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Planning to visit france or wants to study in abroad like france So Visit us and get your online France appointment for student visa to france Apply today


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Visas France | France Visa for Students 1 Tourist Visa Requirements for students Tourist Visa Requirements I. Original and Valid Passport of Visa applicant  - Valid passport issued in less than 10 years ago from the date of application  - Valid for at least 3 months beyond the intended date of departure from France  - Contains at least 2 blank “Visa” pages  - Any old passports along with the copies of previous Schengen Visas should be presented II. Passport Size Photographs 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm  - Coloured passport size photographs of the applicant taken on white plain background  - Should be glued to the France Visa Application Form  - It should show all the facial characteristics of the applicant  - It should not be older than 3 months from the date of application III. Schengen Visa Application Form

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Visas France | France Visa for Students 2  - Schengen Visa Application Form contains total 37 columns which should be filled with care  - Last column which is for the declaration should be filled by the applicant himself or the guardian along with the signatures IV. British Residence Permit  - The British Residence Permit should be presented  - It can be either stamped in the passport or in the form of biometric card  - It should be presented in original as well as a copy  - The validity of the British Residence Permit should exceed the validity of the requested Visa by 3 months V. Travel Itinerary  - Should cover the entire period of stay in Schengen countries including France  - It should state the dates of travel and places of stay in France VI. Documents of Education  - Original letter from the school college or university in UK Applicant should provide less than 3 months up-to-date letter from the school college or university in UK stating the type of studies or course undertaken him/her details of the course attendance record and holiday dates as well. VII. Travel Insurance  - The Travel insurance should be valid for: o - countries in the Schengen Zone o - DROM/CTOM as per applicant’s itinerary  - The minimum Insurance cover should be of EUR 30000 It should cover the medical fees and repatriation costs  - The travel insurance should cover the entire period of stay in the Schengen ZoneIf the purpose of travel is winter sports medical insurance should be valid for those activities as well VIII. Travel Documents  - The applicant should provide for confirmed return tickets to France if he/she travelling by flight ferry train or bus or  The booking should be fully paid from the travel agent of the application

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