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GEN 300 Week 5 : 

GEN 300 Week 5 Julia A. Westlake

Class ReCap : 

Class ReCap So where are you headed? There is a cliché that states to know where you are headed you have to know where you’ve been. This is only partially true True – some decisions that we make limit us in terms of the here and now as well as the future But it is false to assume that because something has always been it must always be – don’t condemn yourself to repeat the same mistakes, limit yourself on what you can achieve, or think because you failed once, twice, or even 30 times that you will always fail

Future Classes : 

Future Classes Remember to use the success tips you learned in our class: Answer DQs early in the week Participate early in the week Work ahead on assignments Never let something sit around waiting to be addressed for the team Use and abide by a schedule for everything!

Writer’s Workshop : 

Writer’s Workshop

Writer’s Workshop : 

Writer’s Workshop As you begin to complete your final projects for the team and as an individual remember to use the resources you have been provided throughout the course. Always submit your work to the Center for Writing Excellence and make necessary changes Changes that could have been easily corrected cost more in points

Writer’s Workshop : 

Writer’s Workshop Once your paper is completely written go through the APA checklist from the Writing Center or the APA PowerPoint posted in our course materials – APA is something that you must master, keep working at it until it comes naturally Use the written paper and team project checklists in our course materials forum. These will also work for future classes.

Writer’s Workshop : 

Writer’s Workshop When you format your references be sure to compare your references against samples and/or the APA Manual The of the reference format as a form – on forms you know where to sign your name and date – why? Because there is a space. If it would help you, build a template for each of the most commonly used types of references to use with each of your papers/assignments Use the Citation Generator if you need help. http://corptrain.phoenix.edu/citation_generator/

Writer’s Workshop : 

Writer’s Workshop The MOST important thing you can do to ensure your success is follow the assignment instructions. Ask questions if you are unclear.

Good Luck! : 

Good Luck! Good luck in your future classes. Remember to proof-read and edit your final work for our class.

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