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KCS a graphic design company into graphic design services like logo design, brand design, corporate identity, brochure design, website Design, Mobile App Design.


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CONFIDENTIALITY © Krish Compusoft Services Pvt. Ltd. KCS 2016. All rights reserved. This document and the intellectual property contained herein is the property of KCS and should not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means or forwarded to any third party without prior written consent from KCS authorities. All the brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are recognised by the concerned authorities. 801 Pelican House GCCI Compound Ashram Road Ahmedabad 380 009. Gujarat India. Tele-Fax: +91-79-2657 9333 E-mail: Website: Contact Information Please feel free to Contact for information about this document. Graphics Information Design

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Graphics Information Design INDEX  Introduction o About KCS ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………….. 03  Graphics Information Portfolio o Qwiches ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………… 04 o Wings Hospitals ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ….. 06 o City Pulse

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Graphics Information Design ABOUT US KCS - Web Applications Development Centre KCS is an IS0 9001:2008 certified company. It has software development capability with technical skills in Web Application development in Microsoft development SharePoint Development PHP Development Flex Application Development Adobe Air Development Java Development and Silverlight Development. The Background o Established is 2001 KCS has a strong proven track record of working on complex software/web and mobile applications o A strong professional team which includes architects project managers software engineers Mobile Microsoft Open Source QA engineers business analysts and technical support staff o Excellent track record working on long term enterprise business applications and software products o Specialization in enterprise mobility and product development software and web development web portal development e-commerce database driven websites desktop business applications etc. At KCS We deliver actions to your imagination. - KCS Team “ “ 03

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Graphics Information Design 04 Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Environment: PHP - CMS Project Name: QWICHES The Background "Qwiches - quick bite” is a new food joint concept which is crafted to give an entire new ride to the taste buds of the people of India and abroad." The client is a big shot in the construction industry and has successfully mastered breathtaking masterpieces. Apart from this segment he has ventured into life style garments segment and have newly ventured into the FB segment. The Requirement The habits and practices are tremendously changing day by day and people have started hunting for a lounge where relaxation can be at its fullest. Qwiches emerged to cater to the needs of the younger generation a place to hang out besides enjoying the quality and fun filled refreshments. The Interior of the restaurant is youthfully appealing attractive and fashionable with a cozy ambience. The Qwiches website was made keeping in mind the ambience and appeal that the restaurant spreads. Technology Programming Languages: HTML and PHP for CMS and other operational activities. Database: My SQL

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Graphics Information Design 05 Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Description • Qwiches website was made after a vigorous market analysis to provide the branding and the appeal that the restaurant deserves. • The site uses brighter and younger color strokes to best portray the restaurant. • The site is responsive light and easy to surf. • Users can order online from the site and can operate using their Mobile devices as well. • Online contests integration has also been provisioned and controlled from CMS. • Offers – Various offers and reward points mechanism are in action within the site that gives a great experience to the users. Apart from the website Qwiches is a CMS site and Mobile apps have also been developed for Android and IOS. “Ordering through a mobile app is quick easy and reduces errors” “By opening the doors of m-commerce in the quick service restaurant industry Qwiches is able to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best customer experience.”

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Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Graphics Information Design 06 Environment: PHP - CMS Project Name: WINGS HOSPITALS The Background Wings Hospital is one of the well felicitated Hospitals of India with state of art techniques and modern equipments for infertility treatment IVF Endoscopy Surrogacy Fetal Medicine Gynecology Wellness. The Hospital witnesses numerous patients through medical tourism for treatment coming from across the world every year and has a large customer base. The Requirement A need for a common platform as an information centre had given birth to the website The website was to be highly focused in terms of design and content and their placements. The complete website is organized for an easy access of information with proper imagery to support the details. Technology Programming Languages: HTML and PHP for CMS Database: My SQL

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Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Graphics Information Design 07 Description • The website is responsive. • Content management system is developed on PHP. • Online training registration – Users can request for a training program online. On availability they can then plan for the training activities. • Online appointments – Doctor Appointments can be requested online thereby reducing the communication and waiting time. • The site is operated through the extensive CMS for both the content pages and the operations. • The Appointments and other contacts from the website can be monitored from the CMS. • The website is integrated to our EHR for maintaining the patient medical records through our product H-Connect Electronic Health record management system.

