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Program Learning Sequence Modernizing Your Classroom: Blast Into The Future

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Laura Ingles is a middle school student in the year 1800. She sits in a hard, wooden chair day after day listening to her teacher lecture. She hates going to school and would rather stay at home with her Pa. Pa wants Laura to be a student that loves to learn. He believes so strongly that his little girl can do well in school if she is taught with the right approach, that he trades all of his pigs to a local merchant to buy a time machine. Pa’s plan is to “Blast Laura Into The Future" with this time machine. Laura ends up in your class. It is your job to provide Laura with a Modern Classroom that will help her reach her potential. Laura will return to the prairie after this trip and report to her Pa. You want Pa to send more prairie kids to your school so you need to impress Laura. This document has been created to help you achieve this goal. Good luck on this endeavor. I am sure with some hard work and dedication you can help Laura.

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By the time you complete this Program Learning Sequence, you will be able to do the following in Laura’s classes: 1.Create an effective classroom presentation using technology for your students. 2.Find technology resources available that meet the diverse needs of your students. 3.Design a homework assignment that makes use of technology. 4.Create an innovative classroom project that makes use of technology. When you accomplish these goals Laura will love school so much that she never will want to leave the future!

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HOW TO USE THE PROGRAM: Read the statement on each of the frames and then answer the questions that are at the bottom of the frame. You can check your answers on the back. Use the erasable marker provided. When you are finished, please erase your answers. Use the resources provided to help to reinforce what you have learned.

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Using technology to present lessons is an excellent way to welcome Laura Ingles into the future of education. There are several ways to effectively present lessons to students using technology. Some examples of how to do this are through the use of: PowerPoint, Web Quests, Smart Boards, Listening Centers, and Video. As in any lesson the tools are a means for quality teachers to bring out the most in their students. List three (3) ways to present lessons to Laura using technology. 1. 2. 3. Frame 1

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Some examples of classroom presentations using technology are: PowerPoint Smart Board Web Quests Listening Centers Video If you listed three (3) of the examples above you are correct! You are on your way to helping Laura. Frame 2

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Effective lessons using technology should address the needs of both global and analytical students. These lessons should take advantage of pictures, video clips, and sounds that are available through the internet. Remember when you present a lesson using technology you need to familiarize yourself with the tools you will be using. What should effective technology lessons address? 1. The needs of both global and analytical learners 2. Include pictures to help reinforce the material 3. Have sound included 4. All of the above Circle the correct answer Frame 3

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The answer is four (4) all of the above. You should use all of these in your technology lesson. This will help you to reach students who have various learning styles. Since Laura loves to sew and bake with her mother on the farm. I bet she learns tactually. Keep this in mind when you design your lessons. Frame 4

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PowerPoint is an excellent tool that you may wish to use to present a lesson using technology. A Power Point presentation is a slideshow on the computer that can include text, pictures, video, animations, and sound. Each slide has information that you wish to convey to students. You present these slides to students in a step by step manner. You can also include interactive activities for students. Circle the correct answer What is a Power Point most like? Movie Chalk talk Slideshow Lecture Frame 5

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The correct answer is number three (3) slideshow. Each PowerPoint slide gives the students information or presents activities. Laura is allergic to the chalk dust that is used in her current classroom. She will love this colorful new way of obtaining information. Frame 6

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You are on your way to Blasting Your Classroom Into The Future!!!!! Keep up the good work. Frame 7

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Another great way to introduce information to students is through the use of Web Quests. A Web Quest is an activity in which students discover information on the internet. You provide them with specific directions on which websites they should visit to obtain important information. Which of the following resources is necessary to use a web quest as a way to present information? 1. Video cameras 2. I-Pods 3. Computers with internet access 4. A Smart Board Frame 8

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If you choose three (3) computers with internet access, you are correct. Congratulations! Since Web Quest is an investigation of the internet it is necessary for students to have the ability to surf the net on classroom computers. Laura doesn’t leave the prairie. Imagine her excitement when she realizes that she can visit the whole world from a little screen in your classroom! Frame 9

Frame 10 : 

Frame 10 Use the attached cards with the flip chute to check your understanding of frames 1-8. If you do not answer correctly your should go back and review before moving on.

