How to Copy and Paste Text from Microsoft Word To WordPress


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WordPress has become the topmost online content sharing platform of millions of users online. This offers a number of plugins and themes to allow users to build an attractive and outstanding WordPress blog or site. Users can avail the various features and functions of WordPress to design a website to promote their business or create a personal blog to share their work with like-minded individuals Want to know about some more plugins to make your WordPress site stand out from the rest? Connect with the highly trained and experienced WordPress Support via toll-free number. you can visit our website for more information.


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How to Copy and Paste Text from Microsoft Word To WordPress WordPress Technical Support 1-877-863-5655


WordPress Technical Support 1-877-863-5655 Copy the text from Word as it is done normally and then go to the Post Editor of your WordPress dashboard Click your mouse where you need to insert the text and select Insert from the Word Icon in the toolbar located above the Post Editor. Please remember, it looks like a W .


In case it is not visible, then go to the Kitchen Sink icon on the toolbar and click on it to reveal the list of hidden icons. Once you click on the Word icon, the dialogue box will open where you can paste the text from Microsoft Word. Then, click on Ok and the text will be inserted into the blog post editor. Kitchen Sink icon WordPress Technical Support 1-877-863-5655


CONTACT US 1-877-863-5655 http://wordpresssupport 247 .com/

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