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Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Graphics Information Design 08 Environment: PHP - CMS Project Name: CITY PULSE The Background City Pulse is a cultural complex whose claim to fame is more than just being the very first to usher in the concept of Multiplexes in the country and revolutionize the premise of Cinema viewing. The Requirement Programming languages: HTML .NET for CMS and other operations of City pulse. Description The entertainment hub City Pulse website is a site of class targeting class audience and entertainment and fun lovers. The extensive amenities of City Pulse multiplex is well exhibited in the website that gives an upliftment to the Brand City Pulse.

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Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Graphics Information Design 09 • The site is sectioned into various activities upheld at City Pulse and is put forth to public for a great experience. • Campus and events Activity updates – The event and activity updates are dynamically handled from CMS and sent to the City Pulse Cinema goers. • Dynamic Movie scheduling – Movie scheduling is handled for all the multiplexes in one single screen. The user ease is one of the main features in the complex scheduling panel. • Ticketing- City Pulse is integrated with a ticketing system developed on .Net where the Cinema lovers can book their ticket online. • The site is responsive.

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Graphics Information Design 10 Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Environment: HTML Project Name: WORLDVUER The Background WorldVuer is a market leader in delivering Video Interactive Portal solutions situated at Ghana South Africa. WorldVuer is the new standard for building Video Interactive Portals that delivers to any organization or professional a more engaging online experience for their clients consumers and employees. WorldVuers purpose is to assist an individual or company enrich and solidify their consumers and/or employees loyalty to their products services and brands. Internet driven business has become increasingly more dynamic complex and fast paced. We developed our WorldVuer Optimized Networking WON™ platform so as to deliver to professionals and their consumers a MiDestination and MiOffice product suite that is easy to deploy and manage. Technology Programming language- HTML

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Graphics Information Design 11 Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Description • The Worldvuer group website is a corporate site to demonstrate the products of the company namely Midestination MiOffice Vuercast Vuename Seenmail and Vuetalker. • This is a common access gateway to all the products of the company. • The smooth soothing design and color makes this site more appealing and professional. • The website is an informative website that targets product sales.

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Graphics Information Design 12 Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Environment: ADOBE FLEX Project Name: 3rd EYE VOICE The Background 3rd Eye voice is an effort to support a Green Building movement and create an IT infrastructure facility which fulfills the world standards and emerges as one of the best self sustainable and functional IT/ITEZ SEZ Green building and infrastructure. The design rich and feature rich website brings enhances the beauty in the architecture developed by 3rd eye Voice. The site speaks in itself and leaves an impression in the minds of the surfers. Description The highly ambitious design portrays the future-smart projects that are being developed by the company. The feather touch effect brings a light feel to the site. • High end design • Animated site with real time load syncing • Fully animated Virtual tour • Full screen mode site • CMS Technology Programming Language: Adobe Flex

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Graphics Information Design 13 Graphics Information Design - Portfolio Environment: WordPress Project Name: ZEITGEIST The Background Zeitgeist is a hybrid between a marketing communications agency and a translation agency situated in UK. With a strong background in IT marketing a highly efficient project managers and our network of experienced translators/copywriters they have made it a mission to help their clients go to market with strong accurate and insightful communications across the globe. Description The ever felt necessity of an adaptive approach to make technology specifications copy relevant to the local audience and an understanding of the technology itself incubated the existence of this company. The trans-creation process in multiple linguas and the Branding process were the two different requirements to be portrayed in to the site. The site needed to be simple informative attractive and professional. • The site is responsive. • Multi lingual site controlled by admin.

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