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KCS is one of the best iPad Application Development Company, provides Custom iPad Apps Development Solutions.


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CONFIDENTIALITY © Krish Compusoft Services Pvt. Ltd. KCS 2016. All rights reserved. This document and the intellectual property contained herein is the property of KCS and should not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means or forwarded to any third party without prior written consent from KCS authorities. All the brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are recognized by the concerned authorities. 801 Pelican House GCCI Compound Ashram Road Ahmedabad 380 009. Gujarat India. Tele-Fax: +91-79-2657 9333 E-mail: infokcsitglobal.com Website: www.kcsitglobal.com Contact Information Please feel free to contact the following individuals for information about this document. iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio

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INDEX  Introduction o About KCS- “The I-Pad/Tablet Apps Development Center” ……………………………………………………..….. 03  I-Pad / Tablet Development - Portfolio o Mobi-trade – Sales Order Management App on iOS …………………………………………………………………… 04 o PD Remote – Managing Renal Therapy ..…………………………………………………………………………………….. 06 o The ACHP Android Apps .…………………………………………………..……………………………………………………….. 08 o The SVLL Connect .……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 10 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio

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ABOUT US KCS - The I-Pad Apps Development Centre KCS is a IS0 9001:2008 certified company. It has a collective development capability technical skills in Mobile Apps development iOS Android I-Pad Apps development .NET 3.5/4.0 SharePoint and Open source technologies. The I-pad and Mobile apps are part of the KCS mobility division. The Background o Established in 2001 KCS has a strong proven track record of working on complex software/web and mobile applications o A strong professional team which includes architects project managers software engineers Mobile Microsoft Open Source QA engineers business analysts and technical support staff o Excellent track record working on long term enterprise business applications and software products o Specialized in enterprise mobility and commercial mobile apps both native apps and API driven apps product development software and web development web portal development e-commerce database driven websites desktop business applications and many more. At KCS We deliver actions to your imagination. - KCS Team “ “ 03 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio

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04 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Environment: PHP - iOS Project Name: MOBI-TRADE – SALES ORDER MANAGEMENT APP ON IOS Description MobiTrade is a product launched in Mobility space by KCSPL. It is an I-Pad Application designed and developed as a customization solution for GRSL’s Sales and Purchase division. The apps Integrates the SAP system at GRSL with functionalities like the Task manager Sales Master which allows the management of the sales and Sales Contract which allows the management of the various sales contracts as per the project. Apart from this one of the main aspects is the purchase master which tracks the various sales entries from various agents in the market from various vendors and as per commodities the organization also can manage the purchase limits as per the commodities required manage the freight management compare prices of the competitors and thus manage the overall purchase functions.

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05 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Platform: IOS The Objective MobiTrade CMS System is a Content management system that provides capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to have access to content data or information related to purchase and sales management. MobiTrade CMS System is the bridge between MobiTrade Tablet application and the SAP System at GRSL for better execution work monitoring and to act as a centralized system between SAP and Tablet user for information exchange and data transfer. One of the main objectives of the apps was to provide the connectivity and selective access to the SAP systems to the user / purchaser/agent and manage the purchase with online data while on the field or the market. Moreover the Apps also help locate the distributor/purchaser/sales personnel/user on a map.

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06 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Environment: PHP - iOS Project Name: PD REMOTE – MANAGING RENAL THERAPY Description PD Remote is an IOS Application which enables an Interactive PD Exchange Process for manual Peritoneal Dialysis between the patients the doctor the care giver/nurse. The App has been specifically designed to carry out several functions having separate functionalities for the different types of users. During the PD the IOS apps enables the Patient/ Caregiver/PD Nurse to send information like lab reports clinical images and audio- visual data to the nephrologists which can be taken up for advice by the caregiver who visits the patient’s home as per the therapy schedules. Following are some of the key functions of the IOS app – PD Remote. • PD Exchange Process • Checklist for increased compliance

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07 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio The Objective PD – Peritoneal Dialysis is a treatment for patients with severe chronic kidney disease. It takes approx. 30 minutes and is done 3-4 times a day. The PD Remote application enables a remote monitoring solution to enhance Peritoneal Dialysis process. It assists the patients with their day to day dialysis in interacting recording the end results of the PD conducted every day or between intervals as prescribed by physicians. The PD remote apps also integrate seamlessly with the web enabled version in the form of a web based app which at the other end it allows the physicians to monitor and control the process remotely through the application at any time of the day and can be done from anywhere across the globe. • PD Exchange Process • Clinical information capture and review • Inbuilt Chat-like facility • Enhanced Security • Support for both automatic and manual PD

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08 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Environment: PHP - iOS Project Name: THE ACHP ANDROID APPS Description The ACHP Android app is an app which enables the Aman foundation to reduce the paper work required for conducting the health surveys. The app functions as a daily tool of the health worker on the field. Apart from its main function to digitally organize the field survey data collection it also has functions for schedule management messaging and chat functionality referral function for forwarding a referral to the desired health official addressing to the pending surveys. It also allows to categorize survey profiles as per sex age group household profiles family profiles as per the areas and several other parameters which can be set up by web based apps at the foundation headquarters. The App also integrates seamlessly with a web based platform which is remotely controlled and accessed by the Aman foundation head quarters from where the health worker get the instructions for the day and sends the daily survey reports.

