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Teamwork : 

Teamwork Julia A. Westlake

Making the Team “Thing” Work : 

Making the Team “Thing” Work Be up front and honest with each other Split up the work fairly Do your work ahead of time & turn it in to the team ASAP Set deadlines for team members to submit work – pre-editing and post-editing (I suggest Thursdays) Adhere to the deadlines Do NOT strand your teammates it is rude and unprofessional and I will mark you down for it Always use the plagiarism checker (in the Center for Writing Excellence) to check your papers Each team member needs to carry their own load – no excuse! Stay ORGANIZED.

Organization : 

Organization Post threads either all up front or as needed. Have rules about posting – especially documents. Here are some suggestions: Rename documents with version #s Always use the last version of a document to add your work to Post documents to the proper thread

Organization : 

Organization One of the best plans for success that I have seen has been the team creating a calendar for work due dates! The easiest way to do this is to download the Excel sheet with the course calendar already in it, select a new color, and enter your due date information for team work What do you enter? Personal work due dates Editing/review due dates/periods Submission dates (that the team agrees on)

Time Management with Technology : 

Time Management with Technology Another way teams can “stay up to date” is to use a calendar and reminder system like: You can create one for the team OR (preferably) each team member creates on for his or her family then you add each other as friends and schedule updates/messages for reminders – this will let you delete friends and add friends as you go through each class AND it is a great way to keep yourself organized! This is FREE! Everyone signs up for a free account and you send out “meeting planners” so that everyone has a reminder on their calendar. This also has a chat feature that you can use.

Keeping Information Straight : 

Keeping Information Straight There are lots of techniques for tracking who adds information to team documents. Here are a few of mine...can you think of more practical ways to track contributions on collaborative work? Colors - color code your information - remember to highlight all and change the color back before turning it in Add your name in italics but remember to delete it Highlight - assign people colors

Threads : 

Threads You will want to set up one thread for each assignment In the thread specify exactly what the thread is used for, when team members need to respond by, and what team members need to post You may consider placing the response or due date in the subject-line of the thread

Team Roles : 

Team Roles For each project you want to assign or select roles for each team member. Each team works differently some teams like to have a captain or leader assign roles, others like to have each member pick their own role. Either way, make sure the roles are balanced and fair. Each person needs to have a role Regardless of roles – each team member needs to help with creation and submission of the overall product for the week and course Set your roles up in your team charter stating what they entail and who will fulfill them

For this class here is a suggested outline of team roles: : 

For this class here is a suggested outline of team roles: Week 2Post team topic to Main forum Week 3Post team thesis statement to Main forum Week 4Post team outline to Main forum Week 5-Post team presentation to Main forum-Edit final paper (everyone should take a pass at this and one person should do the final edits)-Edit final presentation (everyone should take a pass at this and one person should do the final edits)-Construct Title page and reference page for Presentation-Format title page and reference page for paper

Sample of How to Break Apart an Assignment : 

Sample of How to Break Apart an Assignment Portion of Overall Project-Write Conclusion and Intro (350 words) & Complete Slides for section (2 slides)- Write first section (350 words) & Complete Slides for section (2 slides)- Write second section (350 words) & Complete Slides for section (2 slides)- Write third section (350 words) & Complete Slides for section (2 slides)- Write fourth section (350 words) & Complete Slides for section (2 slides)

Follow Directions : 

Follow Directions Be sure to read through, discuss, and ask any questions you have regarding Appendix A You will not want to wait until the last minute to ask questions because deadlines remain the same regardless Use the Team Project checklist to edit and review your project

Problem Solving : 

Problem Solving It is my experience that there are a few things you can do to avoid and/or resolve problems in the academic environment. #1 – Set rules and stick to them – no exceptions # 2 – Adhere to deadlines # 3 – Have a warning system followed by consistent action # 4 – Do not be afraid to expect people to be consistent, each person is responsible for him or herself, if they fail to participate in the group – take their name off the product. If they do a bad job give them a bad review. Don’t be afraid to call your team members one by one and ask them what is going on, this is why you give each other phone numbers

Example of Problem Solving Policy : 

Example of Problem Solving Policy Team members will check into the team forum # of times or on the following days at a minimum Materials will be posted by Date & time (specific dates and time for individual contributions as well as final products) If team members have not heard from team member prior to due date (2 days), team leader for the week will email team member politely asking them where they have been Team member will have 24 hours to respond If no response team leader will call the AWOL team member If no response has been received within 8 hours of the call, team will assume that the team member will not be contributing for the week. Team member will loose opportunity to participate and gain team credit for the week. Team leader will notify the instructor via his or her Individual forum that the team member did not participate for the week.

Time Management & the Team : 

Time Management & the Team Do not post 30 messages a day to your team thread Be concise when you post and get your point across without a whole lot of fluff Check your team forum often for new messages Keep threads clean and well organized Include updates on your project in your posts When you title threads use the assignment and the due date Assign the team leader with moderating the thread for the assignment they are overseeing EVERYONE takes responsibility for posting and working together Set a schedule for posting updates and working on projects/assignments

Quality of Work : 

Quality of Work Quality counts! Always submit work to the Center for Writing Excellence prior to submitting it to the team – your teammates are not your mommy – true they can help you but don’t give them junk to work with – do your best. Do not expect one or two people to do all the work – if you do they will get all the credit and you will be missing 30% of your grade Team work is worth 30% of your grade. Think of points like a paycheck – 30% of your academic “check” comes from that team – be nice to them.

Communication via Video & Audio : 

Communication via Video & Audio If you are into talking rather than typing here are some free ways to have voice/webcam discussions – to use EVERYONE on the team needs to have a mic or a phone (depending on the program you use) See:

Communication via Blog or Wiki : 

Communication via Blog or Wiki Google Docs All are FREE, easy to use, and can help your team stay organized and on-top of things, of course so can the team forum.

Communication FYI : 

Communication FYI If you communicate outside of the team forum you MUST summarize and place a copy in the team forum for me to see, including everyone’s name who did or did not participte. OR if you use a voice threaded discussion you have to invite me….lame I know but I give points for work/effort on the team projects if I can’t see it, it didn’t happen. If you email each other paste copies into the team forum.

PowerPoint Notes of Caution and Encouragement : 

PowerPoint Notes of Caution and Encouragement You must use speaker notes or audio when you write your speech. This will serve as your speech for the final project. If you do not want to write speaker notes you must record audio and either send me the link or embed the audio in the presentation. It must be good quality! If you use speaker notes you must add notes to EVERY slide. You don’t start a presentation in person by saying nothing so you have to start by introducing the team and the topic. Do not include a questions slide. The audience can not ask you questions so don’t use a slide to do this. Be creative!

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