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Jorge Gutman has lived in Miami Beach, Florida since 1965. Jorge Gutman is a graduate of Miami Beach High School, and received his Associate of Arts degree from Miami Dade College.


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Jorge Gutman Single-Family Vs. Multi-Family Residential

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Jorge Gutman Jorge Gutman is an expert in residential construction having been responsible for the development of numerous single family and multi-family homes throughout his more than 30-year career. A skilled construction manager and longtime owner of J. Gutman Construction Inc. Gutman has overseen the completion of many residential properties in South Florida including several valued in the millions of dollars.

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Jorge Gutman Needless to say Jorge Gutman is well-versed in unique characteristics of and differences between single family homes and multifamily properties.

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Jorge Gutman Single Family Also commonly referred to as single-detached dwellings single family homes are best defined as free-standing single dwelling structures. Though a single-family building may share walls with another unit it is still considered single-family if it provides the resident direct access to a street and does not share essential services with that unit hot water heat etc..

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Jorge Gutman Multi-Family Multi-family residential properties are best defined as separate housing quarters that are contained within one building or within one complex. Common types of multi-family residences include apartment buildings townhouses and so on.

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Jorge Gutman Jorge Gutman now an FOF Investments LLC professional works in high-quality construction and specializes in residential and commercial projects involving high-end finishes. He has been with FOF for over seven years.

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Jorge Gutman

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