercial Plug for Students Still Need Some Convincing

And More Convincing: 

And More Convincing Commercial Plug for Educators/Other Users Tablet PC Showcase

For those who just have to have Conducted Research Studies : 

For those who just have to have Conducted Research Studies “Teaching With Tablet PCs” -Kenrick Mock “Exploring Tablet PCs” –Lyndon Godsall Exploring Tablet PCs “Bentley College Students Evaluate Tablet PCs” –Perry Lowe HP Feature Story: Bentley College students evaluate Tablet PCs (March 2004) “Using a Tablet PC For Classroom Instruction” –Carol C.W. Hulls “Tablet PCs for Classroom Use” -Tony Hursh Tablet PCs for Classroom Use

Just Try It !!!!!!!!!!!!Your Instructors Will Praise You : 

Just Try It !!!!!!!!!!!! Your Instructors Will Praise You Just Use It!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Students Will Thank You

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