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Smart Boards are interactive screens in which students see a computer screen and interact with it. The possibilities for Smart Board lessons are endless. If you don’t have a Smart Board in your classroom you can sign up for use of the school Smart Board in the library. Since Mrs. Hoffman, the school librarian, is a Smart Board expert she can help you to use this tool. If you don’t have a Smart Board in your classroom and you want to use one, what can you do? Sign up for use in the library with Mrs. Hoffman Order one Borrow one from the computer lab Go to one of the other Schools in the District Frame 11

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I hope you answered Number One (1) sign up for use in the library with Mrs. Hoffman. Buying one is not realistic, unless you just won the lotto, but we have a shared Smart Board in the library that Mrs. Hoffman can help you to use. Good thing, it is Laura and not her sister Mary who you have in your class. Mary is blind and would not get all of the benefits that come with a Smart Board lesson. Frame 12

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As you know we have been working hard to implement Center Work in our classrooms this year. Another way to bring technology into your room would be by designing centers that take advantage of I-pods, CD players and/or video cameras. Start simply when designing these centers and, as you become more comfortable, you can increase their complexity. Which of the following teaching methods would you be able to take advantage of I-pods and video cameras? SMART Goals Center work Lectures Frame 13

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The answer is Number Two (2) center work. You can design different centers in your room that incorporate the use of video and audio devices. This is not only a way to use technology but to also help students learn through their various learning styles! Mary would love to work at an audio center. Here her lack of eyesight would not matter. Frame 14

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Each of the previously mentioned strategies for using technology can be successful. That being said, if you never have used them, they can be intimidating. If you need support using these resources you can email Mr. Felicello at He will provide you with the extra support you will need. What should you do if you are not completely comfortable using the technology resources previously mentioned? 1.Teach the same way you have been. 2. Email Mr. Felicello. 3.Call the Director of technology. 4. Give up. Frame 15

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The correct answer is Number Two (2) email Mr. Felicello. He will meet with you and together you can determine what level of support you need. It may be an overview that he presents to you, it may be sending you to a workshop, or it may be having you work with a colleague. Just please don’t send Laura to my office. Since she has never been to a school with more than twenty (20) students she might get overwhelmed fighting the crowds to get to my office. Frame 16

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There are several technology resources available to you and to your students. They include software, websites, web based applications, computer based resources, and hardware resources. It will be your job to organize these resources to best meet the needs of your students. List three (3) types of technology resources: 1. 2. 3. Frame 17

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If you listed any three (3) of the following you are correct: software websites web based applications computer based resources hardware resources Pa “What is a wiki, Halfpint?” Laura “ Oh Pa, you are so from the year 1800.” Frame 18

Frame 19 : 

Use the task cards to check your understanding. If you can not answer correctly go back and review the necessary frames. Frame 19

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There is a plethora of useful websites for educators. There are also many that are a waste of time. The key for you is to determine which ones you effectively use with your students. We have tried to make this an easier task for you. Mrs. DiVincenzo, in the computer lab, has created a website list that other teachers have deemed useful. See her for the complete list. What is the key to implementing the use of web sites into your teaching? Write your answer below. Frame 20

Slide 25: 

The key to implementing the use of web sites is for you is to determine can effectively be used with students. Thanks! Frame 21

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A great tool to use to find educational web sites is Google. Google is a search engine which will help you to find sites related to what ever topic you are searching. Google will give you hundreds of sites. It is your job to visit those sites to determine if they are effective. Once you find one that you like you need to save that site so you can easily find it. What is Google? An educational web site A search engine A weird name you call your two (2) year old A type of computer Frame 22

Slide 27: 

The answer is number two (2) a search engine. Search engines help you to find web sites related to the topic you search. Don’t forget to save useful web sites so you can find them easily when you need them. Laura- “ Can we Google Melissa Gilbert?” Frame 23

Slide 28: 

It is amazing the amount of new technology that is created each and everyday. Much of these new technologies can benefit educators. Once you start to become comfortable using technology I think you will want more. It is important to stay informed on what is available. Technology will help you become more efficient and more effective. Why would a teacher want to use technology in your teaching? It makes them more efficient and more effective. It is easier to give grades. Everyone else is doing it. All of the above Frame 24

