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Multidyne provides various range of Field Fiber Portable Transport Product. These product are named as The Bulldog, Halfcube, Lightcube, Lightcube Rack Mount, Lightbox Portable Transport. To know more information, Please visit our website:-


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MultiDyne ® Video & Fiber Optic Systems WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM

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WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM The BullDog The BullDog becomes your broadcast infrastructure when none is available. The receiver can be the 2RU, openGear card cage, complete with SNMP management and Ross’s Dashboards monitoring software -Transport -Optional Monitor & Test Generator -Run on: AC, Battery or via Hybrid Fiber Cable -Diverse signal transport options. -Fiber connectors: SMPTE, opticalCon , ST -Option Card Cage receiver: openGear , SNMP, Dashboard -Scalable to any size and signal count

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WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM Half Cube Designed for Field Applications with a Very High Signal Count. The MultiDyne LiGHTCuBE is designed for field applications with a very high signal count. The HalfCuBE can be linked via tacticalfiber cable to any MultiDyne product. Then just grab it by the handles and head out to your next event. Transmit, Route, Receive Up to 32 HD Signals Up to 128 Audio Channels Intercom, PL belt pack support Almost all MultiDyne products can be integrated Run on battery or AC supply

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WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM Light Cube This solution can hold a large number of audio and video modules in a compact, 14 inch cube design. Small enough for rack configuration in a sports ENG truck, announce booth or in–studio. -80 Video Paths, HDSDI, SDI or Composite -Exceeds RS-250C Short-haul and Broadcast Video specifications -225 Audio Channels, AES or Analog -Gigabit Ethernet, Serial data and control -Intercom, PL, IFB and belt pack support -DVI, RGB, HDMI & YPbPr

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WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM Light Cube Rack Mount The LiGHTBoX –MC mates to the JVC sled for tri–pod application or mates directly to the camera with an optional multi–core adapter. With either option, the camera can be powered by the LiGHTBoX , eliminating the need for other camera power systems. -Works with LightCube -Works with HalfCube -Adjustable Rear Support

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WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM Lightbox Portable Transport The MultiDyne LiGHTBoX3D is designed for field and harsh environment applications. -Fully configurable (Most MultiDyne products can be integrated) -Extremely rugged case -Run on battery or AC supply. Anton Bauer or IDX mounting plate - Singlemode or multimode configurations -Optical connectors include ST, SC, LC as well as TFOCA, PH, Tyco Expanded Beam & Neutrik -Can be linked w/ another LiGHTBoX or any MultiDyne product

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WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM CONTACT INFORMATION:- MULTIDYNE Video and Fiber Optic System 10 Newton Place, Hauppauge, New York 11788 Ph: 1 877-685-8439 Email: For more information please visit our website:- WWW.MULTIDYNE.COM

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