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KCS is .NET Web Application Development Company in India. We have Developed Online Custom ASP.NET Development Solutions and Microsoft Certified Developers Professional for ASP.NET Web Services.


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CONFIDENTIALITY © Krish Compusoft Services Pvt. Ltd. KCS 2016. All rights reserved. This document and the intellectual property contained herein is the property of KCS and should not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means or forwarded to any third party without prior written consent from KCS authorities. All the brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and are recognised by the concerned authorities. 801 Pelican House GCCI Compound Ashram Road Ahmedabad 380 009. Gujarat India. Tele-Fax: +91-79-2657 9333 E-mail: infokcsitglobal.com Website: www.kcsitglobal.com Contact Information Please feel free to Contact for information about this document. .NET Development

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INDEX  Introduction o About KCS ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ………….. 03  .NET Development - Portfolio o IMS: Incident Management System .…………………………………………………………………………………………… 04 o OMS- Operations Management System Training .…………………………………………………………………….. 06 o EDMS - Electronic Document Management System ..………..……………………………………………………….. 08 o Enterprise Ticketing and Transit Management …………………………………………………………………………… 09 .NET Development

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ABOUT US KCS - .NET Development Centre KCS is an IS0 9001:2008 certified company. It has software development capability with technical skills in Web Application development in Microsoft development SharePoint Development PHP Development Flex Application Development Adobe Air Development Java Development and Silverlight Development. The Background o Established in 2001 KCS has a strong proven track record of working on complex software/web and mobile applications o A strong professional team which includes architects project managers software engineers Mobile Microsoft Open Source QA engineers business analysts and technical support staff o Excellent track record working on long term enterprise business applications and software products o Specialization in enterprise mobility and product development software and web development web portal development e-commerce database driven websites desktop business applications etc. At KCS We deliver actions to your imagination. - KCS Team “ “ 03 .NET Development

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04 .NET Development - Portfolio Environment: SharePoint Project Name: IMS - Incident Management System The Background A South African Based subsidiary of a mega company and a leading global supplier of occupational risk management services and products took a strategic management decision to provide access to its client a tried and tested electronic platform for risk management. Since its inception the group had rapidly established itself as a company that offers significant value addition through its products and services. The Requirement The company was committed to supply each of its distinctive clients with the right tools to get more done with less stress. It was a daunting fact that individuals within the occupational health and safety industry had to face dangers every day and that is where the promise to go beyond compliance mattered. Technology Environment: Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 Microsoft ASP. Net 4.0 AJAX Microsoft SQL Server 2008 MySQL 5.0 Oracle 11g IIS 7.0 .NET Development

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05 The Background Incident Management System had an objective to improve all health safety environmental quality liability and security challenges by assisting you to commence and check events like incident trends or health checks thus avoiding possible violations of regulations giving the employee the risk manager and the employer peace of mind. • Spontaneous user interface with on-screen help • Incident investigation module • Equipment inspection register • Reporting tool • Interactive dashboards • Rearrangeable dashboard • Gauge Dashboard • Ability to generate numerous reports • Gantt Charts • Drill down reports • Graphically represented reports and customizable search options in the report. • Custom report generator with a desired SQL query and with desired naming convention. .NET Development .NET Development - Portfolio FEATURES • Multiple Languages -Spanish English French German Portuguese Mandarin Chinese. Complete transformation in to the selected language including the data. • Multiple UI fundamental as per convenience. • Custom theme option. • Customizable email and sms template. • Bonded with a License management system.

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06 Environment: SharePoint Project Name: OMS - OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Training The Background A leading global supplier of occupational risk management services and solutions had 3 main functions within its organization i.e. Training Auditing and Consulting for industrial and commercial sector of South Africa. The Description KCS developed SharePoint application for their key functions. The Training Operations Module consists of: Assets Venues booking Resource booking Resource Scheduler Student Booking Receipts Marking Feedback Certificate Issue Training Service Requests New Update Cancel User wise filtration of Data Schedule Calendars. .NET Development .NET Development - Portfolio

