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KCS is providing complete Open Source Solution for different types of technologies like wordpress, Ruby on Rails , PHP Frameworks, Joomla, Magneto.


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CONFIDENTIALITY © Krish Compusoft Services Pvt. Ltd. KCS 2016. All rights reserved. This document and the intellectual property contained herein is the property of KCS and should not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means or forwarded to any third party without prior written consent from KCS authorities. All the brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are recognized by the concerned authorities. 801 Pelican House GCCI Compound Ashram Road Ahmedabad 380 009. Gujarat India. Tele-Fax: +91-79-2657 9333 E-mail: Website: Contact Information Please feel free to contact the following individuals for information about this document. Open Source Development Portfolio

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INDEX  Introduction o About KCS ……………………………………………………………………..………………………………………………… …..….. 03  Open Source - Portfolio o Buy BED Online ………………………………………………………….…………………………………………………………… … 04 o MILK Portal ..……………………………………….…………………………………………………………………………… ……….. 06 o PD - Remote .……………………………….…………………………………..………………………………………………… Open Source Development Portfolio

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ABOUT US KCS - Web Applications Development Centre KCS is a IS0 9001:2008 certified company. It has a collective development capability of approximately 75 staff based in development centre at Ahmedabad India with technical skills in Mobile Apps development iOS Android .NET 3.5/4.0 SharePoint and Open source technologies. The Background o Established in 2001 KCS has a strong proven track record of working on complex software/web and mobile applications o A strong professional team which includes architects project managers software engineers Mobile Microsoft Open Source QA engineers business analysts and technical support staff o Excellent track record working on long term enterprise business applications and software products o Specialize in enterprise mobility and commercial mobile apps both native apps and API driven apps product development software and web development web portal development e-commerce database driven websites desktop business applications etc. At KCS We deliver actions to your imagination. - KCS Team “ “ 03 Open Source Development Portfolio

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Open Source Portfolio Environment: Android Windows IOS and Blackberry Project Name: Buy BED Online The Background The company was selling all varieties of beds like The Sprung Orthopaedic Memory foam Pocket sprung Latex and Hotel and leisure collections to customers seeking choices according to their preferences across continents. The store went online in the year 2010 established a new separate online company named Bed Guru. The Online e-Commerce website was built then on Core PHP and was not feature rich. The website was revamped by KCS in the year 2013. 03 Open Source Development Portfolio The Requirement The company was selling all kinds of beds like The Sprung Orthopaedic Memory foam Pocket sprung Latex and Hotel and leisure collections to several customers of different taste across continents. The store went online in the year 2010 established a new separate online company named Bed Guru. The Online e- Commerce website was built then on Core PHP and was not feature rich. The website was revamped by KCS in the year 2013. Technology • Programming Language- Core PHP Ajax • Database: MySql

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05 Description • The site is a feature rich e-Commerce website with a fresh looking design uniquely different from monotonous e-Commerce designs. • A hierarchical search mechanism has been devised to keep user ease and making searching among over 5000 products handy to the clients. • Each of the bed categories can be further bifurcated in to next level of sub categories on the basis of their sizes like Mattresses -Sprung Mattresses- 75 x 190cm 2ft6 x 6ft3 - Small Size • All the products can be sorted with respect to their prices Firmness and Color/Material. • This helps in ending up with exactly what one wants and improving the customer experience. • The searching mechanism was best supported by Ajax that gave best user experience. The advantage of Ajax was data retrieval could be done without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. • The product details are viewed and can be requested for delivery to the applicable countries with desired quantity. • A full flush CMS handles all the product related details and other specifications of the product and maintain the site equilibrium. • The products can be added in the shopping cart and can be ordered online through Payment gateway. The gateway used is Sagepay commonly preferred by UK clients. Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio  The online orders can be viewed with all the details from CMS from where they can be managed.  The CMS comprises of the Content manager for content pages the Configuration masters and the transactional modules of the site.  Seo Friendly URLs for products were an added advantage.  The customer was happy to see his business build up with a strong design and operational base.