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09 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio The Objective The Aman Community Health Program ACHP Android apps are developed to comply with the requirements of ACHN and ACHW field survey data collection. The devices are allocated to the respective ACHN and ACHW and their tasks with the respective household specifications are listed on the tablet. The ACHN and ACHW further surveys and inputs that data on the forms respective to the project they are involved in. They can also refer the public to the clinics or can refer any of the critical cases to their higher authorities like ACHN or Field Officers. Follow up mechanism allows them to schedule another follow up schedule for any further investigations later to be conducted. The devices are easy to use and very handy thereby reducing risk of security paper work communication gaps leading to proper handling of cases and on time support to the needy. This system ensures a complete co-ordination between the office personnel and the field personnel of Aman Foundation. Platform: iOS

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10 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Platform: iOS Project Name: THE SVLL CONNECT Description • Siddhi Vinayak Logistic Limited is the largest and the fastest growing transportation company in India and have ventured in the Luxury passenger bus segment. The company is known for its tremendous growth quotient. • SVLL Connect is a combination of Web Application Mobile apps Tablet and Ipad apps. • The app is designed mainly for the drivers and crew members in the bus. • The foremost objective of the apps is to make Passenger check-in possible digitally using an inbuilt bar code reader. This otherwise is done manually by most of the travel companies. • Record mandatory routine supervisions of the bus condition before embarking the journey with images to support the checks. • Add the Food and Beverages sales from inside the bus immediately after sales.

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11 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio The Objective As an initiative to extend the brand engagement the company decided to launch the I- pad apps to map the activities of the driver and fulfill the preferences of its customer and also at the same time to provide them a platform to connect with the driver and management. It is positioned as one of the most Hightech buses and the I-pad apps only adds a feather to its caps as the most innovative way of reaching out the customer. Apart from this the company also has a cab service which is also integrated in to the apps thus giving an option of calling or booking a cab thru the apps for pick up and drop service. • This avoids communication gaps and helps in maintaining accurate inventory of FB. • Ticketing from inside the bus when the bus is on journey. This gives a real time ticketing experience. • The User can view the Passenger charter and their statuses can view the FB History. • The app runs in both offline and online mode and can be synced when an authentic internet connection is detected. • The app has reduced the operation limitations and leveraged to a greater extent.

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12 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Platform: iOS Project Name: CARDS SELECT Description This app provides the feature for customization to greeting cards and also allows the user use text fields multiple options to create and add a personalized touch. The app allows the user to buy the greeting card and many options for different occasions. Zooz a unique checkout platform that offers a complete and secure payment solution for e-Commerce for apps has been integrated as payment gateway. The Objective The app was designed to create a brand presence amongst the young mobile savvy user base. The brand wanted to extend its visibility amongst the mobile user thus creating a brand engagement and also promoting sales by being visible on the mobile phones of a selected group of customers.

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13 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Platform: iOS Project Name: CONGRESSMAN CHAKKA FATTAH Description This application was specifically designed for a congressman Chakka Fatah who represents the 2nd district of Pennsylvania USA. This app consists of news and information on Congressman Chaka Fattah. The Objective The i-pad application was an initiative as a part of the PR Campaign of the congress representative to actively engage the fan following with the latest information like Biography Political engagements achievements policy initiatives campaign agendas announcements photos interviews and a lot more regarding congress representative Fattah. The app was designed to enable the interested citizens / journalists / organisation to follow the happenings which were integrated from the website http://fattah.house.gov/. iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/in/app/u.s.-representative-chaka/ id381796671mt8-

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14 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Platform: iOS Project Name: ARTHUR DÉCOR Description A app specifically designed to showcase the largest and most complete showroom for window decoration. The mobile app was designed to be used as a sales promotion tool to inspire the end customer with access to a content describing all possibilities for internal and external sun protection with our line of Products like Blinds Shutters and Awnings. The app also had features to make available the technical features about the products showcase the photographs and videos request for quotes and also send instant messages to the support team for maintenance and cleaning. The Objective To provide a sales and promotional tool to the sales and tech support team.

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15 iPad / Tablet Application Development Portfolio I-Pad / Tablet Portfolio Platform: iOS Project Name: GET NOTICED Description Get Noticed App allows you to film track and share your videos with a worldwide audience. Sporting a highly intuitive user interface the App allows the user to use a marker to mark the interesting moment in the video and then share it quickly via various upload options like the YouTube or the Facebook and help get the word out. The app has features like Video Tracking - track people or objects in your videos Highlight educational videos track security footage share your business videos and much more Built-in video recording and editing functions Import videos from YouTube Video highlighting - highlight people or objects in your videos Instantly share your video on YouTube Twitter Facebook and by e-mail.

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