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Pavilion Amusement Park in south carolina rank by best roller coaster rides.. New rides and nostalgia rides are part of the fun, with three areas of attractions to enjoy, Pavilion Park East, West and Central.


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Welcome To The Pavilion Park Pavilion Park

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Welcome to the pavilion park amusement parks in south Carolina. Pavilion Park features more than 25 amazing rides. we added exciting new rides including the rocket myrtle turtle. And in 2015 we added the interactive caterpillarcliff hanger. Of course your favorites are ready and waiting. Pavilion Park

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Amusement Park Rides Speed XXL Ride XXL Ride is loaded with thrills this is speed XXL.It’s speed around 50 mph and heights of 130ft and it give thrill seeker would want. Balloon Wheel Balloon Wheel featuring eight brightly colored balloons. Family can enjoy together of this ride. Pavilion Park

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SpeedWay This whip style ride is extremely exciting and appeals to the whole family. The beautifully decorated two-seater race cars run over a flashy oval track with an exciting whip action for an extremely fun time. Myrtle turtle A family roller coaster rides unlike most that have been seen the Myrtle Turtle features a figure eight track design and four cars that spin in circles while they navigate the bi-level track. Pavilion Park

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Pricing Child Adult Individual 15.85 Daily 22.95 Daily 2 per Ticket Pavilion Park

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