Rheumatic fever, a serious complication of sore

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Rheumatic fever, a serious complication of sore. Read from slides. Resource: http://whatissorethroat.com


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Rheumatic fever, a serious complication of sore throat:

Rheumatic fever, a serious complication of sore throat Presented by Dharni thiruvanzo

streptococcus bacteria:

streptococcus bacteria The severity of rheumatic fever may vary with different strains of strep bacteria . Rheumatic fever has high mortality rates in children when untreated As a result of which the actual cause of rheumatic fever remains hidden and the disease state slowly aggravates

streptococcal infections:

streptococcal infections American heart association  has set a criteria called as Jones criteria to predict the streptococcal infections resulting in rheumatic fever. Jones criteria provide a guideline to precisely identify the incidence of rheumatic fever 2 major criteria or 1 minor criterion with a study of history of streptococcal throat infection of the patient

Major criteria of Jones criteria:

Major criteria of Jones criteria Arthritis, heart inflammation, subcutaneous nodules, skin rash, erythema . Read more at http://whatissorethroat.com

Minor criteria of Jones Criteria:

Minor criteria of Jones Criteria F ever, joint pain, ECG changes, high erythrocyte sedimentation rate etc. laboratory studies including streptococcal antigen testing, elevated C-reactive protein.

Early detection :

Early detection  The early detection of rheumatic fever is therefore of prime importance. In case a patient is diagnosed with either 2 major criteria or 1 major and 2 minor Jones criteria along with positive strep test, the person is affected by rheumatic fever High dose of steroids for carditis and haloperidol for chorea may be indicated.


Resource http://whatissorethroat.com

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