Most Common Workplace Injuries

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Most Common WORKPLACE INJURIES With billions of dollars in claims being filed every year from workplace injuries – through both state workers’ compensation and private insurance companies – on-the-job safety practices cannot be emphasized strongly enough. Construction jobs are always high on the list of dangerous occupations even though construction sites are not the only places where workers can be seriously injured or killed. Below are the most-reported workers’ comp injuries according to top insurance companies in the U.S.

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Construction’s “Fatal Four” Part 1 The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA has identified four of the most common injuries found on construction sites. They are:  Electrical hazards – Working with wires and cables makes electrocution very likely. Coming into contact with electricity can cause severe burns shocks fires even explosions. OSHA says there are around 70 deaths each year due to electrocution accidents on the job.  Fall dangers - Falls that happen from elevated areas such as roofs ladders and scaffolding may be caused by negligent or careless human behavior and/or faulty equipment.

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Construction’s “Fatal Four” Part 2  Struck-by injuries - Objects that fall from shelves scaffolding and elevated areas or are dropped/fall from heights can produce very serious injuries. Falling objects often cause injuries to the head or neck. In addition to construction sites these risks are found in office buildings and warehouses  Caught-in or –between - This refers to a worker who gets partially or entirely trapped squeezed or stuck between two objects equipment parts of machine vehicles etc.. On average there are at least 21 deaths annually that result from “caught between” hazards in addition to a significantly large number of severely injured victims.

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Other Injuries Repetitive Motion Actions such as typing and long hours in front of a computer can strain muscles and tendons and cause back pain vision problems and cumulative trauma disorder. Any repetitive action – especially lifting/turning – can cause severe painful harm which sometimes can become chronic.

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Vehicle Crashes Employees who drive for business purposes such as salespeople or delivery drivers are consistently at risk for being injured in a crash suffering injuries that can be serious and even fatal. Additionally on job sites slow- moving mobile work vehicles -- such as forklifts earth movers bulldozers and cranes – can be involved in construction site or warehouse accidents that cause serious injuries.

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“Walking Into” Injuries When a person unintentionally walks into a stationary object such as walls doors machinery glass windows furniture stacks of lumber cinderblock or steel on any job site serious head knee neck and foot injuries are not uncommon.

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Reaction Injuries These are caused by slipping and/or tripping but without falling. Most of the time these slip/trip but no-fall accidents can leave the victim with muscle or ligament injuries body trauma back injuries and a variety of other painful medical issues.

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Slips and Falls Just as on construction sites dangerous conditions in offices and warehouses can lead to a sudden harmful slip and fall. This could include torn carpeting sudden changes in floor surfaces poor lighting a wet/slippery walking surface or unanticipated obstacles in your path. Injuries can include broken bones sprains back or neck injuries concussions and even TBI traumatic brain injury.

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Overexertion Injuries Pulling lifting pushing holding carrying and throwing at work can lead to a variety of serious injuries they account for approximately 13.6 billion in workers’ compensation benefits every year.

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Violence in the Workplace Attacks caused by office relationships or physical conflicts which are centered in any interpersonal disagreement can lead to physical confrontations. Some of these more vicious conflicts can lead to traumatic injuries and in some cases even death.

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On-the-Job Safety Workplace accidents are unplanned unanticipated and unwelcome events that hinder any organization or project. In addition to the victims who can be laid-up for days weeks or even months they also may damage property and cause the victims family to experience financial distress. All accidents are preventable. Employers who see the financial and human resources benefits in keeping a safe workplace invest time and money in employee safety and training.

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