Using Competency in Organisational Development


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This presentation starts by defining competency. It then presents competency modelling as a method of describing an organisation and the people in i. It then discusses methods of assessing competency, presenting a scale of competency from trainee though to expert. The presentation then describes how to capture current competency and to capture future competency needs. The gap between actual and required suggests the development required.


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Competence : measuring staff performance & planning change By John Berry


Agenda Idea of competency Skills, knowledge and experience Capturing an organisation’s competency needs Assessing staff competencies Using competencies in development © Copyright TimelessTime 2011

Defining Competency:

Defining Competency Skills Knowledge Competence Experience Information Knowledge ‘Hands on’: Doing © Copyright TimelessTime 2011

Assessing a Person’s Competence:

Assessing a Person’s Competence For each competence… Assess against one of four grades… © Copyright TimelessTime 2011

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A trainee electrician would have little or no knowledge of the role requirements. They would be limited in the things they could do on their own, and would need to be fully supervised. A supervised practitioner electrician would be able to undertake many aspects of the job. They would however not be able to certify their own work. A practitioner electrician would be competent in all the tasks required for the role. An expert electrician would be fully competent in all aspects and have extensive experience. They’d also be able to pass on their skills and experience to others by supervising and training them. © Copyright TimelessTime 2011

Capturing an Organisation’s Competence Needs:

For each competence… Determine the percentage at each grade… Capturing an Organisation’s Competence Needs © Copyright TimelessTime 2011

Then Link Needs to Actual:

Then Link Needs to Actual You need 4 Practitioners & 1 expert You have 4 Practitioners but no expert You’ll develop an Expert You had a skills gap but by doing what you plan, this disappears © Copyright TimelessTime 2011

Using Competency Modelling:

Using Competency Modelling Decide what competence you need in your firm. Decide how much of each competency you have. Identify the gaps in competence. Do something about it! © Copyright TimelessTime 2011

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