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Spiritual Quotient

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Spiritual intelligence, Spiritual quotient, Soul's intelligence, Self-actualization The words in Vogue

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According to Dana Zohar : Spiritual intelligence is: about the human need and talent for finding meaning in experience

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Higher Spiritual Truths are to be Experienced We may talk and reason all our lives, but cannot understand a word of Truth unless we Experience it ourselves.

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Higher Spiritual Truths are to be Experienced The greatest power is lodged in fine, not in the coarse. The finer that is really the seat of power

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That is precisely the reason why Spiritual Quotient is gathering more and more importance over IQ and EQ IMPORTANCE OF SPIRUTAL QUOTIENT

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What is Spiritual Intelligence It is about – having a direction in life and – being able to heal ourselves of all the resentment It is thinking of ourselves as an expression of a higher reality.

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In mid-1990s, Daniel Goleman revealed findings in neuroscience and psychology that stressed the importance of Emotional Quotient (EQ). The Conscious efforts in study of Intelligence

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E_intelligence * Makes us aware of our feelings and that of others. * Gives empathy, motivation, compassion and an ability to respond skillfully to pleasure and pain. The Conscious efforts in study of Intelligence

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E_intelligence Goleman argued that EQ was a basic requirement for the use of IQ. If the areas of our brain that feel are damaged, our ability to think effectively is diminished. The Conscious efforts in study of Intelligence

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E_intelligence Emotional brain is supposed to be seated in Amygdala (limbic system), situated on top of brain stem. This was primitive brain

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Dana Zohar and Ian Marshall introduced a new dimension to human intelligence. Spiritual Quotient (or SQ) is the ultimate intelligence, they claim. This is the intelligence used to solve problems of meaning and value. "Is my job giving me the fulfillment I seek?" "Am I relating to the people in my life in a way that contributes to their happiness and mine?" NEW DIMENSION IN STUDY OF INTELLIGENCE

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Humans are essentially spiritual beings, evolved to ask fundamental questions. "Who am I?" "Where am I going?" "What do others mean to me?" THE BASIS OF SPIRUTALITY

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Spiritual intelligence motivates people to balance their work schedules to spend time with the family. An executive with a high SQ might look beyond profit margins and devote time for voluntary work with orphans. Spiritual intelligence also addresses the need to place one's life in a shared context of value. THE BASIS OF SPIRUTALITY

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* SQ can not be quantified or measured, whereas IQ and EQ may assessed. The reason being that SQ deals with finer aspects which are matter of personal experience DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INDICES OF INTELLIGENCE IQ SQ EQ

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The transformative power of SQ distinguishes it from IQ and EQ. * IQ primarily solves logical problems. * EQ allows us to judge the situation we are in and behave appropriately. * SQ allows us to ask if we want to be in that situation in the first place. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INDICES OF INTELLIGENCE IQ SQ EQ

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Some simple questions we can ask ourselves. There answer may be Yes or No or Sometimes Remember that for nobody but your own inner self will be hearing the answers. HOW TO EVALUATE SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE

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* Is it incorrect to consider all religio-spiritual activity to be the pastime of the elderly, or those who have time hanging heavily on their hands?  * Are you drawn towards places of worship (temples, churches, gurudwaras, mosques, etc.) quite often? * Do you have a prayer room, or a place of prayerful focus, say an altar, in your home, where you devote some time to Communion with the Higher Forces? * Do you feel the need to seek guidance and Blessings from God whenever you are at the threshold of an important event in your life? EVALUATION OF SQ

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* Do you feel the inner need to be with Nature to calm yourself and commune with Natural phenomena?  * Do you feel the urge to pick up books, or articles, on religious, spiritual or metaphysical subjects, whenever you see them? * Do you feel the urge to ask God's help, whenever any situation in your life seems to be out of your control? * Would you like to go on a holiday to a place of pilgrimage to provide joy to your mind body and spirit, in a composite manner? EVALUATION OF SQ

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* If you suddenly heard a piece of devotional music, would it touch an unseen chord in your soul? * If somebody you know, or do not know, needs help, whether physically, emotionally or financially, does an instinctive urge spring from within your heart to provide whatever succour you are capable of giving? Give yourself 5 points for every 'Yes', 0 points for every 'No', and 3 points for every answer that you give as 'Sometimes". EVALUATION OF SQ

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Researchers have identified a 'God-spot' in the human brain. This area is located among neural connections in the temporal lobes of the brain. During scans with positron emission topography, these neural areas light up whenever research subjects are exposed to discussion of spiritual topics.

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'God-spot' is culture specific Westerners responding to ideas of 'God' and Buddhists and Hindus responding to certain symbols.

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While the God-spot does not prove the existence of 'God', it does indicate that the brain is programmed to ask ultimate questions. 'God-spot'

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We use spiritual intelligence to transform ourselves and others, heal relationship, cope with grief, and move beyond conditioned habits of the past. Spiritual Intelligence

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To develop high SQ, each person needs to approach the task according to his/her personality How to develop High SQ

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EIGHT SIGNS OF HIGH SQ 1. Flexibility 2. Self-awareness 3. An ability to face and use suffering 4. The ability to be inspired by a vision 5. An ability to see connections between diverse things (thinking holistically) 6. A desire and capacity to cause as little harm as possible 7. A tendency to probe and ask fundamental questions 8. An ability to work against convention

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A high SQ is the best predictor of happiness serenity good self-esteem and harmonious & loving relationships Importance of SQ

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People who know how to translate life's problems and struggles into spiritual issues can often find more gratifying and rewarding solutions to these problems through their spiritual IQs. Importance of SQ

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Can a person learn how to become more spiritual? Can they develop and "raise" their Spiritual IQ? You BET they can

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Three fold path of : Sadhana Aradhana and Upasana Need to be adopted

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Immediate gains are : Greater serenity Better self-esteem and Increased satisfaction

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