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"Impacts of Turkey's Integration with the Southeast Europe Energy Market and the Wide European Energy Market” Dr. Willy Kotiuga, Director, Power Systems Consulting SNC-Lavalin International Inc. Toronto 23 October 2006


$20 million technical assistance project funded by the Canadian International Aid Agency (CIDA) – Canadian contribution to the Stability Pact: Started in June 2001 – until mid 2007; Involved in Romania, Bulgaria, all ex Yugoslavia Republics, Albania and Moldova; Always try to take a regional approach; Greece and Turkey invited to regional meetings. SEETEC Project


European Energy: Market Forces and Political Incentives

European Energy: Market Forces and Political Incentives: 

European Energy: Market Forces and Political Incentives

Principles of European Energy Market Liberalization: 

European Directives Unbundling of competitive (production/supply) versus monopolistic activities (networks): Accounting, Managerial, Legal Third Party Access for all participants: Independent authority for regulation Competition on generation and supply Market opening: 2004 for industry and commercial 2007 for all Concept of regional markets Principles of European Energy Market Liberalization

Recent Southeast Europe Development: 

Recent Southeast Europe Development Treaty signed between all SEE countries and the European Commission in summer 2005 –now in force Creation of an Energy community: Secretariat in Vienna; Bulgarian/Romania to join European Union in January 2007; Turkey was a participant in the Treaty negotiation but has not signed yet; Turkey is moving at the same speed in terms of market reforms: creation of TSOs, unbundling of production, etc.

Interconnected power system are doors for trading: 

Interconnected power system are doors for trading

Interconnected SEE systems: 

Interconnected SEE systems

UCTE feasibility study: 

UCTE feasibility study Turkey is physically connected to Europe transmission grid but does not operate in synchronous mode; This means, more complicated to export-import Turkey used to import from Bulgaria; With market reforms –currently no transactions BUT –will change in the future

Interconnected Power Systems: 

Interconnected Power Systems

SEE and Turkey: 

SEE and Turkey

Turkey and European Energy markets: post 2008: 

Turkey and European Energy markets: post 2008 When Turkey will be synchronized, possibilities for large import-export between Turkey and European companies; Less political interference-market based principles; Turkish companies will import when prices are cheaper in Europe; exports when prices are higher: hourly and seasonal variations Turkish construction companies (e.g. Sabanci) have moved into the energy sector and should become large participants; Possibilities to invest in Turkey: need for $USD billion in new power generation investments (e.g..Sabanci to invest $USD 3 bn in new generation)

Current Turkish energy hot topic: privatization of discos: 

Current Turkish energy hot topic: privatization of discos 20 new distribution companies have been established from within the body of TEDAS (the Turkish Electricity Distribution Company owned by the state) in 2004; The Privatization Administration has started the privatization process with the simultaneous tender of 3 companies: Baskent Elektrik Dagitim A.S. Istanbul Anadolu Yakasi Elektrik Dagitim A.S. (“AYEDAS” Region 14) Sakarya Elektrik Dagitim A.S. (”SEDAS” Region 15)  Gencos to be also privatised later after restructuring (except large hydros)

Since 2001: Improved FDI climate and increased investments: 

Since 2001: Improved FDI climate and increased investments December 2001: Decree on Improving the Investment Environment in Turkey –creation of the Coordination Council for the Improvement of the Investment Environment (CCIIE)” with the mandate to identify and remove regulatory and administrative barriers to private investment; Has helped bring FDI; With privatisation of strategic assets like electricity distribution networks – bring Turkey even closer to European energy markets Discos privatisation should bring $USD 10-15 bn

….and a few words on gas: 

….and a few words on gas Istanbul is the site of the SEE Gas Forum for creation of a SEE regional gas market; Turkey has strategic position for gas transit: many projects- Blue Stream (gas from Russia), Nabucco (to bring Caspian gas to Europe), pipeline to Greece, etc ; Europe needs to diversify its sources of gas Potential for transit through Turkey but also for re-sales and re-exports of gas already contracted to the Turkish market in sale and purchase agreements (possibility to get a gas supplier and export license from EMRA-the regulator) since Turkey has over-contracted in the early 2000’s . Need for gas storage construction

For more information: 

For more information Power System’s Consulting Group +1 514 393-1000 SNC-Lavalin International +1 514 393-1000

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