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LaPiega Italia is a pioneering hair beauty brand, born and operates in Italy in 2015 and soon expanding to Spain (available soon at and UK. Considering today’s rebellious, multi-tasking and modern women, the brand is offering high quality plates for smooth hair.


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  LaPiega Italia  is a pioneering hair beauty brand, born and operates in Italy in 2015 and soon expanding to Spain (available soon at ) and UK. Considering today’s rebellious, multi-tasking and modern women, the brand is offering high quality plates for smooth hair. Now, looking up for the professional plate hair straightener is not at all a big problem. Explore A Plate Made Up Of Ceramic And Titanium With Several Benefits For Professional Hair        As used by our valuable customers, the E-Professional hair strengtheners plate is not only the best to use but is worthy enough and provides good value for the money. The benefits of using them are as follows. Silky, smooth and healthy hair in few minutes Uniform heat distribution takes full care of your hair Integrated with Ionic technology Once used, hair would be straight for about two days Straightening up curls has never been so amazing and simple Small and compact in size; could be carried away with ease Saves money as now no need to visit hairdresser Full value money saver


How to be sure whether I am purchasing the best professional plate for hair? To determine the quality of hair strengtheners, two factors are extremely important – technology and geometry . Less than 2.5 cm designed plate for extremely fine, narrow and thin hair More than 3.5 cm designed plate for thick and long hair We suggest you that even a plate in between 2 and 3.5 cm can be used for all types of hair providing great ease and flexibility with the crease.


Why purchase a plate made up of ceramic and titanium? Selecting the plate material is always been one of the most significant things to consider for. Over the last few years, technology has emerged a lot used in hair straighteners . For a good and beautiful hairstyle, it is still possible to look for the plates made up of advised and friendly materials that will not damage your hair like those are made up of alluminium does.


What is the meaning of Ionic technology? Our newly introduced Ionic technology in our e-professional hair straighteners allow clients to smooth down their hair less aggressively as compared to the normal plates available in the market.  Helping in protecting the natural moisture of the hair, Ionic technology annihilates static electricity making it simpler and convenient to smooth down hair in a natural way.  As compared to conventional plates available, our offered plates does not dry due to the negative ions of ceramic and titanium available, thus cutting down frizz and providing shine and volume to hair.  The end result is shiny, smooth, hydrated and soft hair. What is the temperature variation at which I should iron my hair? The maximum temperature for ironing hair completely depends on the hair type. Thus, for some people hair straightens and smoothens at different temperature to those having big and thick hair. For Fine Hair – Max 150 ºC For Normal Hair – Max 180 ºC For Large Hair – Max 200-200 ºC  Your hair care and protection is the uttermost essential thing for us.


How long smooth and shiny effect of plate prevails? Depending on the type of hair, smoothness, shining and long lasting impact will prevail. But all thanks to E-Professional hair straighteners plate of LaPiega that allows for the impact to remain longer as compared to others. So just forget the frizz and crinkle in hair now as E-Professional straightener will do your styling as different, new and fresh as directly done from the hairdresser. It lasts for about 2 days for fine hair and from 3 to 6 days for thick hair . Can I use E-professional hair  straightener of LaPiega every day? Yes, you can! Don’t be afraid at all. The general features of our offered plate E-Professional hair straightener has been authorized to retouch your hair every single day and as mentioned above, both elements present will leave your hair smoother, stronger and healthier. It is advised as per the council that the daily cuts should be done within a temperature range of 80-100 degrees. Product Delivery and Logistics: LaPiega’s each Italian product goes through a stringent quality check and control during manufacturing process and also while storage and entire logistics procedure. Our experts make sure that the plate for professional hair arrives in stipulated time period and in perfect plight.


Simple and Secure Payment: We understand that in this techno savvy era, it is simple to purchase anything on web but still who are not very much comfortable with the online platform, LaPiega assures to make everything simple, secure and as convenient as could be possible. Amazon is a platform that manages our payments. By this way, our customers have to worry about nothing. Simply visit our marketplace, go to SHOP, and finalize the plate color you wish for. If a client prefers to pay through an ordinary net transfer or PayPal medium, it is simple to do through our website. The support will contact within 24 hours of time period . Customer Service: Still having any doubts or queries? Simply call upon or write down to us without any hassle? We look forward to hear from you soon! There is a Contact Form available over the platform and we will reply in less than 24 hours . Two Year Assurance and Warranty on our Italian Products: LaPiega promises providing high quality products. We simply relish what we do, and serve our unique clientele an exclusive brand items. In all, if our clients are happy and contended, so are we.



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