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Let’s learn how to narrate a PowerPoint presentation in PP2007

Slide 3:

Start with the slide where you want the narration to begin. Select Slide Show. Select Record Narration

Slide 4:

This screen allows you to test to see if your microphone is working.

Slide 5:

Go to the slide where you want the narration to begin, or select First Slide if the narration with begin there . Then begin your narration advancing through the presentation as you need to record on each slide.

Slide 6:

When you get to the last slide, remember to save your presentation.

Slide 7:

This display will appear showing you the timing for each narration on each of the slides. Listen to the presentation from where the narration starts. You can come back to this view if you need to change the narration on any of any of the slides.

Slide 8:

Just keep practicing. After a few times, you will feel comfortable with n arration your!

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