Best Square Shaped Face Hairstyles

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Everyone has different face shape such as oval, square or a circle. The hairstyle can change your entire look depending on the shape of your face. It depends on the hairstyle you choose for yourself. There are various hairstyles for the square-shaped face as well. Go through the slides and find out the best one for you.


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Best Square Shaped Face Hairstyles


When cutting your hair, choose something asymmetric or something in layers. The layer style will round out your face with the soft and multi-length layers. This will in-turn counter the harsh edges of your face.


You can also opt for the short cut. The short fringe will focus to enhance your cheekbones and will prevent your hair from lying too flat.


An angled bob cut will create an asymmetrical cut. It will be longer from the front and shorter towards the back of the head which will enlarge the face shape. It is one of the easiest hairstyles to do in the morning.


You can also opt for dying your hair. You must ask your hairdresser to colour the individual locks of the hair. The colouring effect must be blended and keeps the roots of the tresses softer and wavier.


Adding bangs can also help to make your angular face more gentle by choosing the right type of bangs. You can choose straight and blunt bangs to make your face sharper and stronger jawline.


You can choose straight hair and make sure to grow them down to your shoulders.


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