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06 Environment: PHP Project Name: MILK Portal Description The company based in UK offers a completely FREE School Milk Administration Scheme for all schools who want to take part saving time and money. They serve over 130000 school children with milk each day. The services has helped individual schools to have a greater control over the control and spending of their own budgets rather than the Local milk Authority. The Online portal is specifically customized and is a workflow based portal. Technology • Programming language- Core PHP XHTML/CSS jQuery Javascript AJAX • Database- MySQL Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio

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07 Description • A fully secure encrypted website where parents/schools/pre-schools can log on to register order and pay in advance for their child’s milk each term. • A workflow based application where parents/schools/pre- schools can register their child. • Orders are placed online and payments are done through Payment Gateway. • Prior mail is sent to the schools with details of the next order delivery. • Administrator gets the summary of the orders area wise and school wise and is managed from the admin panel. • Order tracking put on hold and update is provided on the admin panel. • Extensive Reporting to summarize the business. Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio

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08 Environment: PHP Project Name: PD - Remote Background H-Connect is a technology Company focusing on the health domain. Its entire Services Product Portfolio revolves around solutions that can help achieve a strategic productive analytical and sustainable growth to organizations and institutions in the Health Domain. They are a unique combination of health and technological experts combining our skills to meet the health information needs of the society. The Requirement To provide a Remote monitoring system for patients on peritoneal dialysis to improve their own living condition. To enable the Patient/ Patient Caregiver/PD Nurse to send information during PD using IOS application –lab clinical images and audio-visual data at the patient’s home during visit to the Nephrologists. Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio

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09 The Technology • Programming Language: PHP Javascript Jquery • Database: MySql • Third party tool integration: Sparx for Chat functionality Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio • To enable the nephrologists to interact with the patient/caregiver/PD Nurse to provide necessary medical advice and to provide recommendations. • To ensure monitoring of the exit site effluent bag and other clinical parameters like edema using images and audio-visual data for decreasing peritonitis and improving survival in PD Patients. • Provide an innovative platform to conduct Peritoneal Dialysis for PD Patients improving access to medical personnel and thus decreasing complications by using tablets and mobile phones. • Facilitate Peritoneal Dialysis as a preferred dialysis modality by effective monitoring of the patients using PD-Remote as compared to hemodialysis. Description PD – Peritoneal Dialysis is a treatment for patients with severe chronic kidney disease. It takes approx. 30 minutes and is done 3- 4 times a day.

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10 PD Remote is an Interactive Web and Tablet Based Software Product which integrates a PD Patient Patient Caregiver PD Nurse and Physician for PD Exchange Patient Monitoring and Remote Care of a Patient. It is a workflow based web application. PD Remote application is a specialty remote monitoring solution to enhance Peritoneal Dialysis. It is designed to ease the patients of Peritoneal Dialysis with their day to day dialysis. PD Remote assists the patients in trapping the end results of the PD conducted every day or between intervals as prescribed by Physicians into the application at any time of the day and can be done from anywhere across denominations. PD Remote prominent advantages are: • Patient can perform PD Exchange from Home or remote location • Patient can connect to the PD Nurse or Physician via iPad • Patient can avail assistance of PD Nurse remotely • Patient can be monitored and advised by Physician via PD- Remote • Patient can order the medication online via PD-Remote • Patient can receive alerts and schedules via PD-Remote • Patient care standards can be enhanced tremendously PD Remote Web Application –Features • Instant image and Audio Visual access • Chat live communication • Patient History – PD Investigations and progress • Scheduling • Enhanced Security • Facilitate research and analyze trends • Patient PD Reports • Patient Medicines Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio

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11 Platform: JOOMLA Project Name: HALE NATURALS The Background Hale Naturals started in 2012 offering high quality and wide collection of products for natural and organic health beauty and food products based at UK. Hale Naturals® is a division of The ViperCo Group Ltd. The Requirement The Company initiated the selling of their products online. The e-Commerce website was made by KCS. Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio Technology • The e-Commerce website was developed on: • CMS -Joomla version 2.5. • e-Commerce framework -Virtuemart • Programming language- Joomla XHTML/CSS jQuery Javascript AJAX • Database- MySQL