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07 • Various Business Intelligence charts KPI PPI Open walls of Training Management Notifications through workflows. • The Auditing Operations Module consists of: Scheduler Resource booking Receipts Feedback Certificate Issue User wise filtration of Data Schedule Calendars Creations of various Business Intelligence charts like KPI PPI Auditing Management Notifications through workflows. • The Consulting Operation Module: This module was mainly designed for managing of the consultants which includes functions such as Scheduling Resource booking Receipt etc... • The Intranet Module: This Module is designed for all the NOSA employees like Trainers consultants Moderators and other company personnel’s. • This functionality consist of Daily enquiry ST claims CRM Report generation. • The Inventory Module: Training material requirements were managed by various regional co-ordinators by this functionality Inquiry Order Invoice Material Issue Report Generation. .NET Development .NET Development - Portfolio

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08 Environment: Microsoft.net Project Name: EDMS - ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The Background The company was a leading provider in strategic business consulting assurance risk and project management and training targeted to projects in the engineering investment and entertainment industries IT solutions. Description The Company initiated a product development for Web based E-governance Solution which had a very complex architecture dealing with the document management of the municipalities of SA. It required management of documents involving municipality operations which involved the public documents as well as internal records. .NET Development .NET Development - Portfolio

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09 .NET Development .NET Development - Portfolio Environment: Microsoft .NET and Android Tablet-Phone iPhone Project Name: Enterprise Ticketing and Transit Management The Background The logistics service provider was the largest and the fastest growing company in the field of road transportation in India. The company had newly ventured in Passenger Luxury bus segment. Description The purpose of the system was to build a best in class Enterprise Ticketing and Transit Management for the commuter on various technology platforms as below:. • Head Office Web Application • Customer Web Portal • Android and IOS Mobile Apps • I-Pad and Android Tablet Application

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10 Technology Asp.net c 2010 and MVC 4 Architecture along with WCF services. The database technology used is MSSQL Server 2008 and SSRS reporting tool has been used for reporting purposes. Description The Web application comprises of 6 main modules namely Transit Management Ticketing Management Branch Operations Agent Module Call center module and Reporting. .NET Development .NET Development - Portfolio STAKE HOLDERS Head Office – They are responsible to configure the masters and the operational schedules. The system is monitored by the head office. Branch Office – They are responsible for the operations related to their branch with respect to the daily inflow and outflow of the fleet and the passengers of their trips. Call Centre – They are responsible to guide customers with their queries related to various services of SVLL Connect. Customers – They are the passengers who wish to board the SVLL Connect buses.

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11 TRANSIT AND TICKET MANAGEMENT • Account Management - The Accounts section maintains the monetary transactions between the head office to Branch offices and Branch Offices to its employees and other expenses. This is integrated with Tally to give end to end accounts structure. • Route management - This is to create routes of various origin destination and intermediate stations. This is one time creation which is used to make multiple schedules for months together. • Fleet and Fleet maintenance - This is to add the vehicles with their important data like their documents and important dates such as Insurance expiry date Permit validity dates etc. and to add the maintenance of each of the fleets when done. The maintenance is monitored for their next service job dates and reminders are popped up when such condition arises. • GPS Integration - The Fleet of Busses are under the surveillance and the real time position of each of the fleet is provided through the GPS in the system. It also enables to view the data on the basis of Geo fencing. .NET Development .NET Development - Portfolio Agents - They are the intermediates between SVLL Connect and Customers. They generate tickets for the customers on behalf of SVLL Connect and in turn earn commissions. • Bulk Scheduling of Transits - Schedules for particular time of a day can be made for months together with ease and within no time. Bulk schedules are made for the desired days together. • Search Trips - A user can search a trip with its origin destination and dates and can initiate a booking for predefined set of passengers .Can select seat of passenger’s preference and add the names and age of each of the passengers with a common email address and phone number to a booking. On confirmation of payment boarding passes are printed and provided to each one of the passengers with respect to the booking. • Trip Bookings and Charter - The bookings thus confirmed are listed and their statuses can be seen clearly on the list. • Passenger Check-in - A Passenger is ready to board when their journey date and time meets . The passengers can be checked in through the check in section of the application.

