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This Prestashop Spin and Win email subscription popup replace the old boring and annoying popups by offering a Spin and Win game interface to the customers. They can play Spin and win game and win discount coupons in exchange for their email IDs. For Details:


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Prestashop Spin and Win Addon Are email subscription popups really helpful in acquiring new customers Dont they annoy the visitors on the store Why shall I opt for the popups that look boring and annoy the store visitors What is the use of the Email Subscription pop ups if they are unable to engage the visitors These are some of the questions which most of the Prestashop store owner think when one talks about the email subscription popups on the store. It is true that Email subscription pop ups are really useful for any store in increasing the customer database which can be further use for email marketing. However instead of engaging customers the boring email subscription popups can annoy the visitors. Has anyone thought how to make the use of these pop ups to the fullest in the ways no one has ever done before Today I am introducing Prestashop interactive spin and win module for all the Prestashop store owners. It offers a completely new way of offering discounts to the customers. The module is developed by Knowband and being very popular in the eCommerce market In such a short span. Prestashop Spin and Win email subscription popup has revolutionized the idea of subscription pop ups by engaging the customers with a gamified interface. This Email subscription popup by Knowband has a Spin wheel which rotates when a customer enters his email Id. The customer gets the discount by winning the discount where the tip of the Spin wheel stops. Please have a look at the screenshot to see how interactive and how different this email subscription popup is as compared to other popups.

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Features of Prestashop Spin and Win Email Subscription Addon:  Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon is a three in one popup as it can be used as an Entry popupas soon as the customer enters the website Exit popupbefore the customer leaves the website and an email subscription popupcaptures email id and syncs them to the database  Prestashop admin can control the display of the email subscription popup from the backend using wheel display interval option the admin can set the number of days after which the popup will display again to the same customer.  The Interactive Email subscription popup addon offers Email recheck option to prevent the same Email Id/User to play the Spin and win game and avail for the discount more than once.  A sound effect is also added to this email subscription popup when the Spin wheel rotates it makes the tipping sound.  The responsive Spin Wheel popup shows fireworks when any customer wins a discount to make the win more exciting and special.

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 Prestashop admin has full control of where to show the subscription popup by selecting the pages whom to show the subscription popup by selecting the user group and when to show the subscription popup by selecting the time interval.

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 Interactive Spin and Win addon offers multiple theme designs and wheel designs to choose from. Spin and Win popup preview and Wheel preview is available at the admin panel to see in advance how the popup and the wheel will look at the front.  Prestashop spin and win also offers color picker tools to design the popup the way Prestashop admin wants. Background color Text color Button color etc anything can be changed from the look and feel settings itself.

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 This Responsive and Interactive email subscription allows Prestashop admin to customize the text on the Email subscription as per the requirement using Text settings.  Prestashop store admin is provided with the slice settings to assign discounts on different slices of the wheel. Admin has full control over the outcomes of the Spin and Win game the Prestashop addon offers gravity setting to set the gravity on each slice. The higher the gravity of a slice the higher its chances of occurrence.

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 Mailchimp Klaviyo and SendinBlue integrated with the Spin and Win email subscription popup it captures every email Id entered in the popup and syncs them to the Mailchimp Klaviyo and SendinBlue accounts of the store admin.  Emails captured by this Interactive Spin and Win addon can be used for promotional purposes.

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 Customizable email templates this Interactive email subscription popup addon offers 5 Beautiful Readymade email templates which can be customized by the store admin.

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 Prestashop Spin and Win addon is now in compliance with the GDPR. GDPR settings available for the admin to comply with the GDPR.

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 Prestashop Spin and Win addon compares the total number of coupons that are generated and the total number of coupons that are used and display them to the store admin in a beautifully designed interactive graphical and tabular reports which are very easy to understand  The Prestashop Addon also tracks the device and the country where the Spin and Win game is played.

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 Prestashop Spin and Win email subscription addon also tracks the details of the customers who has played the Spin and Win game like the email Id coupon allotted country where the spin and win game is played etc.  The Interactive Email Subscription popup has Desktop Tablet and Mobile responsive design.  The Responsive Spin and Win addon supports multi-lingual and is multi-store compatible.

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