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Hyde Park : 

Hyde Park Francisco Leal No.: 2306

History : 


History : 

Henry VIII acquired Hyde Park from the monks of Westminster Abbey in 1536. It remained a private hunting reserve. History

History : 

When James I ascended the throne, he limited access to the park and named a species of butler to take care of the park. History

History : 

It was King Charles I, which changed the nature of the park completely. He opened the park to the public. History

History : 

In 1665, the year of the Black Death, many London habitants, fled the city to camp in Hyde Park, hoping to escape the disease. History

History : 

Queen Caroline, wife of George II, ordered extensive renovations and ​​in the 1730’s she created the Serpentine, a lake of about 11.34 hectares. History

History : 

Hyde Park became a venue for national celebrations. In 1814 the Prince Regent organized fireworks to mark the end of the Napoleonic wars in 1851. History

Attractions : 


Diana Memorial Fountain : 

The Memorial also symbolises Diana's quality and openness. There are three bridges where you can cross the water and go right to the heart of the fountain. Diana Memorial Fountain

7 July Memorial : 

Built as a tribute to people killed on the tube and bus attack. July 7th, 2005. 7 July Memorial

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