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Help For Heroes – Three Peaks Challenge 2011  : 

Help For Heroes – Three Peaks Challenge 2011  23.5 Miles = 13 Hours and 4 mins!!

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The night before the walk ... ...Everyone looks pretty happy  ( LOL at Lesley’s face!)...

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Getting ready to set off in the sunny weather ! ... ...Oh sorry I mean umbrella weather...

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...Aaaaand their off!!!

Slide 5: 

Peak one – Pen Y Ghent (2,276  ft)

Slide 6: 

Will has seen the height of the peak and thought... Bugger THAT!!

Slide 7: 

The trek was long and muddy...

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...But that didn’t stop us from carrying on up the hill...

Slide 9: 

...and down again ...and up again ...and down again! ...up AGAIN!! ...and errm, down again?!?!

Slide 10: 

Although we did make some new friends along the way... RIBBIT!!!

Slide 11: 

There was never a dull moment... HA HA

Slide 12: 

It is a shame I never caught Steve’s epic fail in the mud... ...however this is how I remember it...

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Peak two – Whernside (2,415 ft)

Slide 14: 

There were some lovely views... Aaarrrggghhh NO NOT THIS!!... ...Ahh much better!!

Slide 15: 

And still smiling 

Slide 16: 

Peak three – Ingleborough (2,372  ft)

Slide 17: 

Even though we had lost a few troops... The remaining four continued...

Slide 18: 

Motivated by the thought of...

Slide 19: 

BEER! And... FOOD!

Slide 20: 

23.5 miles, 13 hours, 20 bananas, 100 blisters and 1 box of painkillers later...

Slide 21: 

We made it back to camp... ...still smiling !

Slide 22: 

Quotes of the Weekend...

Slide 23: 

‘Are we getting alcohol for the weekend?’

Slide 24: 

‘Beans in Jeans’

Slide 25: 


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‘It has to be hard before you put it in!’

Slide 27: 

‘ I'm walking like I’ve been done up the bum!’

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Well Done Everyone!! 

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