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Mc Cain promotional strategy based on ethical and health conscious grounds


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Group (MBA1) C 9 :

Group (MBA1) C 9 Group Members: Nguyen Bach Thuy Trang Noel Felipe Ramirez Gomez Chuanyi Wang Xin Zhang Qingqing Shen Frelda Marie Tangonan Laura  Kalikova

Introduction :

Introduction McCain Foods was founded in 1957 in Canada Founded by the McCain brothers – Harrison, Wallace, Robert and Andrew. Largest chip producer with a market share of 33%. Over 20,000 employees Working in 57 locations worldwide. McCain brother’s philosophy is – ‘Good ethics is good business’. McCain believes to take care of the environment, community and its people. McCain Foods is the world’s leading manufacturer of frozen potato products

Boston Matrix (BSG) :

Boston Matrix (BSG)

Boston Matrix (BSG) :

Boston Matrix (BSG) Use of the Boston Matrix To judge how to manage individual products and the product range given market conditions. To recognise the importance of using successful, profitable products, to fund development of the stars and cash cows of the future. The matrix can help firms analyse whether they have the portfolio that they want and whether it matches the objectives of the organisation. Matrix managers can then establish what they need to add or change in order to obtain the desired portfolio .


Foodservice Products Potatoes - Beverages Appetizers - Dessert Asian foods - Vegetables Onion rings - Breakfast Pizza PRODUCTS


PRICE 4 things must be considered - Business objectives Costs Competitors Customers McCain use a range of pricing strategies associated with adding value of money Eg: Also, offer its products at a special promotional price using price- marked packs


PLACE - Products Channels in the Marketplace B2B Wholesaler and retailers Key Positions at the point-of-sales Transportation - Outsourced Sustainable Environmental Practices - Use of Local Farmers - Double-decker lorries - Solar Energy Powered Lorries


PROMOTION 2 main categories: Above-the-line promotion Below-the-line promotion Door-to-door Email newsletter for consumers Public relation Sponsorship TV show Family Fortunes McCain Athletics Network

Our recommendation :

Our recommendation "McCain Family Weekends '' Campaign. They can promote some weekends with activities for children and family, promoting sports, giving value to family moments, and offering delicious and healthy food with McCain Products. Visiting and supporting universities sport teams, as part of its support to Athletes. Road shows to provide awareness of healthy food

Conclusion :

Conclusion It’s All Good’ Trusted brand Healthy food and healthy lifestyle Environmentalist attitude

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