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Read how custom cardboard boxes made & what kind of process we done to make it different from other companies, PackagingBee is providing another level quality of custom cardboard boxes.


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Custom Cardboard Boxes :

Custom Cardboard Boxes Save Your Time and Money

How Is Cardboard Made? :

How Is Cardboard Made? Cardboard is the name of stiff paper that is more than .006 inch thick. The Chinese invented paperboard, or cardboard, over four-hundred years ago. According to "A Brief History of Packaging", by Kenneth R. Berger, published by The University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, the first cardboard box was produced in England in 1817. In the 1850's cardboard formed from corrugated paper was produced and used as packaging to ship products.

Types of Custom Cardboard Boxes:

Types of Custom Cardboard Boxes Rigid Boxes Corrugated Boxes Folding Carton

Corrugated Boxes .:

Corrugated Boxes . Corrugated fiberboard typically has three layers. A wavy or fluted layer sandwiched between two outer flat layers. The fluted layer is where the strength of this paper product lies.

Rigid Boxes .:

Rigid Boxes . Rigid Boxes (also called “Set-Up Boxes”) are a very common type of packaging and they are often associated with luxury products. Rigid boxes are typically four times thicker than an average Folding Carton and are not usually printed on directly. They are instead wrapped with paper that can be as plain or luxurious as desired.

Folding Carton .:

Folding Carton . There are seemingly endless amounts of different box styles for folding cartons (paperboard boxes). They vary not just in style but, of course, in dimensions as well. I’ve included here some basic elements of the more common features of folding cartons.

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