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THINKING NOTES: If I can read, then I can understand:

THINKING NOTES: If I can read, then I can understand Jeelan Tiab July 5 2015


SNOW FALLING ON cedars We will use the novel we have been reading to learn this new close reading strategy!


Objectives: Students will be able to use thinking notes to annotate a text by using symbols and notes. Students will be able to monitor their own understanding of a text by using thinking notes as a metacognitive strategy. Students will be able to use thinking notes to compare, contrast and make inferences about characters in the novel Snow Falling on Cedars .

Step 1: Introduction of concept:

Step 1: Introduction of concept Annotating a text is marking the words on the page with symbols , comments and questions . It helps the reader understand the text better by actively reading and organizing the information for later use. A well-annotated text will: * include some of the reader’s thoughts and reactions * identify where in the text important ideas and information are located * express the main ideas of a text * trace the development of ideas/arguments throughout a text

STEP 2: Teacher model:

STEP 2: Teacher model

STEP 3: We do:

STEP 3: We do

STEP 4: Independent practice:

STEP 4: Independent practice Students will then be given a passage from the text (handout) and will practice the thinking notes strategy individually. While using the strategy they will continue to focus on the author’s purpose/theme, as well as actions and dialogue that reveal the nature of characters. The teacher will circulate the room to provide additional scaffolding for students who need it. Students will focus on the character Hisao Imada , and will use this passage for their next writing assignment .

Step 5: Share, REFLECT & DISCUSS:

Step 5: Share, REFLECT & DISCUSS Once students finish annotating the passage they will share and reflect on the strategy by comparing and contrasting their work with a partner. Students will use the following questions as a guide: 1. Were there important areas in the passage you or your partner missed? 2. Did you notice anything new about the text from how your partner annotated it? Students will then work together to brainstorm ideas to answer the following question: Given what we’ve read so far, how are the characters Ishmael and Hisao similar? H ow are they different?


Assessment Writing Assignment : Considering what we have read so far and the 3 passages annotated today, how are the characters Ishmael Chambers and Hisao Imada similar? How are they different? Students will work individually to write a 1-2 page compare and contrast piece on the characters. Students must use evidence and details from the text to support their claims. Student work must include at least one similarity and one difference.


CITATIONS Thinking Notes: A Strategy to Encourage Close Reading Grades 9-10 / ELA / Reading https ://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/student-annotated-reading-strategy

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