Knowband Magento 2 One Page Checkout - Call Improvement in Checkout


Presentation Description

Online shopping is fun for customers, but not in every aspect. Some shopping websites have standard or default checkout process which have multiple pages of information. This makes checkout long and complex process for the shoppers to complete and finish till end. In order to simplify the checkout process for the customers, Magento 2 One Page Checkout module by Knowband helps you to structure the checkout at your website into a simple and clean checkout. Thereby, for store owners it is critically essential to align the checkout process on a single page, referred to as Supercheckout. Magento 2 responsive one step checkout focuses to collect the necessary field from the customers while keeping customers focused on purchase. Asking customers for unnecessary data annoys them and increases the risk of abandonment. Below discussed are the features offered by Magento 2 One Page Supercheckout from Knowband.


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