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12 Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio The Description: The site is developed with high end features • Design- High end design using Virtuemart. • Multi Currency options • Search Engine friendly • Shopping and payment gateway option on Sagepay/ PayPal • Automatic emailing and receipts of the payment with order status and dispatch status • Product Reviews • Add to Wishlist • Compare products • Notify arrival of stocks when the item is out of stock • Wholesaler options • Recently viewed option • Recipes • Blog • CMS of the site to manage whole of the site from back end • User Registration Management • Extensive Reporting • Compatible with all recent versions of the browsers and with all OS. • Third party integration for special features

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13 Environment: PHP Project Name: KERALA ASSEMBLY DMS The Background The customer a Government body had a huge digitized database of the legislative assembly proceedings since India’s Independence. The data was such that it was likely to grow leaps and bounds with time. The Requirement The client required a Search Engine for the public users who can take its advantage to surf through the legislative proceedings. The search engine was made for two languages namely English and Local Indian Language Malayalam. Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio Description • The overall functionalities of the web based apps include • Data Migration of the digitized database that contained about 1 50000 records already. • An application that supports both English and Malayalam in admin for search and data entry and in front for Search.

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14 • Malayalam Interface support • Malayalam Key board facility to ease the search • Administrator data entry platform for the legislative proceedings • Add Edit Delete operations of data. • Feature rich Search functionality for the proceedings. • Advanced search functionality that filters six main diverse data cohesively and gives result with due performance for public users. • Document viewer Functionality with expandable view and in printable format of one or more associated documents for the legislative proceedings and for the documents associated with the members and ministers of any of the proceedings. • Graphic design with easy user interface. • A robust efficient and smooth application that can serve the purpose of an efficient search engine. Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio

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15 Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio Environment: WordPress Project Name: BOX DR. The Background The client was a professional computer services provider and support to Baltimore Maryland and surrounding areas near Washington USA. The services were provided by a single senior individual who had been into business since 2007 and was also in to repairing computers leaving no stone unturned in making clients happy. The client also provides consultancy as well guide in keeping up of computers networks and peripherals. It was the single handed work and experience of the client who is himself was a Senior Citizen that made his business flourish to heights. Technology The Client approached us to make a website of his own that portrays his work in supreme manner using WordPress Open Source Platform. It was his burning desire for a website that is both creative and unique with respect to design and work presentation.

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16 The Description: The design as required was a theme of an “Old Country Doctor" the clients work was to go to the end customer to repair the computer’s illness and other computer users anxieties. Mostly the customers were Senior Citizen. It was not a difficult task but to bring the full vision of the client into the design and presentation was a big deal. Finally a design was approved by the client with a provision of 3 options that spoke many things about the client’s vision above all it satisfied the client’s needs in all aspects. Generally this kind of designs is difficult to integrate in WordPress as there are some limitations to set design in such open source platforms. The client had strong specifications about line spacing placements images look and feel and photographs which was also tough to find and to set as per the layout. The functionalities that were incorporated in the website were Fix Computer” which is a Service Inquiry form where web users could submit query for Services. The data management was enabled from the Admin Panel CMS and email receiving functionality was integrated. The Administrator was enabled with the functionalities to write and maintain a Blog. The Web users could also comment on the blog with full controls of the publishing rights with the administrator. Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio The Web Users were enabled with the functionality to fill up the form of their query suggestions or feedback. Emails were also enabled to be received related to the Contact details. The Contact data could also be managed from the Admin panel. CMS of the site was developed in WordPress with all the possible options to handle the site from backend. The areas that could be managed from the Admin panel of the site and settings provided by WordPress were add edit and manage functions fore All Pages Posts Media Links Comments Contacts. The other CMS functions were created for Appearance Plug-ins Users Tools Settings and V-slider.

