what is baptism

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in a moment:

in a moment what will you see?

into the water:

into the water & out of water

vows of commitment:

vows of commitment & a testimony

what does this all mean?:

what does this all mean? they’re following Jesus

from day 1:

from day 1 Jesus’ baptism

Jesus’ crucifixion:

Jesus’ crucifixion into the water

Jesus’ resurrection:

Jesus’ resurrection out of the water

& in the between:

& in the between trials, persecutions, & virtues

i.e. uniting with Jesus’ life:

i.e. uniting with Jesus’ life in its entirety

why baptism?:

why baptism? it’s like marriage

why marriage?:

why marriage? dating is over!

reasons for marriage:

reasons for marriage are obvious


commitment share life together i love you spend eternity with you

but results, not so obvious:

but results, not so obvious songs of songs 2:16

my lover is mine & i am his:

my lover is mine & i am his “what’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine”

so why baptism?:

so why baptism? marriage with Christ

dating is over:

dating is over i want to unite with Christ

but what are the results:

but what are the results recall songs of songs


first what’s mine is Christ’s

what is mine?:

what is mine? sinfulness evil greed selfishness discontentment malice jealousy complacency covetous pride DEATH

so Christ takes it:

so Christ takes it & conquers it


how? how?


second what is Christ’s is mine

an example:

an example joint bank accounts

what are they?:

what are they? ephesians 1:3-15

spiritual blessings:

spiritual blessings v4: holiness v4: choseness v5: adoption v6: grace v7: forgiveness v9: purpose v13: salvation v13: holy spirit v14: belonging v12: hope

but wait, there’s more:

but wait, there’s more offices of Christ

we become:

we become priests, prophets, kings


priests prayer warriors


prophets light for nations


kings fear nothing e.g. death

God Bless You!:

God Bless You! welcome to God’s family!

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