Get Best Quality Steel Banding Tools For Easy Stainless Steel Banding


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Take steel banding tools that suits with all type of stainless steel strapping and with mechanical driving for easy to operate by any one.


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About Us- Lonyou Electric is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel tools and equipment like the stainless steel band stainless steel strapping Banding buckles for several uses of industries and other works. We make sure that all tools and equipment are made in accordance with the design standards and pass the required quality test. So all customer get high-quality products for their requirements. Get Best Quality Steel Banding Tools- Lonyou Electric company makes LYB001 banding tools that widely used for stainless steel banding form 3/16" to 3/4" wide0.380.76mm thick. There are several benefits of LYBoo1 banding tools- 1-it is very easy to operate and well suits for all types of stainless steel strappings 2- Reduced work force. 3-Blue epoxy powder coated finish resists corrosive elements 4- Come with a spin handle retaining ring to keep parts intact.

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Contact Us Liushi Town Yueqing City Wenzhou China 325604. Tel: +86-577-61713035 Fax: +86-577-61316530 M.P.: +86-13989774564 Skype: rowlin2010 Email: Website:

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