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12 • Reschedule Bookings - A booking can be rescheduled before its departure date and time by cancelling first and rescheduling the same. • Cancel Bookings - A booking can be cancelled before its departure date and time. One passenger from a group of passengers in a booking can also be cancelled. • Branch Operations - Day to Day Branch operations can be done like: o Inwarding a fleet into a branch. o Adding Technical bus checks result for faults if any. o Adding expenses incurred by the branch with respect to a transit like Driver expenses fuel expenses etc. o Adding Food and Beverages sales as against the allotment and request by the passengers. o Outwarding a fleet from a branch. • API Integration on the Customer-Ticketing Portal • API Integrations to Online Agents • Call center Operations and EPABX Integration .NET Development .NET Development - Portfolio

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13 Environment: Adobe Air Adobe Flex Project Name: CARIE SCAN The Background CarieScan limited is an organization with great expertise in creating advanced devices for Dental fields. Their product CarieScan PRO device has been a breakthrough in the dental field. The CarieScan PRO™ offers the earliest possible detection of caries by measuring the extent of tooth decay and identifies lesions at their earliest stage before progressing into dentine. This unique device provides accurate and repeatable data to monitor caries over time enabling timely preventive treatment and supports evidence based care plans. The Requirement The Web based application was the requirement to complement the end to end functionality of the device store the patient data and represent the patient data and their teeth measurement in presentable formats. One of the major necessities to make the application was to access the application in co-ordination with the device wirelessly via blue tooth. .NET Development - Portfolio

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Technology Asp.net c 2010 and MVC 4 Architecture along with WCF services. The database technology used is MSSQL Server 2008 and SSRS reporting tool has been used for reporting purposes. Description The Web application comprises of 6 main modules namely Transit Management Ticketing Management Branch Operations Agent Module Call center module and Reporting. .NET Development - Portfolio 14 Technology The application was developed on Adobe Air and MSSQL Server as a desktop/multi user server application. Description The overall functionalities of the web based apps include: • Application that can run on Windows XP 7 Vista and Macintosh • Wirelessly acquire data from the PRO and store in custom database • Run in single or multi user server environments • End to end functionality of the device using Bluetooth integration wireless two way communications. This integration conducts real time tests to check the availability of the device. It also covers all the other tests like Version test Internal test Sensor test External test • Report the status of its availability and maintain the same through the application software. • Select any language to be displayed into the device. Multiple language integration for four languages namely English French Spanish and German • Set prompt of the device Check battery status of the device. • Receive measurement readings from the device to the application. • Integrating the software to PMS database from where the patient data with their unique ID were to be accessed and retrieved.

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15 • Providing add/edit/export facility for the patient’s data and the measurement readings of their teeth in various formats. • Data Synchronization within intervals Quick record keeping and Data import / export. • Graphic user interface and comprehensive graphical views for the dental nomenclatures namely for FDI and Universal. • Comprehensive assessment module to capture the measurement readings from the device and store them. • Extensive reporting of the data in various predefined formats Generate reports as PDF files. • Voice over feedback Integration. • Extensive help files in all the four languages. • Providing export facility of the Remote View database. • Auto Backup facility of the database on a daily basis. • Maintaining and sending error logs within fixed intervals to CarieScan team for evaluation purposes. • Security of the application by having defined set of database security policies and user access Controls User management and guarding the application against the prevailing malpractices like hacking phishing etc. • Finally Regular web updates an update functionality that can manage all the version updates for every single web user .NET Development - Portfolio

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16 .NET Development - Portfolio Environment: PHP Project Name: H-CONNECT –ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD MANAGEMENT The Background A leader in medical health record management and diagnostics solutions for Corporates Hospitals and Individuals Aarav Medicare Private Limited manages a vast and expanding volume of medical health record into electronic data with high usage value for physicians patient and corporate. The company not only manages the health records of the patient but also does the medical examinations of the patients and preserves the related documents such as radiology X- rays prescriptions etc. The Requirement Because of the complex and detailed nature of managing health records Aarav Medicare had stringent requirements for Health record management and document storage. The company wanted to enhance its existing manual health record system for the patients into a new solution with robust features that can encompass the entire requirement of the business.

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17 .NET Development - Portfolio The company wanted a completely dynamic solution keeping in mind the changing nature of the business like Health regulations such as HIPPA standards HL7 Government reports and variations in the medical field with new researches changing the face of the way medical examinations are conducted affecting current style of examination. The Technology Krish Compusoft Services Private Limited accepted the challenge and built a web based solution that enveloped all the requirements in an organized way on .Net framework 3.5 MSSQL 2008 Server providing comprehensive features. The solution is designed to comply with strict HIPPA Regulations and HL 7 of U.S. and the Medical standards and government regulations of India.

