Mortgage companies


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Learn what are mortgage companies and how should you take decision that best matches your needs.


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Mortgage companies:

Mortgage companies

What are mortgage companies?:

What are mortgage companies?

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Mortgage Companies issue loans against mortgagor’s personal property which serves as the security for the repayment of the loan. Here, the mortgagor is the borrower of the loan and the lender is the mortgagee. The actual amount of loan taken for any purpose is called the principal, and the mortgagor is expected to repay that amount, along with interest, to the mortgagee.

Why take a mortgage loan?:

Why take a mortgage loan?

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Purchase or construct a home Finance a renovation Refinance to consolidate debts Finance the purchase the of other investments Finance the purchase of investment property Use a mortgage loan to:

Types of mortgage plans:

Types of mortgage plans

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2 kinds of mortgage plans are- the fixed rate mortgage and the adjusted or variable rate mortgage

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In a fixed rate mortgage plan, the interest rate, and hence periodic payment, remains fixed for the life of the loan. Therefore the payment is fixed, although ancillary costs (such as property taxes and insurance) can and do change. Fixed rate mortgage plan

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Adjustable rates transfer part of the interest rate risk from the lender to the borrower, and thus are widely used where fixed rate funding is difficult to obtain or expensive. Adjustable rate mortgage plan In an adjustable rate mortgage, the interest rate is generally fixed for a certain time period, after which it will periodically adjust up or down to some market index.

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Different facilities are served to the borrowers that make the loan procedure smooth and easy

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The mortgage companies provide inbuilt online facilities They clearly mention all the services, facilities, and mortgage loans provided to the existing clients and all the essential information required by potential clients

Happy mortgaging! :

Happy mortgaging! Think carefully before taking loan from a mortgage company, research well, and then make a thoughtful decision

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