Is your Senior Getting Enough Sleep

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The aging process comes with some problems that may contribute to the change in one's sleeping patterns.


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Is Your Senior GETTING Enough Sleep?

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The aging process comes with some problems that may contribute to the change in one's sleeping patterns. Advanced age is not the main reason seniors don't get enough healthy sleep. However, there are activities that prevent seniors from enjoying the much-needed sleep. As one get, one advances in age, sleeping patterns tend to change, and one no longer get enough opportunity to sleep. Insomnia and dementia may creep in at this point. It is, therefore, important for the seniors to have enough healthy sleep to counter the effects of lack of enough sleep.

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Some of the Common symptoms that indicate of lack of adequate sleep in elders include : • Being unable to sleep easily • Waking up earlier than normal • Being unable to decipher day from night • Losing sleep at night

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REASON FOR .Lack Of Sleep. AMONG SENIORS It's important to note that age is not the only reason that keeps seniors awake. Advanced age comes with various health issues that may prevent one from getting enough healthy sleep. Some of the common reasons associated with lack of enough sleep include : • Negative effects of taking subscription medication • Chronic pain from conditions likes arthritis • Being depressed • Smoking and alcohol consumption • Having a neurological condition that affects one sleeping pattern • Caffeine intake just before going to sleep • Experiencing frequent urination at night

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As one age, their biological predisposition also changes. Some of these changes can cause sleep disorders. Advanced age leads to reduced production of the hormone melatonin that is useful for aiding sleeping. Consequently, elders may experience irregular sleeping patterns . Change in cardiac rhythm among the seniors is another reason that leads to irregular sleeping patterns. The cardiac rhythm synchronizes body functions like sleep and change may lead to the elders sleeping earlier waking up earlier too . Insomnia may also keep the elders awake. Which can cause problems like loss of memory, failure to remember people's names, etc . Biological conditions Associated with Lack of Sleep among Seniors

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What do you need to do to asleep? fall Even though elders do need as much sleep as the younger people, they, however, need to have enough healthy sleep. Sometimes it's hard for them to get enough sleep but the following practices may be of assistance : • Getting medical treatment for an existing illness • Keeping oneself busy when they are not asleep. • Setting a regular sleeping pattern to help the body retain the healthy sleeping patterns . In conclusion, the enough healthy sleep for the seniors is critical as they get fully rested. They also have less chance of suffering from conditions like dementia and insomnia if they have enough rest. Such conditions are very common among seniors. Should you need more information on senior citizen care, contact Dayton for more information.

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