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The First International Workshop on Grid Computing Silicon Valley, India


Sponsors/Supporters Springer-Verlag

The (Grid) Vision: 

The (Grid) Vision Empower the world by enabling sharing of geographically distributed resources (such as computers, instruments, data, contents, display) in a simple, consistent, and secure manner. Its implications are similar to that of electric power Grid.

Contribution: Prospective catalyst for turning the vision in to a reality!: 

Contribution: Prospective catalyst for turning the vision in to a reality! Thanks to Authors Program Committee Reviewers TFCC Community Sponsors HiPC (Dr. Prasanna) Publisher Silicon Valley, India for being a venue to showcase the efforts of all the above!


Statistics Submissions: over 30 papers from all continents (20 countries). Reviews: 3-5 on each paper. Accepted: 1- distinguished, 10 - regular, 7 short papers. 1 - keynote paper, 1 - invited paper. Authors, 15 countries: The Netherlands, USA, Italy, Germany, Australia, France, Canada, Spain, Greece, Korea, India, Austria, Japan, UK, & Switzerland.

Program Committee: 

Program Committee David Abramson Ishfaq Ahmad David Bader Mark Baker, vice-chair Francine Berman Rajkumar Buyya, chair Steve Chapin Jack Dongarra Wolfgang Gentzsch Jonathan Giddy Sergi Girona Ken Hawick, Hai Jin William Johnston Vipin Kumar Domenico Laforenza Gregor von Laszewski Craig Lee Miron Livny Muthucumaru Mahes Satoshi Matsuoka Jarek Nabrzyski, Lalit Patnaik Mohan Ram Alexander Reinefeld Michael Resch Les Robertson Mitsuhisa Sato Peter Sloot

Program & Schedule: 

Program & Schedule Keynote: 9.10-10.00 am Invited Paper: 10.00-10.30 am Contributed Papers Sessions: 1. Grid Resource Management: 11.00-1.00pm Chair: John Brooke (Uni. of Manchester, UK) 2. Grid Middleware & PSE: 2.00-4.00pm Chair: Heinz Stockinger (CERN, Switzerland) 3. Testbeds and Resource Discovery: 4.25-5.25pm Chair: Wolfgang Gentzsch (Sun Microsystems, USA) 4. Application-Level Scheduling: 5.25-6.30pm Chair: Rajkumar Buyya (Monash University, Australia)

“DOT-COMing the Grid”: 

“DOT-COMing the Grid” Keynote by: Prof. Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Gentzsch (Founder & CTO of Gridware Inc.) Director, Network Computing Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, CA, USA

“Design issues of Network Enabled Server Systems for the Grid”: 

“Design issues of Network Enabled Server Systems for the Grid” Invited Paper/Talk Drs. Satoshi Matsuoka / Hidemoto Nakada Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Paper Co-authors: Satoshi Matsuoka Mitsuhisa Sato (RWCP), Hidemoto Nakada,and Satoshi Sekiguchi (Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan)

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