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The largest online business contact database for sales/marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and recruiters.


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Elevator pitch

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Make it quick. What is thenewlead? The largest online business contact database in Asia.

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Business contact database you say? What kind of contacts do you have? We have the decision-makers: managers, directors, VPs, CIOs, CEOs and those of staff level.

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Decision-makers.. What have you got about them? Their business card.

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Right.. Are those data accurate? YES. We have a team of professionals working hard to ensure that all contact information are accurate, updated and verified.

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Okay. We already have a database. Well you could also exchange your unused contacts for new ones.

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Right.. How? Just submit your list of unused contacts, we’ll give you credits which you can use to buy a new set of contact. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

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Interesting.. What if I submitted outdated contacts? You’ll get a point deduction and after verifying, we’ll reject your submitted contacts.

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That seems logical..last question.. What’s your website again?

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