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House on mango street:

House on mango street The family of little feet By: Jose E. Garcia Pelayo Period 4 th 11/13/12

Plot summary:

Plot summary Esperanza tells a story in which she describes the feet of the family. The mother in her family gave Esperanza and her friends a bag of women's shoes: "magic high heels." As the girls happily ran around the neighborhood in these women's shoes, a "bum man" who is drunk promises Rachel a dollar if she will kiss him. The girls run away, and take off the shoes, telling themselves they are "tired of being beautiful." Eventually, Rachel and Lucy's mother throws the shoes away, and "no one complains."


Theme Excited Esperanza and her friends got new shoes and were really happy and started to trade shoes of there favorite color shoes. “Everybody wants to trade. The lemon shoes for the red shoes, the red for the lemon, and take them off and put them back on and keep on like this a long time until we are tired.”


Theme Abuse Esperanza and her friends were asked to get a kiss for a dollar from a bum man. “Yes, little girl. Your little lemon shoes are so beautiful. But come closer. I can’t see very well. Come closer. Please. “If I give you a dollar will you kiss me? How about a dollar. I give you a dollar.”


Connection I kind of can relate to this chapter because a lot of people ask me to do stuff for money but I don’t do it. For example; in 8 th grade, some guy told me to rob a 6 th grader but I said “screw you, do it your self” and I left to my next class.

Discussion questions:

Discussion questions Has a friend or a stranger asked you to do some thing for him just for money or an item? Have you got something new but didn’t want to stop wearing or using it? Why? Have you disobeyed your parents? Why?

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