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18 .NET Development - Portfolio Description • The overall functionalities of the web based apps include. • Implement a consistent document storage structure. • Intelligent data collation migration from multiple data sources to maintain one comprehensive medical record. • Easily manage access preserve update health records along with personal information and other medical data of the patients and employees. • Functionality to create update delete view the records based upon the user rights defined for various types of user. • Provide separate access to the patients doctors hospitals and labs in a way which would help monitor the health progress comprehensively. • Make Document access available only to the concerned under controlled conditions as per security concerns authorizations medical regulations. • Customized electronic format of captured medical data for examinations and conclusions. • Automatically generate report summaries of the reports and documents in various formats such as PDF Doc etc.

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19 .NET Development - Portfolio Environment: .Net Project Name: E-CUBE The Background Club Business is a client based retail business. Large amount of clientele is to be handled much efficiently and their needs are to be attended in every aspect. The industry is luxury based rather need based. High level of satisfaction and trust builds the foundation of this business. The work is extravagantly dispersed into various main domains such as Room Lodging Restaurant Services Sports Club and Event Management. Efficient and smart workforce is a vital prerequisite to handle the enormous business efficiently. The Requirement Investment is Inevitable – but needs to be smartly planned. Reduce the money and overall time poured on managing the daily transactions of the business. Pull down the unproductive and unjustified time taken to keep track of the daily footfall and in turn the overall business of the club flawlessly. Keep track of pilferages and malpractices in inventories and others. Calculate and manage the expenses aptly on time.

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20 .NET Development - Portfolio The Technology e-Cube the web based app has been developed on Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 Microsoft SQL server 2005 Deployment Scale Web Platform. Smartly reduce spending to have the same impact on bottom-line profits. Increase optimum utilization of the resources available. Simplify the whole procedure into understandable and manageable chunks. Description The overall functionalities of e-Cube the web based apps include. Membership Management Create new memberships with every minute detail like fees credit limit duration and various concessions on the membership plans. Member Management Create and Assign member codes and card numbers for members and their relatives as well with all possible details. Specific I-card generation with access control over various entry points of the club..

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21 .NET Development - Portfolio Accounts Management Invoicing of the outstanding amount and payment of the same is handled with great care that gives better transparency of the transactions. Extra charges and festive season offers are also been handled in the system. Customer Relationship Management The Module perfectly gets along with the application for Communicating in any of their events such as birthdays or anniversaries or any other event of the club via emails and SMS. Point of Sale Application This separate application within the suite of clubbing software tactfully administers the point of sale operations such as entry and exit check card validity membership validity credit limit validity ticketing for various services of the club viz. pools game zones etc. with administered application access rights to various parts of the club. Member Management Configuration Module manages the predefined areas of the application making the system intelligent and fast in computing data. MIS Reports Reporting for Operational Analytical Requirements of the club. The reports are analyzed meticulously to cover the business aspects of the club and to give a complete understanding of the club transactions day in and day out.

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22 .NET Development - Portfolio Environment: .Net Project Name: BIDTECH The Background The customer is a producer of cements and has the world’s largest single-stream Cement plant. Production Capacity of the customer is about 2.6 MTPA. The customer is the largest exporter of bagged cement with more than 70 market share and they have a share of 24 of country’s cement clinker export. The company also had over 2000 retailers and dealers across the country that allows for their produce to reach the end customers easily. Their capacity to handle and ship is about 7150 tones per day. Customer understands the power of technology and adopts them rigorously towards improving production efficiency operational efficiency customer service and satisfaction. The Requirement The customer was finding it difficult to accurately pinpoint and manage the costs related to their procurement.

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.NET Development - Portfolio 23 The Description The overall functionalities of the web based apps include: • Vendor registration and approval • Generation of purchase requisition: generation of RFQs • Automated intimation to vendor through SMS and E-mail • Submission of online re-bidding by vendors • Automated bib analysis and categorization • Bidding or re-bidding by vendors • Decision support system for allocation of bids Though they understood that there is savings to be achieved they just couldn’t find a way to get this done because of tedious back office processes and dependence on work force which was liable to commit mistakes and reduce savings. Their needs can be summarized as: Eliminate limitations in traditional procurement systems. Reduce costs reduce process times and cycle times make the process transparent improve visibility to supplier expertise automated process for procuring both raw materials and services. The Success Within weeks of BidTech implementation the customer achieved 15 reduction in their 350 crore transportation procurement budget which gave them an ROI of huge proportion. Additionally considering the amount of procurement done by the customer there are at least 10-15 open procurement process in BidTech that are being worked on. Essentially this provided for cost savings almost on a daily basis to our customer.

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