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Corporate Intranet Information Management System is an intranet information management system which is used to manage data, applications & information easily for the corporate clients worldwide


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The central focus of any organization while undertaking a quality improvement effort is to ensure seamless and efficient flow of information. It is imperative to deal directly with the barriers that clog free flow of information. iNet is the gateway that unifies access to all enterprise information and applications within the boundary of a company or organization. It helps the organization to manage its data applications and information more easily. These intranet web based application are highly feature-rich along with showcasing high levels of performance and reliability. Our web portals are developed keeping in mind the exact need of our client’s business criteria and association. These web based applications help clients to create and manage Company profiles Contact management Tasks Projects Human Resource CRM Sales and other Workflow needs of today’s modern enterprise needs. We also incorporate the various facets of work flow management projects and MIS reports documents and discussion forums in order to direct yet virtually interact with their clients employees and service providers. PRODUCT FEATURES 02 iNET Environment: Android Eclipse

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WHY USE iNet Corporate Culture • Integrates department to department seamlessly and helps employees appreciate being a part of something larger by constant reinforcing. Communication • Update on important strategic goals. • Target specific groups within the organization. • Facilitate collaboration by providing your employees resources and critical information. Efficiency • Provide the power to create and manage their own workgroups. • Share important documents and sharpen efficiency. Growth • Utilize employee profiles products and services to attract new and strong talents. • Keep your organization agile scalable and growing. • Give your team the tools they need to access just the content they want and when they want it. 03 iNET INDUSTRY Suitable for all industries and companies of any type and size. Customer Service • Enable customer relationship management in a robust way. • Improve your customers satisfaction with responsive and informed staff. • Maintain a customer database. PLATFORM SharePoint 2013

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