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17 Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio Environment: PHP Project Name: AMAN FOUNDATION HEALTH PROGRAM Description The Aman Community Health Program ACHP disseminates basic preventive healthcare information through community members to reduce the incidence of disease and death. This program empowers underprivileged citizens especially women to participate in community welfare activities and increase their access to medical attention for key healthcare issues. ACHP in addition to spreading information provides care at home to bridge the crucial gap between diagnosis and treatment. This program will open up a vital gateway to under-privileged communities for the Aman Foundation and its partners. The Requirement Aman Foundation wanted to extend their services for public healthcare by empowering their service model and Community Health workers by making it a electronic record based which allowed primary users of this application a broader experience to diagnose and collect the healthcare information minutely accurately and effectively.

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18 Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio The web based application needed to become an accurate centrally managed data by also having Mobile application which then would update and feed the data to the central server in real time scenario. The whole of the ACHP system was being handled manually and was extremely scattered and diversified. The main area of challenge was to assimilate the processes integrate and mould it into series of organized process in a hierarchical manner. The information control and on time access was the major turn over purpose of the project. Trapping live and real time data wherein users are exposed in the external geography for the project implementation for Survey and Data Input the system was needed to be designed more from the reliability and security perspective as there will be a requirement of real time access of system to authorized users anytime and anywhere at the same time. It had to be secure as external threats to sensitive health data is to be considered and requisite measures needed to be taken and framed to ensure its security. The Technology ACHP REMOTE was proposed as a web based integrated workflow application which had an architecture built in PHP 5.2 and smarty framework architecture along with MySQL as the backend database technology. Considering the production factor and the architecture methodology of PHP 5.2 and smarty framework the core 3 segments were divided into separate layers. It was also integrated with the indexing services of windows for data mapping services. ACHP was also made on Android tablets for mainly ACHN and ACHW who are the field workers for real time data input. This has led to a stronger communication level and control on ACHP program.

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19 Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio The Description Projects –This function helped create various projects of Aman Foundation and associate various forms and users for which the survey is to be taken with other necessary specification. Households - This function helped to create various Households and their family members with their specification in an Area of a city. Field Office – This functionality helped create the offices of Aman Foundation in an Area of a city. User Management - This functionality helped create the users of ACHP namely Project Managers Field Officers ACHN and ACHW and associate them with their respective roles in the system. Forms – This function allowed access of lists the forms used for surveys as per the disease. Scheduling - This function allowed to make bulk schedules of ACHN and ACHP for surveys at various areas and bind a ACHN to ACHWs. These schedules are listed to respective ACHN and ACHW for their daily tasks on their tablet devices. Device Allocation - The function allowed creating the record about device allocation to ACHN and ACHW for survey purposes. Primary Health Care Clinics – This function showed data of the clinics which were referred to public who are surveyed by ACHN and ACHW when they are in need of medical supervision. Reports –This function allowed various report generation for analysis of survey data and the operational data to manage the system with control. The MIS reports provided a very good clarity of whole of the program. Training – This was an Add on module to record the trainings provided to a group or an individual at any given point of time. Messages – This was an Add on module for sending messages to all the users of the system. Circulars – This was an Add on module for sending circulars to all the users in the system.

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20 Open Source Development Portfolio Open Source Portfolio Integration of Andriod Apps with Web Based Apps on the Central Server The Aman Community Health Program ACHP Android apps was developed to comply with the requirements of ACHN and ACHW field survey data collection. The devices were allocated to the respective ACHN and ACHW and their tasks with their household specifications were listed on the tablet. The Apps allowed direct and real time inputs of ACHN and ACHW surveys data on the forms respective to the project they are involved in. With The I- Pad apps one also could refer the public to the clinics or could refer any of the critical cases to their higher authorities like ACHN or Field Officers. The Apps created a Follow up mechanism which allowed them to schedule another follow up schedule for any further investigations later to be conducted. The devices came handy thereby reducing risk of security Paper work communication gaps leading to proper handling of cases and on time support to the needy. This system ensured a complete coordination between the office personnel and the field personnel of Aman Foundation

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