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St. Louis to the Pacific and back! The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Recap : 


Thomas Jefferson : 

Thomas Jefferson Loved Exploration Tried several times to explore the West! George Roger Clark 1781 John Leyland 1785 Andre Michaux 1792

Louisiana Purchase : 

Louisiana Purchase



Who are These Guys: 

Who are These Guys

William Clark : 

William Clark Meriwether Lewis

Meriwether Lewis: 

Meriwether Lewis

Meriwether Lewis: 

Meriwether Lewis Personal Secretary to Thomas Jefferson Captain in the US Army Served 6 Years on the Frontier Fiercely loyal, disciplined, and flexible Moody, speculative, and melancholic Sharp eye for detail

William Clark: 

William Clark Lewis’ commanding officer in 1795 physical and mental qualities beneficial as a leader of the Corps Less formal educational training than Lewis Better Woodsman In charge of assembling the men for the Corps of Discovery

Lewis goes to Philly: 

Lewis goes to Philly American Philosophical Society Botany Zoology Astronomy Medicine

Lewis goes to Harpers Ferry: 

Lewis goes to Harpers Ferry American Armory Gets the newest and best guns Portable Boats (Iron Framed)





Men of the Expedition : 

Men of the Expedition Sergeants Charles Floyd John Ordway (J) Patrick Gass (J) Nathaniel Pryor (J)

Privates & Non-Military Members: 

Privates & Non-Military Members Non-Military Members George Drouillard York 2 Others Toussiant Charboneau Sacagewea & Pomp (son) Privates 23 Men

One Dog: 

Seaman One Dog

York : 


What to Bring?: 

What to Bring? Camping Supplies Arms and Ammunition Medicine and Medical Supplies Traveling Library Presents for Indians

What would you bring?: 

What would you bring? From the 5 Categories on the previous slide what items would you bring? List 2 from each!

Camping Supplies: 

Camping Supplies pliers chisels 30 steels for striking to make fire handsaws hatchets whetstones iron corn mill two dozen tablespoons mosquito curtains 10 1/2 pounds of fishing hooks and fishing lines 12 pounds of soap 193 pounds of "portable soup" (a thick paste concocted by boiling down beef, eggs and vegetables) three bushels of salt writing paper, ink and crayons

Arms and Ammunition: 

Arms and Ammunition 15 prototype Model 1803 muzzle-loading .54 caliber rifles knives 500 rifle flints 420 pounds of sheet lead for bullets 176 pounds of gunpowder packed in 52 lead canisters 1 long-barreled rifle that fired its bullet with compressed air, rather than by flint, spark and powder

Medicine and Medical Supplies: 

Medicine and Medical Supplies 50 dozen Dr. Rush’s patented "Rush’s pills" lancets forceps syringes tourniquets 1,300 doses of physic 1,100 hundred doses of emetic 3,500 doses of diaphoretic (sweat inducer) other drugs for blistering, salivation and increased kidney output

Traveling Library: 

Traveling Library Barton’s Elements of Botany Antoine Simon Le Page du Pratz’s History of Louisiana Richard Kirwan’s Elements of Mineralogy A Practical Introduction to Spherics and Nautical Astronomy The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical a four-volume dictionary a two-volume edition of Linnaeus (the founder of the Latin classification of plants) tables for finding longitude and latitude map of the Great Bend of the Missouri River

Presents for Indians: 

Presents for Indians 12 dozen pocket mirrors 4,600 sewing needles 144 small scissors 10 pounds of sewing thread silk ribbons ivory combs handkerchiefs yards of bright-colored cloth 130 rolls of tobacco tomahawks that doubled as pipes 288 knives 8 brass kettles vermilion face paint 33 pounds of tiny beads of assorted colors

Gifts for the Indians: 

Gifts for the Indians

Instruments : 

Instruments thermometers 2 sextants set of plotting instruments chronometer (needed to calculate longitude)


Instruments hand compass quadrants telescope surveyor’s compass


Boats Keelboat White Pirogue Red Pirogue



White Pirogue: 

White Pirogue

Red Pirogue: 

Red Pirogue

The Journals – Natives : 

The Journals – Natives

The Journals: 

The Journals

The Journals – Botany : 

The Journals – Botany

Botany : 


The Journals – Zoology : 

The Journals – Zoology

New Discoveries: 

New Discoveries

Beaverhead Rock: 

Beaverhead Rock

The Mouth of the Columbia River: 

The Mouth of the Columbia River

Meeting the Columbia Natives: 

Meeting the Columbia Natives



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