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Smart Water Grid System Powercom Advanced Metering Infrastructure System

Powercom – Company Background:

Powercom – Company Background Founded in 2006 Innovation company, providing Smart Metering solution for Water, Gas and Electricity. “End to End” solution including Smart Meters, Communication, Central management Software, and In-Home Displays Holdings by private investors and Israeli Electric Company Installed in the last 3 years more than 300 sites world wide. International branches in Hong Kong, India, South Africa.

Why install PowerCom Smart Water Grid System?:

Why install PowerCom Smart Water Grid System? Identify Leakage & Pipe Bursts Within the Hour by Automated SMS/Email Notification Avoid Manual/Walk-By/Drive-By Readings Identify Theft by Unauthorized Consumers - Variety of Anti-Theft Detection Alerts such as Tampering and Backflow Water Consumption Forecasting Modeling Infrastructure Replacement Calculation (Calculating ROI) Option to Remotely Disconnect/Connect Supply Customer Service (In-Home Displays Showing Real-Time Consumption, Customer Internet Portals, Automatic Customer Alerts – SMS/Email)

Real Benefits for Utility:

Implementation of Different R ates (TOU, Step Incline Tariff) – Encourage Savings Retrofit of Existing Meters is Available (Low Cost Solution) Long Battery Lifetime (10+ years) Remote Meter F irmware Upgrade Full Solution of Meters, Communication and Central Software. Easy I ntegration to Existing Billing & CRM systems Option of STS S ecured A utomatic P repayment System Open Platform To Read Other Meters And Pressure Sensors Real Benefits for Utility

Real Benefits for Utility (cont.):

Statistics Module allowing to Predict C onsumption or Failures in infrastructure Flexible and Scalable S olution Early D etection of Problematic Meters Daily/Hourly Readings Ability To Connect To GIS System Open Data Architecture (Support Adding Other Meter Types And Sensors). Powercom also Measures Pressure and Level Sensors Real Benefits for Utility (cont.)

What is out there ?:

Walk by Systems Drive by Systems Fixed Network Systems Fixed Bi-directional N etwork Using Unlicensed RF (dynamic, self-maintained, low cost and reliable network) - PowerCom What is out there ?


Architecture Meters Data Management Customer Portal Interface to CRM / Billing 2-Way Unlicensed RF GPRS Repeater End Unit MDM Server UTILITY WAN Concentrator

Benefits for Consumer:

On-line Customer Information Through Internet Portal Accurate Bills With Detailed Daily/Hourly Information Added Value Services (Leakage Notification, Abnormal Consumption ) On Line SMS Notification In Predefined Terms (High Consumption, Pipe Bursts) Benefits for Consumer

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MDM – Automatic Tasks

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MDM - Water Graph

Analysis of Water Losses:

Analysis of Water Losses Total Loss : 5 % Master Meter

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MDM - Automatic Loss Calculation

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MDM – Alerts and Alarms

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Summary Comprehensive Solution – “One Stop Shop” The System Has Proven Field Experience Optimal Design Based Upon Functional Needs Expandable Solution Integrating Customer Specific Needs Selected As Most Innovative Water Solution At “Watec Israel Event 2011” Short Pay-Back Period for the Utility.

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