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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COTTON AND POLYESTER SWEATPANTS Sweatpants are comfy. Sweatpants are cool. Sweatpants are all you need to keep up that carefully inculcated air of effortlessness about you. But seldom do shoppers look past the styling and design aspects of sweatpants to consider the fabric they are made of – an unwise move altogether because this one choice can make or break your dreams of comfort from these pants. The most common options that you can find in the market are cotton and polyester sweatpants each one having its own specific list of advantages and disadvantages. So what exactly is the difference between both these options and which one will be the perfect fit for your needs Let’s find out: Cotton Sweatpants  The fabric is soft and breathable wicking moisture away from your skin and keeping your body temperature stable. Cotton being an all-natural fabric will be perfect for keeping you comfortable even during heavy duty activity time.  The fibers are less abrasive than polyester especially when you opt for a smaller weave. It wouldn’t let the skin on your inner thighs to chaff either as you wear cotton sweatpants while out for a run.  For those who have sensitive skin cotton is the number one choice of fabric. It is practically organic involving a minimum use of chemicals in the production process.  Cotton sweatpants however will not be as durable as polyester and will lose their strength and resilience over time. Polyester Sweatpants  Sweatpants made from this fabric will last you an eternity. Polyester is very resilient and can hold up to wear and tear quite effectively.  In comparison to cotton polyester will dry off quickly but doesn’t absorb moisture all that well. It won’t be all that suitable if you plan to wear it while running or working out.  Polyester doesn’t wrinkle like cotton. You can trust this fabric to make yourself look presentable even in a pair of sweats.  Polyester sweatpants might get a tad bit uncomfortable on a hot day. The fabric doesn’t let your skin breathe as well as cotton does. In conclusion cotton sweatpants are clearly the better choice for you if your plans involve having them on all-through-the-day or maybe during a workout session when your body will be sweating more than usual. They are also the preferred choice for people with sensitive skin despite the fact that they fade easily and will not last as long as a polyester pair. If comfort is your priority cotton should be your fabric of choice.

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