Slide 29: 

The answer is Number One (1) it makes your teaching more efficient and effective. Technology is fun, effective, and makes your job easier. Once you go down the technology road, I don’t think you will want to go back. Technology helps to make presenting material to your students learning style strengths so much more effective as well. Laura says “ I like the technology road better!” Frame 25

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Did you know that we have the following resources in our building? Wireless laptop cart Smart Boards Airliners Senteo clickers Brain pop Fastt Math Systems 44 You can email Mrs. DiVincenzo to learn more about using them in your classroom. List three (3) technology resources we have in the building: 1. 2. 3. Frame 26

Slide 31: 

I hope you listed any of these three (3): Wireless laptop cart Smart boards Airliners Senteo clickers Brain pop Fastt Math Systems 44 Laura- “We don’t have any of that stuff in my old school.” Frame 27

Slide 32: 

Use the cards below to play a game of Tic-Tac-Technology. This will check your understanding of what you have learned at this point. Frame 28

Slide 33: 

Creating homework assignments that will require students to use technology will add relevance to the work they complete outside your classroom. This will increase the likelihood that they will do the assignments and that they will put forth maximum effort. What is a benefit of designing homework assignments that require the use of technology? Students will work harder on the assignments. Students will copy assignments from their classmates. Parents will be more involved. They are easier to grade. Frame 29

Slide 34: 

The answer is Number One (1) students will work harder on the assignments. When students use technology, the assignments become more relevant thus increasing motivation. Laura is so excited to show her classmates her PowerPoint on the “Dust Bowl.” Frame 30

Slide 35: 

When you design homework assignments using technology, it is important to: Require creativity. This helps to better reinforce learned material. Provide students with directions on how to use various technology resources. Be sure that students have access to technology resources. Give the students choices. This will allow them to work using their strengths. What is the benefit of giving students choices on technology based homework assignments? Increase knowledge. Be smarter. Allow them to work to their areas of strength. To better teach classmates. Frame 31

Slide 36: 

The answer is Number Three (3) allow them to work to their areas of strength. Choices allow students to utilize the learning styles that best meets their particular needs. PA is s proud of Laura!!!!! Frame 32

Slide 37: 

Some examples of homework assignments that use technology are: Create a PowerPoint that shows the steps for solving an equation. Create a commercial that promotes the book Misfits. Design a pod cast that explains the mummification process. Search the internet for four (4) lifetime sporting activities. List three (3) technology tools that students can use to develop useful homework assignments: 1. 2. 3. Frame 33

Slide 38: 

Any of the below listed resources are correct: Power Point Pod casts Video taping Web searches Laura’s friends are getting so envious! Frame 34

Slide 39: 

Another way to bring technology into your classroom is to challenge your students to develop class projects that utilize technology. Some examples are: Group Power Points that they will present to other classes. A daily blog writing exercise. Web mystery presentations. Creating a class web site. Creating a storyboard that utilizes text, pictures, videos, voice, music, and sound effects. Name two classroom projects that utilize technology: 1. 2. Frame 35

Slide 40: 

Your answer should include two (2) of the following. Group Power Points that they will present to other classes. A daily blog writing exercise. Web mystery presentations. Creating a class web site. Creating a storyboard that utilizes text, pictures, videos, voice, music, and sound effects. Laura has a problem. The class is creating a blog for Laura’s family telling them about the future but they have no way of reading it. UGGGGG!!!! Frame 36

Slide 41: 

Use the Electro-board sheet attached to check your knowledge. If you answer incorrectly on any questions go back and review those frames. Frame 37

Slide 42: 

This concludes your exercise in Blasting Your Classroom Into the Future. The good news is that you now have the tools to improve your teaching and your students learning. The bad news is that you did such a good job that everyone on the prairie heard what a good job you did so they are coming to you class. Class sizes are now huge!!!!! Just Kidding!!!!!! P.S. Don’t forget to use the MIP resources to reinforce what you have learned. Laura ends up growing into a fine women, thanks to you!

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