What is Crowdfunding?


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In this presentation, we are going to introduce Crowdfunding from different aspects. Some websites that cater to a Crowdfunding environment will also be listed. Moreover, we will go through a statistical analysis of the Crowdfunding success story. For more information, please visit: http://crowdfundingbank.com


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What is Crowdfunding?:

What is Crowdfunding ?

Crowdfunding is …:

Crowdfunding is … Crowfunding is … “The process of getting capital for businesses or ideas through multiple avenues that mainly involve networking in any possible way”

Crowdfunding is …:

Crowdfunding is … “It's a process by which a group—in this case, the general public—collectively provides the money for artists, researchers, businesses, and more” Crowfunding is …

In The Future:

In The Future “In the future, it will likely also fund entire companies that sell equity to investors”


CrowdFundingBank.com Provides support to organizations or individuals through enlisting the cooperation, and funding from large number of angel investors or just anyone willing to support the initiative with small amount of money and/or advice.

Crowdfunding is …:

Crowdfunding is … Broken down even further, is the notion that Crowdfunding is easily explained as a way to put your new or old, but revamped ideas out there in the market for the world to take advantage of.

The Difference…:

The Difference… The real difference lies between asking typical investors for capital, and recruiting normal everyday people for support.

The Idea …:

The Idea … The basis of the idea is to be able to reach an audience in order to gain interest in your product or idea.

Crowdfunding Platforms:

Crowdfunding Platforms Examples of websites that cater to a Crowdfunding Environment IndieGogo CrowdFunding Bank Kickstarter.

Crowdfunding Platforms:

Crowdfunding Platforms These and a few other up-and–coming websites allow you to post: Promotional videos Products Photos Information necessary to get the attention

Directory of Crowdfunding Sites:

Directory of Crowdfunding Sites We have database of over 400 crowdfunding websites with detailed description of they do. Visit www.crowdfundingbank.com

First Time In History:

First Time In History The population of the world at large has the ability to take part in the financing of new ventures of all types and trades.

The Impact:

The Impact We can only theorize at the enormity of the changes waiting farther into the years.

New Ways Of Financing:

New Ways Of Financing A new way of financing emerged way more flexible than venture capital.

Enhanced Innovation:

Enhanced Innovation Crowdfunding enhanced the capabilities of Inventors Engineers Entrepreneurs

Enhanced Innovation:

Enhanced Innovation The floodgates that formerly halted the widespread knowledge of the people are now open… We can tap in to the support and wisdom of the crowd.

To watch the rest of this video please go to: www.crowdfundingbank.com:

To watch the rest of this video please go to: www.crowdfundingbank.com

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