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In this review, you're able to trim MP3 on Mac using 4 different solutions, which are Joyoshare Media Cutter, QuickTime, GarageBand and Audacity. Source page:


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How to Trim MP3 on Mac - 4 Tips In fact for me there are always times when I need to trim MP3 on Mac. However due to the lack of experience in editing multimedia files I spent a lot of time looking for solutions that I think are more appropriate. If you need to cut your audio files like me you might as well take a look at these four ways I brought you here.  Method 1. Trim MP3 Using Joyoshare Mac Audio Cutter  Method 2. Cut an MP3 File with Built-in QuickTime Player  Method 3. Trim MP3 on Mac with Bundled GarageBand  Method 4. Cut MP3 in Audacity for Free Part 1. How to Trim MP3 on Mac - Joyoshare Mac Audio Cutter If you want to trim your MP3 music files on Mac in high quality here I highly recommend you Joyoshare audio cutter Mac. It is a smart and professional audio video cutter and editor that enables you to trim any MP3 and other media file with almost 100 original quality preserved at a lightning-fast speed. You can cut the MP3 file in the millisecond precision level. Besides the real-time preview is available so you can pre-hear the audio file every time you made a change. Besides MP3 format the program also supports various other audio formats including WAV OGG AAC AC3 FLAC AIFF M4R AU MKA WMA APE M4A etc. You can also output the trimmed audio file into other popular mobile devices like iPhone iPod touch Samsung Galaxy Windows Phone Android Generic Blackberry etc. Moreover Joyoshare MP3 Trimmer also offers you options to edit the file as you like such as apply special sound effects to your song add new background music to your recordings etc. Key Features of Joyoshare Mac Audio Cutter: Trim MP3 on Mac without quality loss Cut and convert MP3 at 60X faster speed Export polished MP3 file in various formats and devices Pre-hear the MP3 file during the whole process Step 1 Add an MP3 file to Joyoshare Mac Media Cutter

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Go to the download page of Joyoshare and Choose Media Cutter to download and install the app on your Mac. It will take you a few minutes to complete the installation and then launch Joyoshare Media Cutter. Click the "Open" button to import the MP3 file you want to trim or simply drag the target file and drop it to Joyoshare. Step 2 Set the cutting segments Drag the handles to determine the starting point and end point or manually enter the specific starting time and end time. Youre also allowed to trim MP3 on Mac in the edit window by clicking the edit icon next to the file and do the same operation. You need to hit the Scissors icon to finish cutting the file. Then press the "OK" button to close the window.

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Note: If you want to add more clips from the same source then cut and merge them together you can click the "+" button and then tick the "Merge Segments" box to combine the audio clips losslessly. Step 3 Select the output mode

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Then click the "Format" button and there are two output modes that you can choose. Here we highly recommend you to select the "High-speed mode" to trim and convert your MP3 file in a fast speed if you only do the basic trimming. Otherwise you should choose the "Encoding mode" to customize your audio file quality bit rate codec etc. Then press the "OK" button to shut down the window. Step 4 Start to trim MP3 on Mac After all the settings are done now its time to click the "Start" button to trim an MP3 on your Mac. Wait a few seconds and then get your trimmed MP3 file from the destination folder of your computer. Part 2. How to Trim an MP3 File - QuickTime Player If you download want to download and install any software in your Mac you can probably go to Apples QuickTime Player for help which every Mac users have. QuickTime Player can also works well as an MP3 trimmer and cutting an MP3 with this Mac MP3 trimmer can also be pretty easily: 1. Import MP3 music file. Launch QuickTime Player and then go for "File" "Open File" or just drag the MP3 file youd like to trim to the program 2. Trim MP3 file. Go to the "Edit" "Trim" and then move the yellow sliders to decide the length you desire. Press the playing button to confirm whether its the right clip you want. If youre happy with it click the yellow "Trim" button on the top right corner 3. Save the file. Go to "File" "Save As/ Export" to save the audio file in M4R format or others as you like. Part 3. How to Cut an MP3 File in GarageBand

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Another bundled software in your Mac that can be used to trim MP3 file is GarageBand. Actually it is a useful music creation studio and it can be a nice choice when choosing an MP3 trimmer for Mac. Now follow the quick steps below to see how to trim MP3 on Mac in GarageBand: 1. Open GarageBand on the computer. Choose an "Empty Project" panel and select an MP3 file from iTunes library to be trimmed 2. Move your mouse to the right position you like. When the cursor becomes a line with arrows simply click hold and drag it to trim the MP3 file 3. Click the playing button to listen to the trimmed clip if youre satisfied with it press the "Share" "Export Song to Disk" to save the file in MP3 AAC AIFF etc. Part 4. How to Trim MP3 on Mac with Audacity Of course you can also trim an MP3 file on Mac with the free open-source audio editing tool - Audacity. Just get the free download of the program from the Internet and you can easily trim MP3 in Audacity as below: 1. Run Audacity and go to the "File" "Open" to import the desired MP3 file. Click the "Selection Tool" icon to make it active 2. Move your mouse to get a specific area you desire. You can press the "View" "Enlarge" to confirm whether it is just what you need 3. Now click the "Cut" button to trim MP3 in Audacity. Remember to press the "Stop" button to stop playing before cutting the file since youre unable to edit it when it is playing.

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