2020 Saint Figurines Collection vol.05


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Monthly Catalog Download! -Focus on Saint Figurines -Size from 3inch to 48inch -Material- Polyresin


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Quanzhou Youngly Craft Co. Ltd In this catalog you will see our latest designs and signiture products.If you are interested in them please feel free to contact our sales department via ruthyounglugifts.com. Our factory Youngly Crafts is located in Fujian Quanzhou has more than 20 years experience in the Polyresin Industry specialized in manufacturing religious figurines nativity sets and X’mas products.We have more than 10000 samples displayed in our 800 sqm showroom attracts many buyers and agents to visit us every year. Our vision is to be your professional partner. Our mission is to create heart touching statues. To achieve this we have built an experienced.Design Development team a professional Production Team and an enthusiastic Sales Team. We have exported our all over the world. To ensure our client satisfaction we are guaranteeing a stable and timely supply quality goods service. Based on the feedbacks from our valuable clients including Wal-mart Target K-mart etc. our statues are widely popular in their markets. . Youngly’s Products are sold to ... Please visit our webpage to know more about us via: www.junyangtrade.com

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content 1 Saint Figurines 2 • Polyresin Nativity Set • Fabric Nativity Set • Functional Nativity Display Nativity Sets 3 Packing Labeling YLA3015A2-12

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YLI006A-71 Saint Figurines Avaiable in all size price upon requestMore design can visit our website: www.junyangtrade.com or contact our sales via salesyounglygifts.com YLC024A-604a S2 YLC024A-604b S2

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YLI006G-56 9.04.516.5CM YLP010G-24 10” YLC005G-57 YLI006G-67 6” The Sacred Heart of Jesus uCatholic - June 28 2019 Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus goes back at least to the 11th century but through the 16th century it remained a private devotion often tied to devotion to the Five Wounds of Christ. The first feast of the Sacred Heart was celebrated on August 31 1670 in Rennes France through the efforts of Fr. Jean Eudes 1602- 1680. From Rennes the devotion spread but it took the visions of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque 1647-1690 for the devotion to become universal. YLI022A-189 YLI012MA-7

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YLI008A-128 YLI036G-8 YLI012A-104 YLI008A-129 YLI012A-106 YLI013A-196 YLI012A-92 YLI012A-108 YLI012A-124 YLI012A-127 YLI024G-195X YLC025G-18

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YLI008A-164 YLI012A-169 YLI012A-182 YLI036A-190 YLI012A-89 YLC012G-246 YLC004A-758 YLC012A-723 YLC012A-721 YLC012A-727D YLI012A1-83

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YLI008A-38 YLI015G-204 on wall 40248CM 6238.512CM YLI022G-45 YLI005G-193 YLI008A-185 The Most Holy Trinity uCatholic - June 16 2019 Trinity Sunday or formally The Solemnity of The Most Holy Trinity is celebrated a week after Pentecost Sunday in honor of the most fundamental of Christian beliefs —belief in the Holy Trinity.

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YLI008A-125 YLI012A-88 YLI012A-79 YLI012A-101 YLI012A1-16 YLI012A-92 YLI008A-136 YLI024A-132 YLI012A-116 YLI008A-149 YLI008A-17 YLI024A-120 YLI005G1-92T

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YLC012A-483 YLI012A-215 YLI013A-137 YLI012A-75 YLI026A-177 YLI024A-118 YLC012A-399 YLC008G-379 YLC008A-695 YLC024G-475 YLI024G-30 YLC012MA-222 YLI036A-13 YLI024A-111 YLI012A-78 YLC024G-747

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YLI008A-99 S7 8Seven Angels 0-1Set0.03 Seven Angels

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YLI016A-87 JY1335A-03 YLI008MA-99 YLI012A-213 YLI036A-3 YLI024G-74 YLI014A-184 YLC025A-14 YLI024G-5 YLC012A-487 YLI034G-294 YLI024G-1 YLI024G-113 YLI024G-114X YLI024A-57

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YLC006A2-292 YLI012A1-211 YLC008AM-470 YLI010A-72 YLI012A-84 YLI008DA-102 YLI008G-96 YL012A-280 YL024A-212 YLC012A4-285 YLI012A-163 YLC025G-221T YLI036A-188

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YLI036G-11 YLI024A-194 YLI036A-11 YLI006G-36 YLI012G-205 YLC024G-265 YLP008G-45 YLI024A-9 YLI008G2-9x YLI024G2-9

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YLP012A-99 S7 12Seven Angels 0-1Set0.069 Seven Angels

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YLP003-123D YLP003-125D YLP003B-150 YLP003B-144 E 3.5” Sanit Figurines Display EXCLUSIVE DESIGN YLP003A-127 YLP003-102D YLP003-121D YLP003B-117 YLP003G-123 YLP003G-130 YLP003G-132 YLP003D-129

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YLC003G-69 YLP012A-104 YLP012A-116 YLP012A-114 YLP012A-101 YLP012A-119 YLP012A-120 YLP012G-101 YLP012G-115 YLP012G-118 YLP012G-105 YLP012A-102 YLP012G-144

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YLP012-105D YLP012-115D YLP012-101D YLP012-102D YLP012B-105 YLP012-119D YLP012-120D YLP012B-135D YLP012B-143D. YLP012B-145D YLP012B-147D YLP012B-149D YLP012B-151D YLP012B-150D

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Christmas Nativity Sets

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YLA018A-186 11S 15cm / 20cm/ 25cm /30cm /45cm YLC208A-12 12.09.520.5CM 17.513.030.3CM YLC210A-13 17.010.519.7CM 2316.533CM 29.52245.5CM YLC188A-12 15.511.019.0CM 24.516.529.5CM

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YLA047B5-16 11S YLI202B5-16 YLA047B5-5 11S 5” 12.5CM YLH002B5-3 S11 7.5CM

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YLE005B5-5 Set12 5” 12.5CM YLE008A2-2 S11 8” 20cm YLE008B5-2 S11 8” 20cm YLE012A2-1 S11 12” 30cm YLE012B5-1 S11 12” 30cm YLE008B3-4 8” 20CM YLE012A2-3 12” 30CM

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YLA3006A6-12 S11 YLA130A6-12 S11 YLA3008A6-12 S11 YLA3012A6-12 S11 30cm

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JYM1904A-12 S11 Fabric Nativity Sets • Size 6” 8” 12” 16” 24” JYM1819A-8 S11 JYM1804G-12 11S JYM1905A-16 S11

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Christmas Functional Nativity Sets -Bring your the slient night with light and love YLG013G-18LM

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YLG2005B3-12LM 29.512.527.5CM YLD034B3-13LM YLH008G-14L 35.513.025.5CM YLG013B5-18LM 32.016.524.0CM YLD023B5-13LM 32.010.526.5CM YLD037A1-13LM 32.518.024.5CM

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YLD032A1-16L on wall YLD024B-8L YLD048B-6L YLD022B3-11 YLD041B-9 32.016.524.0CM YLK006A1-4 22Cm YLD036G-8L 21.81120CM YLD046B-14L 269.317.8CM

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3.0 Pick the skin color Base Natural Fair Glossy Pick the skin color Choose the base Polyresin Statue Base Timber Statue Base

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Packing Labeling Standard Gift Box 02 PVC Windows Box 03 White Box 01 Create Your Own Box 04

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THANK YOU Quanzhou Youngly Craft Co. Ltd www.junyangtrade.com salesyounglygifts.com

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