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Just Engineering provide industrial Automation training like PLC ,SCADA, HMI etc. Our course designed to give an extensive knowledge of Industrial Automation with an Internship program attached. More information visit us : or Call us : Pune Branch +91 7756911229 / +91 7028203078 Pimpri Branch +91 9822907307 / +91 9822907407


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PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller ) Industrial Automation and Control

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)) :

PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller) ) PLC stands of (Programmable Logic Controller) PLC is digital Programs use to be industrial computer that monitor Input, makes decisions and output to controls automate process Machine. These loaded programs are stored in non – volatile memory of the PLC. During the transition of relay control panels to PLC, the hard wired relay logic was exchanged for the program fed by the user. the term logic is used because programming is primarily con corned with implementing : 1) logic and 2) switching operations

PLC Hardware:

PLC Hardware Processer Unit or Central Processing Unit Power Supply Unit Programming Device Memory Unit Input Output Sections Communication Interface

PLC Systems ::

PLC Systems :


Advantages   PLCs can be programmed easily which can be understood clearly well. Very fast Easy maintenance due to modular assembly The controller has the input and output for interfacing. Easy to change logic They are user friendly and easy to operate Counter, timer and comparator can be programmed PLCs are easily programmed and have an easily understood programming language.   .

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Contact Us : Pune Address : Smrutigandh Complex, Behind Hotel Shivsagar , JM Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune - 411 004 Maharashtra , India Contact Details : Contact : +91 7276030903/+91 7756911229  Pimpri Address : ' Aspiro ' Complex, 302,  Opp. Thyssenkrupp Main Entrance Gate,  Pimpri Railway Station Road,  Pimpri Chowk , Pimpri , Pune Maharashtra 411018.  Contact Details : Phone Number :+91 9822907307 /+91 9822907407

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