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John Thorp Harkrider Texas shared an important information about top richest people in the world. John Thorp said it gives more inspiration to other people. Follow the footprints of successful persons.


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John Thorp Harkrider Texas List of Top 10 Richest People in the World

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Jeff Bezos Industry: Technology Net worth: 90.6 billion

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Bill Gates Industry: Technology Net worth: 90 billion

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Amancio Ortega Industry: Retail Net worth: 83.2 billion

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Warren Buffett Industry: Finance and investments Net worth: 74.3 billion

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Mark Zuckerberg Industry: Technology Net worth: 72.2 billion

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Carlos Slim Helu Industry: Telecommunications banking retail Net worth: 69.7 billion

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Larry Ellison Industry: Software Net worth: 62.1 billion

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Michael Bloomberg Industry: Media Net worth: 53.3 billion

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Bernard Arnault Industry: Retail Net worth: 53 billion

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Charles and David Koch tied Industry: Conglomerate Net worth: 48.5 billion each

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