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What is Palo alto Networks PCNSE6 PCNSE Certification Pcnse6 Palo alto network certified network security engineer is one of the most popular and highest paying certification in the industry. The Palo alto network PCNSE6 Palo alto network certified network security engineer is a network security focused certification that aims to promote the practices. This certification is the best source for recognitions for the individuals who assesses and oversees to maintaining network security is a mission critical.

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ABOUT PCNSE6 EXAM PCNSE6 PCNSE 6 Contains Total 60 Questions In The Multiple Choice Format And The Exam In Request Is 60 Languages. The Duration Of The exam In 40 Minutes And The Exam Delivery Is At Practice PDF Pearson VUE.

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Question 1 Which authentication method can provide role-based administrative access to firewalls running PAN-OS A. LDAP B. Certificate-based authentication C. Kerberos D. RADIUS with Vendor Specific Attributes Correct Answer: D

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Question 2 A firewall is being attacked with a port scan. Which component can prevent this attack A. DoS Protection B. Anti-Spyware C. Vulnerability Protection D. Zone Protection Correct Answer: D

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Question 3 Which three engines are built into the Single-Pass Parallel Processing Architecture Choose 3 answers A. Application Identification App-ID B. Group Identification Group-ID C. User Identification User-ID D. Threat Identification Threat-ID E. Content Identification Content-ID Correct Answer: ACE

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Question 4 A company has purchased a WildFire subscription and would like to implement dynamic updates to download the most recent content as often as possible. What is the shortest time interval the company can configure their firewall to check for WildFire updates A. Every 24 hours B. Every 30 minutes C. Every 15 minutes D. Every 1 hour E. Every 5 minutes Correct Answer: C

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Question 5 You are configuring a File Blocking Profile to be applied to all outbound traffic uploading a specific file type and there is a specific application that you want to match in the policy. What are three valid actions that can be set when the specified file is detected Choose 3 answers A. Reset-both B. Block C. Continue D. Continue-and-forward E. Upload Correct Answer: BCD

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Question 6 Where can the maximum concurrent SSL VPN Tunnels be set for Vsys2 when provisioning a Palo Alto Networks firewall for multiple virtual systems A. In the GUI under Network-Global Protect-Gateway-Vsys2 B. In the GUI under Device-Setup-Session-Session Settings C. In the GUI under Device-Virtual Systems-Vsys2-Resource D. In the GUI under Network-Global Protect-Portal-Vsys2 Correct Answer: C

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Question 7 What can cause missing SSL packets when performing a packet capture on data plane interfaces A. There is a hardware problem with the offloading FPGA on the management plane. B. The missing packets are offloaded to the management plane CPU. C. The packets are hardware offloaded to the offload processor on the data plane. D. The packets are not captured because they are encrypted. Correct Answer: C

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Question 8 What is the maximum usable storage capacity of an M-100 appliance A. 2TB B. 4TB C. 6TB D. STB Correct Answer: B

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Question 9 Which Security Policy rule configuration option disables antivirus and anti- spyware scanning of server-to-client flows only A. Apply an Application Override Policy B. Disable Server Response Inspection C. Add server IP to Security Policy exception D. Disable HIP Profile Correct Answer: B

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Question 10 Which two interface types provide support for network address translation NAT Choose 2 answers A. HA B. Tap C. Layer3 D. Virtual Wire E. Layer2 Correct Answer: CD

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