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For more than 16 years, Liberty Data, Inc. has developed data services tools and database resources for business and all types of professional investigators Now we bring you… FaceSEARCH Breakthrough Facial Recognition Technology: FaceSearch matches photos to suspects Nationwide

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FACEsearch is in Beta Testing So you wont find it on REALSearch.com home page: You will need to Login with your unique best tester user name and password

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Liberty Data, Inc announces breaking new Technology in the area of Biometric Facial Recognition, with fast photo scanning against a massive nationwide proprietary image - photo database. After finding a record image using FaceSearch™ in the database of 2D faces of all mug shots, warrants, parolees, escapees, convicted criminals, and people arrested, or those serving sentences, one can precisely and quickly identify a suspect, along with a complete record and identity verification points.

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FaceSearch matches photos to Suspects Nationwide Confidence Scoring: The FaceSearch™ system work by suggesting possible matches based on “Confidence Score” 0 to 100 percent; the higher the confidence score the more likely a perfect match – but ultimately the choices are presented and you will decide which image or image(s) to choose.

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FS Help Us as we Launch FACESearch Beta Testers needed

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FaceSearch Biometric Facial Recognition Database & Search - breaking new Technology with fast photo scanning against a massive nationwide proprietary image / photo database .

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How Does it Work ?

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upLoad your photo and scan for match Our systems scan simple photo images 2mb or less, across 168 Face points based on proprietary mathematical algorithms that effectively match unique facial profile features within 1 in a Billion accuracy. Our system “suggests” best matches along with confidence scores; the user then selects the images for viewing and Enhanced Detail.

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APPLICATIONS: Loss Prevention Corporate Security Law Enforcement Airport & Controlled Facility Access BENEFITS of FaceSearch Technology Critical Evidence turned to Workable Evidence Quickly & Accurately Identify Suspects Save Time & Labor Identify the Unknown Save Corporate & Taxpayer “goosechase” money Solve unsolved crimes: Robberies, ID Theft, Burglaries, Hold Ups etc Turns mere photos into suggested FaceSearches

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Login with YOUR User.email &password

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Your photo is being scanned across 168 facial points based on proprietary mathematical algorithms that effective match unique facial profile features Speed: Processing speed of uploaded photo images depends on the number of counties, states and records to match against. Depending on the opposing database size, an image uploaded against the State of Florida (our internal database) can be matched in under 5 minutes.

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Repeat the process to upload all your subject photos

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We are in Beta Testing now and with your Help …

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….we can continue to develop this cutting edge intelligence & Security tool.

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Interested ? We are looking for a few select large-scale Beta Testers to test this wonderful new intelligence & security tool. Preference is in Law Enforcement and Loss Prevention sectors. Please Contact Robin Lahiri or email robin@realsearch.com to discuss your volume and the size & scope of your proposed Beta Test

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FaceSEARCH new intelligence & security tool robin@realsearch.com

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